Cold Fusion Audio Art Action

Cold Fusion Now was on Venice Beach, California last weekend infiltrating the area with Cold Fusion information.

We got people to sing, listen and learn. Many signed our letters – 30 signatures in two hours! Here are a few audio excerpts below.

First is local talent ANGEL SILVA, who broke into spontaneous Free Energy verse right on the spot. Check it out:

Angel Cold Fusion Song by Elienation

Next is Ruby Carat explaining to local Venice homeboy Rodney about Cold Fusion and the serious need for funding. This could be a good model to listen to for those interested in verbally explaining to friends, family, or strangers elements of the technology. Check it out:

Ruby Talking Cold Fusion On Venice Beach by Elienation

And Eli doodles when he explains cold fusion!

Eli's doodle
Eli's doodle on LENR teaches with art.

One Reply to “Cold Fusion Audio Art Action”

  1. Heh heh heh. What’s missing is the last part – where after the entire torrent of info, I breathlessly asked “Will you sign our petition to the Secretary of Energy to fund this research?”

    We collected 30 signatures in 2 hours and just mailed this letter today:

    U.S. Department of Energy
    Attn: Secretary Steven Chu July 1, 2011
    Attn: Under Secretary Steve Koonin
    Attn: Dr. Arun Majumdar
    1000 Independence Avenue SW
    Washington, DC 20585

    Dear Sirs,

    Recent advances in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions LENR have brought this science into a nascent technology. Applications are about to debut, but still, small companies need funding for more research and development.

    We have sent you information and stickers in our last mailing, but still have heard no word from your office about this breakthrough technology.

    Independent researchers have labored for two decades without aid or acknowledgement from the clean energy community. You can remedy this situation right now with your support of LENR research and development.

    Labs with energy producing units need funding right now to recruit and hire young scientists to expand testing and hasten the development of clean energy devices that use a fuel from the hydrogen in water.

    The growth potential for this technology is unbounded. A renaissance of new energy devices and third-party applications will propel the world economy to a new level of prosperity, this time, based on green, abundant energy.

    You can provide support for this unmatched revolutionary technology through direct funding with grants from your Advanced Research Projects fund as well as tax-breaks for these start-up businesses.

    You have the power to initiate a next-generation energy technology and transform our economy to a strong and sustainable course in which the whole world can participate in peace and co-operation.

    Fund LENR research today and extend the opportunity for success to those ingenious few who have produced outstanding results in the development of clean, affordable energy with little to no assistance thus far.

    Yours sincerely,

    (Signatures follow)

    Copy, paste, and mail a letter today. Public support is needed to integrate this new technology with transparency and timeliness.


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