“THE BELIEVERS” Screening Dates, a Rossi Brief, and Recent Posts.


The San Jose, California screening dates have just been announced for the Cold Fusion documentary, THE BELIEVERS, which will be playing at the Cinequest Film Festival.

The screening dates are:

Friday, March 1
Sunday, March 3rd.

The screening times are not mentioned as of yet. It looks as if the full schedule with times will be posted on Wednesday, January 30th. This is just a heads up on at least the dates for the screening, so everyone in the California Bay area can circle their Cold Fusion Now Calenders. The Cinequest film festival site is:


Just before the closing credits to the film, The Believers, a text written mention on the efforts of Andrea Rossi are flashed on screen, emanating mainly from the now 2 year to the day (January 11, 2011) big Energy Catalyzer demo in Bologna which brought on board a boatload of people to the Cold Fusion scene. Since that time, it’s been the not so express freight liner many had anticipated, and hoped, it would be. But looking back on the 20 plus year history of the scene overall, the response could naturally be, welcome to the Cold Fusion Club.

Of course with Andrea Rossi there was an immediate air of excitement, followed with week to week anticipations that continue to this day. Since that time 2 years ago we’ve had more tests, demo’s, interviews, advancements, drama’s, mainstream recognitions, and now we await third party reports.

Andrea writes today (regarding when the big report is to be released):

“The 3rd Party verification report will be published, supposedly, within the first week of February. This does not depend on me, anyway.
Warm Regards,

(I take the second part to mean that the release date of the report is naturally on the third party, not Rossi.)

Clearly things have in fact progressed dramatically on all fronts in the past two years, with other companies advancing significantly and the media landscape taking on heavy dosages of Cold Fusion/LENR.

And with that, two recent posts right here on ColdFusionNow reveal very interesting progression from sectors that may be more in tune than many previously thought.

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  1. UPDATE – STUDIO CITY FILM FESTIVAL in Los Angeles, will be screening The Believers. Time and Day to be announced but the festival takes place Feb. 6th – 9th.

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