Policy Points for Clean Energy

Easy to remember facts about cold fusion science and technology can go just about anywhere. Message the chip body, or print and post up where your chemical body goes. Snail mail your legislative representatives and local decision-makers.

Three elements are colliding together, the degradation of the environment, the plummeting economy, and the energy crisis. I think its been called a clusterf**k. There is no way out for seven billion people, unless we have an energy dense clean form of next-generation power.

Energy is a currency. Choose the best value for now and for to come.

Choose cold fusion.

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17 Replies to “Policy Points for Clean Energy”

  1. Multiple companies with competing products that are safety certified in many countries.

    A way out of present day radioactive nuclear power; ticking time bombs can be dismantled.

    Ends deforestation for charcoal pruduction.

    I wonder how many power infrastructures were targeted and destroyed in war torn areas and how long they remained crippled.

    I offer this for your reflection… may only that remain which is not burned in the fires of your introspection.

    Keep up the good works… WE LOVE YOU

    1. Good points. I will be editing this document for sure.
      Peace and Love to You GG, and THANK YOU.
      I know you’re activated.

      1. This almost seems too obvuios, Somebody out there with a working LENR (or CF if you prefer) cell should check whether it actually does block gamma rays (from an external source) when activated, or not. If it does W&L takes the lead if it doesn’t .It would be really nice to see an end to all this bickering. Andy

  2. Hey Ruby,
    I think you might say that cold fusion is a nick-name for a group of phenomena, LENR, LANR etc. and the reason for the nickname is that in “cold fusion” you have nuclear reactions creating energy at room temperature. That energy is not only at room temperature, but it is clean. If the people learn _anything_ about cold fusion, it should be that. A little more depth and they should know that there is a whole nascent science developing within the cold fusion umbrella, this includes LENR, LANR etc. Scientists talk about LENR etc etc. but ‘affectionately’ we all call it cold fusion.

    Much as I would love to see moon mining and asteroid mining, I would drop that part, that’s a different dream and I think that that is too much for the imagination of some people. You want to say that resource-wise it is feasible _now_, not that it _will_be_ feasible if we start mining astroids.
    If nickel is plentiful but it takes us going to the astroids to get it, then it isn’t really plentiful. And if nickel is plentiful on earth already, which it is, then we don’t quite have to yet worry about lunar mining quite yet.
    I would be cautious about how one talks about the anticipated social change, politicians and often ordinary citizens don’t necessarily care for change they don’t understand. Just realize that when you’re talking about the new economy, you’re also talking about losers in the old economy and when you’re talking about independence of a community, you’re also talking about someone in the political hierarchy losing their political feifdom. That creates resistance not only from people who clearly lose out but from a lot of people who are just not sure. maybe it is easier
    for people (for us) to adopt a new technology blindly and figuring out from there, than it is to worry too much about the social implications beforehand.
    does that make sense??

    1. Regarding the exploitation of asteroids, this is just a technical issue. I may well be less energy intensive to get Nickle from asteroids than to mine and process it here on earth. Further, existing ion propulsion engine technology driven by the energy of LENR could bring the whole effort within easy reach.
      I do have some concerns about world stability should LENR be weaponised. The firepower and climate handling ability of individual solders could be radically expanded. The expansion of mission time for robotic weapons increased exponentially. Soon we won’t need submarines when we can just send the torpedos out to sea and patrol for years.

    2. Good point about the room-temperature fusion part. I’ll put that in there.

      You’re right about the social change part, but it is good heads up for politicians.
      But maybe I can word it better….

      I think the space industry stuff is real good too, though not every politician needs to say that element. But there’s alot of high-tech and space research going on all across the country. That is probably one of the only action-filled high-tech app areas left now that I think about it. So having that bit available really is pro-active for alot of people. Space exploration will provide alot of jobs, so I want to keep that part.

      That is pretty much what happens, adopting a technology blindly. That’s why McLuhan made the Tetrad, the four questions one should ask of any artifact or technology to better understand the effects. (Wont go into that now!)

      Having said that, I’m going to skip the part about more dangerous weapons. Sadly, that’s nothing new! I’d like to be positively-promoting this for the talking points.

  3. In point # 1 – “Both the hydrogen and metal are recyclable when spent.”
    The Hydrogen is not recyclable. It is ether transmuted to Helium or fused into one of the mentioned metal to transmute them into the next heavier element.

    In point # 5 – “Resource wars for Earth’s geological riches can become a historical anomaly”
    Resource wars for energy riches may end but there is still reason to be concerned about wars being fought for rare elements used in the electronics and petrochemical industry. This last thought could be some distance away because the energy of LENR could make deposits that were too energy intensive to exploit suddenly available.

    May I say thank you, Ruby Carat, for your continued efforts to get the work out.

    1. It’s my understanding, at least from the discussions of Rossi on his Ecat, that only a small fraction of the hydrogen and nickel are consumed during the process, and maybe like 90% of the nickel remains after six months. And those remains were recyclable.

      He also mentioned that the hydrogen is similar. In other words, hydrogen is released into the chamber, lots of reactions goes on, but only a tiny portion of the hydrogen is actually consumed, and it diffuses back into the envelope “like little penguins returning home” (He he he, that from the interview I did with him!)

      Other experiments are left with bulk materials as well. Michael McKubre has said how the palladium can be recycled as well.

      As far as the rare earths go, you may be right, however, I’ll remain optimistic. Perhaps, the transmutation effect may be employed to create them?!! Perhaps the ultra-clean technology that frees humanity from fossil-fuel slavery will create a new mental imprint, allowing the next-generation human mind to evolve alongside this revolutionary new energy.

      I want the whole enchilada!

      1. I do believe that you have a correct understanding regarding the unused portions of the fuels. Perhaps your statement could be improved by adding that distinction; that only a small % of fuels in LENR reactors are used and the rest can be recycled.

        As to resource wars, I pray that you optimism is correct. If Knights are needed to help that be then I will try to be one of them.

      2. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby,

        You are so spot on. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve got all 489 fax numbers ready to go.

        Best Always, Paul

  4. My suggestion is to make it even more simple:

    1. It is a cheap and clean energy.

    2. It is a cheap and clean energy.

    3. It is a cheap and clean energy.

  5. Perhaps people should write my congressman, Rush Holt. He’s from the hot fusion camp http://www.nj.com/mercer/index.ssf/2012/01/with_upgrade_princeton_plasma.html but he is an open minded scientist. And now that the evidence for LENR is overwhelming, he could help set up a cold fusion research program to parallel the existing hot fusion program.
    He might be the best man for the job. It might be like Nixon (the staunch anticommunist) breaking the ice with China. The only one how could pull it off.
    Speaking of China, this could give the politicians the opportunity to redeem themselves. Is it safe to say that none of us are happy about using MORE THAN $20 BILLION of our tax dollars (the “stimulus package”) to relocate GM production from the US to China, Brazil and Eastern Europe? Is it true that the 2013 Cadillac will be built in China? We should be building E-Cat powered Cadillacs in Detroit (where Cadillac was founded in 1902)!

    1. Yes! Please do alert your Congressperson. I just updated the file to make it much better. Download a fresh one and mail it off. Take a picture and send it to me. I’m crazy like that.

      1. I was just thinking that people, instead of writing there own representative, might want to write Rush Holt because he was the Assistant Director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. He might be surprised to hear form people outside of his district

  6. First paragraph is excellent. Your idea of a briefing paper is excellent – the one thing a polititian likes less than bad news is a surprise.

    I would leave out the “…reducing sea level only a few centimters…” unless this has been rigorously calculated. It seems way too much, and would have a host of unintended consequences. I don’t think you need to make a case for not running out of hydrogen or water.

    There are currently differing explanations for the effect, and a variety of materials used. You may want to steer clear of attempting an explanation at this point for this reason, as well as the fact that most politicians don’t have an eighth grade science education. The science can be used to scare them. I would suggest citing authorities they will respect (credentials from traditional institutions) and the assurances of safey those people make.

    I would play up the opportunities (recognized for emerging clean energy in general) for new industries and the many business and employment opportunities this new, affordable, clean energy source opens up for our economy. Cite the NASA presentations on the possibilities of this energy source (traditional respected institution).

    I would not use this as a springboard for other ideas, such as space mining. One mind-boggling new idea at a time. For the same reason, I would leave the speculation on empowerment out (see comment above on possible negative reaction, I agree).

    Keep in mind the (science) education level of this particular audience. A one-pager is not enough space to bring them up to speed. Cite the established, traditional, respected experts; and refer them to Micheal McKubre’s, and Peter Hagelstien’s U-tube presentations.

    I hope you find these comments constructive. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Alfred, you gave me great ideas. I put in the quotes from authoritative sources. Excellent addition.

      You know, this is the second request to remove the space mining phrase – but I’m stickin to my feelings on that one! I just traveled the country and saw first-hand the number of jobs dependent on space transportation, I really feel that is an important element of our new economy that we hope to build. I hope the force is with me.

      I dropped the centimeters of ocean bit. I saw that online once, and I think I have it bookmarded, but you’re right, it could bring up a whole nother can o worms so it’s gone now.

      I do try to keep the description simple, and I think it’s not too harsh to expect them to know what hydrogen and nickel is, so I leave that as a description. I have to say all the other names, because, well, er, it’s got so many other names! It’s important to be straight up about the nuclear aspect. But I am trying to describe it as it is “fusion-sized” power.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and give your feedback. You made it alot better.

  7. FINAL Version Policy Points v2.0. Unnecessary punctuation removed.
    Download and hit send!

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