No active nuke power plant in Japan

I am a blogger and a “LENR revolution” believer living in Japan. I will write the situation around us after 311, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

At midnight of May 5th, the last nuke power plant was turned off for maintenance and there is no active nuke power plant in Japan.
The next photo shows “Nuclear Power Phase-out” people celebrating the historical event in Kou-enji of Tokyo. In this place, over 10,000 people joined demonstration parade to stop nuclear plants.

In Japan, there are 54 nuke power plants.  One year ago, in June 2011, the number of active nuke power plant was 19 which are colored as red in the next figure.  One after another, active plants have been turned off for maintenance and no electric power company could turn on it against the will of the people.

We Japanese consume the maximum electric power in August for air conditioning.  We saved the power in office, factory, shop and home in the last summer as below.  We must save more and more in this summer.  This is very important issue for our society and industry.

Electric Power Consumption in Japan

The electric power saving is important but is not the most critical.  I think the most critical issue for us is widespread contamination by  radioactive materials such as caesium 134 or 137.  The next photo shows children in a sports day in  this month in Fukushima prefecture.  They wore musks to prevent breathing dust, because the dust may include radioactive materials.

Unfortunately, cold fusion or LENR is not recognized as right science and technology in Japan.  But, I believe LENR will solve power problem in the near future and maybe … the biological transmutation technology may clean the land polluted by radioactive materials.

Cold Fusion Now!

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  1. Thank you for your news. I have traveled to Japan many times since the 1980s and know how wonderful the people are. I only wish all good for the citizens of Japan and for the nation.

    1. Sergio san,
      Thank you for your message. I hope all people will be safe and happy, too.

  2. Thanks for your update, Toshiro. I’m glad to hear you are OK – so far.

    Is there no one in your government who will champion LENR?
    I thought the US had the worst record on that …..

    It will be difficult to cut back on so much electricity. I imagine the neon signs are off at night and the cities are darker. Looks like a long summer…..

    Love and Peace to you All

    1. Ruby san,
      Thank you for your suggestion and comment.

      Unfortunately, I think there is no member supporting LENR in the Diet of Japan. I expect that the commercialization of Hyperion or E-Cat may put pressure on big manufacturers such as Aisin, Toyota or Mitsubishi heavy industries to concentrate R&D of LENR.

      In the last year, the cities in Japan were darker. But, actually, the main issue is peak cut of the day time. Saving power in the night is not necessary and is the issue of cost down. The big issue for us is hot and moist weather in the summer day time!

      1. Man I’m hearing about earthquakes. Hope you are OK.

        Instant peace coming at you….

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