Updates on the OCT. 6 E-Cat Test

On October 6th the E-Cat was tested in Bologna, and initial reports back were positive: The E-Cat ran in self sustain mode for over 3 hours.

NyTeknik promised a more thorough follow up article the next day and that, along with a new video of the E-Cat from the demonstration can be found here – NyTeknik article + video

Within this article is a link for a more detailed report and temperature data as well.

Also of note in the article, is the business side of things. The U.S. partner, to whom the one megawatt heat plant was to be shipped to for the end of October test, is no longer. The shipment was blocked due to the final agreement not being satisfactory to Mr. Rossi and his legal team. So it appears the partnership is off, as of now. But, he still maintains that the October launch is on, though the whereabouts not announced.

PESWiki continues to provide updated accounts of the October 6th aftermath, including an email they received today from Rossi – PESWiki Updates

Stay tuned, and in the meantime enjoy the E-Cat music video by The Tom and Doug Show in the post below. Andrea Rossi saw it and responded: