Martin Fleischmann in 10 minutes

I’m so lucky to be staying within a short 20-minute pedal to Venice Beach, California, where all the world mingles on the sands of the not-yet-too-radioactive Pacific coast.

Musicians, crafts people, campers, the homeless, sight-seers and tourists, families, soon-to-be-Hollywood stars, and artists galore line the Walk which, for me, begins at Muscle Beach and ends at the Santa Monica Pier Amusement Park.

I happened to still have the horrendous LATimes Obituary written by the lazy Thomas H. Maugh II for Martin Fleischmann in my backpack from the other day, when I showed a friend the thanks one gets for discovering the energy that could power Earth’s green technological future for tens of millions of years.

And then I met Winston.

Winston is a street artist who, for a donation of anywhere between $15 – $30 (you decide), will provide you with a portrait in 10 minutes.

What better way to turn this sad embarrassment (for the author) – into a positive tribute, adding to the ongoing special salutations Cold Fusion Now has featured all week, and ongoing through Tuesday August 21.

As I sat with Winston for that 10 minutes (OK, to be honest it was 16…!), I told him the story of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons and their amazing discovery and about what it could mean for all the planet.

He worked on the drawing all the while.

When he was finished, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Thank you Winston.

Winston has no contact information.

If you want to see him for a portrait, you have to go to Venice Beach.
You’ll see him on the Walk, just north of Windward Avenue.


Cold Fusion Audio Art Action

Cold Fusion Now was on Venice Beach, California last weekend infiltrating the area with Cold Fusion information.

We got people to sing, listen and learn. Many signed our letters – 30 signatures in two hours! Here are a few audio excerpts below.

First is local talent ANGEL SILVA, who broke into spontaneous Free Energy verse right on the spot. Check it out:

Angel Cold Fusion Song by Elienation

Next is Ruby Carat explaining to local Venice homeboy Rodney about Cold Fusion and the serious need for funding. This could be a good model to listen to for those interested in verbally explaining to friends, family, or strangers elements of the technology. Check it out:

Ruby Talking Cold Fusion On Venice Beach by Elienation

And Eli doodles when he explains cold fusion!

Eli's doodle
Eli's doodle on LENR teaches with art.