Major Peak Oil figure leaves Collapse-mind to help “birth new paradigm”; is cold fusion next?

Former Los Angeles, California police officer turned Uber-Doomer Michael C. Ruppert is leaving Collapsenet, the organization he helmed that was developed as a response to Peak Oil. [visit]

Collapse by Michael C. Ruppert
Named after his book Confronting Collapse and the documentary movie Collapse that he starred in, Collapsenet gathered resources where one could connect with others preparing “lifeboats” for a post-petroleum world.

In a video farewell posted on the site, he said, “My usefulness is at an end here……There’s a major evolution occurring right here, right now.” [watch]

Citing major cyber-attacks that almost took them down, the drying up of cash-flow, and serious illness in the core leadership, he ultimately realized, “I don’t think it does you, or me, or anybody, any good, anymore, to have me reading all these stories everyday to tell us things we already know: multiple systemic failures are occurring everywhere.”

“Fukushima is the single greatest threat to human existence, it’s uncontrolled, it can’t be fixed by the Japanese; climate change is out of control; the Gulf of Mexico is destroyed; economic collapse is absolutely irreversible; Peak Oil is here; and I now live in a country that’s an open fascist dictatorship.”

“I don’t need to talk anymore about that.”

“I know what’s coming after these next few absolutely amazing months that lie before us, is going to be upheaval, like none of us have ever imagined, or ever experienced.”

Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert
Mike Ruppert has written several books including Crossing the Rubicon, the meticulously researched and referenced account of how oil, power, and politics connected events surrounding 9/11. He published a newsletter From the Wilderness for many years and posed the Nine Critical Questions to Ask About Any Alternative Energy, which we asked cold fusion researcher Jed Rothwell to answer. [read]

Now, Ruppert will be traveling alone to focus on writing a new book. He says, “I get to go and live in my spiritual world…. That’s where I’m being called right now.”

“I see no need to fight in this world or to live in it anymore from the material standpoint. There are other types of consciousness that are equally, or more, effective in helping to change or accelerate this change of consciousness that I see taking place on this planet.”

In exiting the Collapse mind-set, Ruppert is following former Life After the Oil Crash‘s Matt Savinar, who left curating gloom headlines to focus on more positive pursuits of sustainable living. Tom Whipple, the Falls Church News-Press writer who regularly assessed collapse action, also diverged from the message of doom by writing about the recent developments in the low energy nuclear reactions LENR field.

Even Gerald Celente had broken from painting the maddening portrait of a corrupt marketplace to highlight the one bright spot by stating how cold fusion and new energy “is the greatest investment opportunity of the 21rst century.” [read]

However, few Peak Oilers have abandoned the focus on surviving the coming crash to even consider a future with abundant energy. Cold Fusion Now has contacted several senior members of the collapse and post-carbon community to alert them to new developments in the cold fusion sector, to no avail.

Many still do not know the phenomenon is real. Many remain skeptical of any “technological fix” that claims clean, dense energy. Also, a lack of understanding of the word ‘nuclear’ frightens many, unaware that ‘nuclear’ does not equate to ‘radioactive’.

It was in 2004 that I myself learned about Peak Oil at a movie screening of The End of Suburbia at which Michael Ruppert spoke afterwards. I remember the audience response: stunned to a stupor at the consequences. Many people had their world changed that evening, including myself. It wasn’t until later that year when Media Ecologist Bob Neveritt told me that cold fusion was real did I then see the possible future ahead.

“How can it be that we have this imminent doom and gloom, as well as what I feel in my heart is the coming of a golden age?”, Ruppert asks. “Well that’s a mystery that we’ll have to find out. But we all have to find out in our own ways.”

Now, Ruppert is correctly identifying the current Mystery Landscape, the ground from which the figure of cold fusion is emerging. But do humans really have a second chance at a “golden age”?

Media ecology reveals the feedback loop between technology and human behavior. “We shape our tools, and our tools shape us”, said Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan.

Cold fusion will not ‘save’ Petroleum Man. The set of services and disservices of fossil fuel technology will rust away, as will the Mind of Man who built it.

Instead, like wildflowers through the sidewalk cracks, a new set of services and disservices will emerge, composed by a new technology that sets a different mental imprint on humans.

The consciousness of a new paradigm is intimately connected with an ethical energy source, free, and democratic, with access for all: ultra-clean energy from cold fusion.

The rest is up to each and every one of us, to evolve in kind.

C’mon over to our house, Mike! Welcome!

Cold Fusion Now!

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  1. A new era! We are on the verge of epic technological advancements. Always there are concurrent personal, social, economic, spiritual, and philosophical advancements, our evolution as a species. As humanity evolves (in the realm of understanding) we gain further insight into ourselves, the universe, and its many components. We gain a deeper understanding of cause and effect, its benefits and detriments, both within and around us. Our sociobiology (our instinct) then evolves and the powerful survival instinct in us is now evolving to encompass every life on the planet as a whole.

    At first, our instincts warned us away from fire. In the past we did not know how to use it. Our inability to understand it changed. Over time we learned uses for embers captured after fearful raging fires had passed. We benefited from this knew understanding and learned to create fire. Our instinct had changed and we entered the “fire era”; a major step in our evolution.

    We now rely on fire. Fire protects (warms) us, it powers industy, agriculture, and transportation; it keeps us alive. Even our knowledge of the atom is used to create fire… boil water… create steam… turn turbines… We are evolutionarilly shackled to fire.

    It is possible to imagine a time when we leave the “fire era” and that which was imagined is beginning to become reality. From the “dilithium crystals”, “gravitic electromagnetic conversion”, and “force” of science fiction to the “solar”, “wind’, and “tidal” energies of today; we can imagine a world of unlimited cheap clean point of use power. Beyond that, with zero point energy and cold fusion/LENR we are now observing energies greater than the greatest raging forest fires; understanding it and beginning to comprehend our utilization of.

    Energy = Love = Money

    Economic generosity… as continuous resources created at point of use through the redirection of an existing economy… created by taking property out of bondage.

    …we are on the verge of epic technological advancements. Always there are concurrent personal, social, economic, spiritual, and philosophical advancements, our evolution as a species…

    Not so far in the distant future… the next generation will look back on our generation as the last of the “fire era” and know that the term “energy shortage” was a term for un-enlightened minds. All the energy that is, was, or ever will be exists right now constantly changing form… with some of it winking in and out of our plane of existence, creating an effect.

    We now enter the transmutation era.

    “Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an
    infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is
    – Albert Einstein

    1. I think it would be more accurate to say. Energy makes Love makes Money then the cycle continues.

      Money that is given freely is the evidence of Love. On the other hand money that is with held when necessity arises is love turned into pride at best. at worse turned into greed.


  2. Completely connected to Cold Fusion and the World problems —-
    I have for over one year been asking on economics journals etc. for the answer to one simple question.
    I have received much abuse, and pointless reply’s but never an answer.

    In the U.K. how many people would be left working to keep the current level of standard of living if every-kind of money and finance where removed. i.e. including tax, insurance, benefits, vat, banking, shares, investment, wages personnel etc. etc. etc.
    – leave the current situation re. import/ export but assume barter.
    – remove all the jobs that maintain the financial sector and would be lost such as the fuel they use getting to and from work and everything manufactured or services that keep them supplied.

    I am simply asking, as the financial sector is a circular nonproductive illusion that creates nothing for society but irrational life wasting, pointless jobs and by a brainwashed belief that everybody has to work is maintained simply for the rich and powerful to remain the rich and powerful and has absolutely no benefit to the population, it is time for a major change in logical thinking.
    Please do not answer with the usual, communism, won’t work etc. etc. I just want a fairly accurate figure of how many people would be left working to maintain the status quo against the number working now.
    Without money every job lost would be celebrated for another person to have time to enjoy their lives and not as now feared.

    1. I don’t know what to say to that. It’s a nice thought and all if you would have more time with family and friends but how will the world function without some currency?

      BTW LENR will fix all that anyway.


  3. I feel so sorry for Mr Ruppert, because he has bought into the news media “if it bleeds it leads” mentality. It almost requiores an act of “de-programming” to get people to understand that biology and environment gets them to focus on threats and think the whole world is going to h@ll in a handbasket. Instead, if you look at it statistically, things are getting better all the time -sometimes much better.

    I feel so sorry for all these business people and polititians who know that energy prices are going to go way down, and that is the prime determiner of our economic activity. Particularly, instead of austerity, our future is going to be full of abundance. If only people like Mr Ruppert could see that.

  4. Ruby, thanks as usual for a fascinating article. I’ve long been an admirer of Mr. Ruppert — he is without a doubt one of the truly honest and fearless people in this world, and I couldn’t be more pleased that he is transcending the (seemingly well justified) doom and gloom to think that maybe, just maybe, we are going to collectively turn this corner and see a brighter day, fired by clean desktop fusion….keep the faith…

  5. Fascinating – the human mind programmed to believe in apocalypse, gloom, doom, sorrow. It can just as readily be taught uplift, joy and happiness. Yet, there is little financial reward in that and it creates independent minds. The old rule begun in the Dark Ages when the Church demanded knowledge be strictly confined and suppressed – is coming to an end. But not the one Ruppert envisions (though you DO get what you wish for Mike.) We are heading into a time meant for human enlightenment – when we all realize WE make our own futures and there is plenty for everyone.

    THAT is the main difference today. We are hearing the message loud and clear: There is plenty for everyone. It is a world and universe that is abundant with all we need. And slaving under the assumption that human life is destined for misery – is FALSE. Slowly now the FEAR will dissipate. The climate, population, peak oil, nuclear holocaust gloom and doom books and TV shows will fade away. LENR is the tip of the enlightenment arrow. And its aim is true.

    1. I totally agree with you GreenWin. From the natural to the spiritual. I must point out though that we will still be in a dangerous world for sometime to come even after LENR is implemented as radical Muslims want to take over the world and enforce sharia law. There are about 1.5 million radical Muslims world wide and once they get this technology they will use it against us.

      I realize in the end they will all be overcome. They are way out numbered, even though they are so radical.


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