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At Cold Fusion Now, we believe that new energy information is best distributed far and wide. Our readership, and the readership of all cold fusion LENR information media, is growing worldwide. More and more people are learning of this important technology. We hope when it goes mainstream… many will already be aware.

To continue our tradition of actively spreading the news, this letter with links was sent as a message to the facebook sights of the following universities over the Veterans Day Weekend. The list is of universities whose facebook page allows a message to be sent to the administrator. No posting was made directly to the wall, we invite them to do so.


Here are a couple of links to a technology that is advancing from the cutting edge research phase to the research and engineering phase.

Study the present day state of the art of this science and you may find yourself wanting to create a post for your readers to follow.

With warm regards and electrifying anticipation,

Cold Fusion Now Org

“Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook” by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

“Is Commercial LENR the Real Deal?”

  1. Alabama State University
  2. Al-Azhar University
  3. Aleppo University
  4. Amity University
  5. Appalachian State University
  6. Arizona State University
  7. Ashanna Solaris
  8. Assumption University of Thailand
  9. Ateneo de Manila University
  10. Atmel University Program
  11. AUC The American University in Cairo
  12. Bahria University
  13. Baliwan University
  14. Ball So Hard University
  15. Barry University
  16. Beyoglu / Taksim, Istanbul
  17. Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University
  18. BYU (Brigham Young University)
  19. Cairo University جامعه القاهرة
  20. California State University, Fullerton
  21. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
  22. Central Michigan University Alumni Association
  23. Chix University XD
  24. Chulalongkorn University
  25. Cornell University
  26. Coventry University
  27. Cute University
  28. DeVry University
  29. Duke University
  30. Edinburgh Napier University
  31. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  32. EMO University
  33. European University Cyprus
  34. Far Eastern University
  35. FB University
  36. Galgotias University
  37. George Mason University
  38. Georgia State University
  39. Grand Canyon University
  40. Graphic Era University DehraDun
  41. Gulf Medical University, Ajman
  42. Hajvery University
  43. Harvard University
  44. Heliopolis University For Sustainable Development
  45. I Love NED University
  46. Indiana University
  47. Iqra University – IU
  48. Islamic Online University
  49. K.L.H. University
  50. Kasetsart University
  51. Kennedy University
  52. Liberty University
  53. London Metropolitan University – India
  54. Lovely Professional University
  55. Mahatma Gandhi University
  56. Mansoura University – جامعة المنصورة
  57. Marquette University
  58. Mathare University of Insane Creativity
  59. Mbare University of the Wise
  60. Mississippi State University
  61. Monash University
  62. MVN University
  63. National University College Online
  64. National University of Singapore
  65. North Carolina State University
  66. Northwest Missouri State University
  67. October 6th University جامعة 6 اكتوبر
  68. Open University Malaysia
  69. Oregon State University
  70. Our Lady of Fatima University
  71. Oxford Brookes University
  72. Oxford University
  73. Oxford University Press – ELT
  74. Perdana College / UCSI University
  75. Pharos University In Alexandria
  76. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  77. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  78. Princeton University
  79. Purdue University
  80. Qarshi University
  81. Rack City University
  82. Rangsit University,Thailand
  83. Roger Williams University
  84. San Diego State University
  85. San Francisco State University
  86. San Jose State University
  87. Sex University
  88. Sharda University
  89. Sikkim Manipal University
  90. Silpakorn University
  91. Single’s University
  92. South University
  93. Strayer University
  94. Superior University
  95. Syracuse University
  96. Taylor Gang University
  97. Texas A&M University
  98. Texas Tech University
  99. The American University of Iraq
  100. The Open University
  101. The University of Alabama
  102. The University of Arizona
  103. The University of Chicago
  104. The University of Glasgow
  105. The University of Kansas
  106. The University of Kentucky Wildcats
  107. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  108. The University of Oklahoma
  109. The University Of Swag
  110. Thompson Rivers University – TRU World
  111. University Directory
  112. University of Cambridge
  113. University of Central Florida
  114. University Of Central Punjab
  115. University of Colorado Boulder
  116. University of Florida
  117. University of Georgia
  118. University of Hawaii, School of Architecture
  119. University of Iowa
  120. University of Jordan
  121. University of Karachi
  122. University Of Lahore
  123. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  124. University of Malaya
  125. University of Miami
  126. University of Michigan
  127. University of Minnesota
  128. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  129. University of North Texas
  130. University of One Directionism
  131. University of Oregon
  132. University of Oregon Ducks
  133. University of Oxford
  134. University of Phoenix
  135. University of South Florida
  136. University of Southern California
  137. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  138. University of the People
  139. University of the Philippines
  140. University of Toronto
  141. University of Washington
  142. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  143. UNSW (The University of New South Wales)
  144. VanHolland University-Training Center-Egypt Office
  145. Vels University
  146. Victor Lee Lewis
  147. Virginia Commonwealth University
  148. VIT University
  149. Walden University
  150. Webster University Thailand
  151. Webster University Vienna
  152. Wind Virtual University
  153. Yale University
  154. Yarmouk University | جامعة اليرموك
  155. جامعة الثورة | University Of Revolution



Due to the importance of energy to the U.S. Armed Forces and the worldwide struggle for energy  supply  and it’s effect on “Energizing the Warfighter” (see DoD) (which measures the cost of oil not in dollars but cost in blood of our military);  more effort was expended on this outreach during the Veterans Day Weekend. Please read the article “Economics of Cold Fusion LENR Power Department of Defense” (link)

One of these three letters was sent to each of the following News Agencies and Activist Organizations:



Please include low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology as part of your political discourse on energy.

The NASA Series

“Real Popular Cold Fusion”
“Cold Fusion NASA LENR – Future”
“Cold Fusion NASA LENR – part two Flight”
“Cold Fusion NASA LENR – part three Spacebound and Earthbound Transportation”

Thank You,

Cold Fusion Now Org



If you are not up on the science of cold fusion LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reaction; I’m hoping you enjoy studying this. Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist of NASA Langley, states this is the solution to global warming.

The NASA series has a link to his paper. This should be part of any discourse on clean air, energy, and environment.

“Global Warming Climate Change and Cold Fusion LENR Power”

Thank you,

Cold Fusion Now



This is a news tip for you about a Cold Fusion LENR Powered Boeing 747 being developed by NASA.

May 2012 NASA Contract NNL08AA16B – NNL11AA00T – “Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research – Phase II”
N+4 Advanced Concept Development

“Even though we do not know the specific cost of the LENR itself, we assumed a cost of jet fuel at $4/gallon and weight based aircraft cost. We were able to calculate cost per mile for the LENR equipped aircraft compared to a conventional aircraft (Figure 3.2). Looking at the plots, one could select a point where the projected cost per mile is 33% less than a conventionally powered aircraft.”

3.0 LENR Requirements Analysis …pg 24
Figure 3.1 – Potential Heat Engines for LENR Systems 25
Figure 3.2 – Parametric LENR and Heat Engine Performance Parameters ……………….pg 25
6.2.3 Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Technologies ……pg 82
Table 6.3 – LENR Technologies Success Criteria …….pg 86
Also pgs 15, 18, 19, 20, and 21.

These are the 39 folks who have been involved in this since May, 2011

Bradley, Marty (Boeing)
Daggett, David (Boeing)
Droney, Christopher(Boeing)
Hoisington, Zachary (Boeing)
Kirby, Michelle (GT)
Murrow, Kurt (GE)
Ran, Hongjun (GT)
Nam, Teawoo (GT)
Tai, Jimmy (GT)
Hammel, Jeff (GE)
Perullo, Chris (GT)
Guynn, Mark (NASA)
Olson, Erik (NASA)
Leavitt, Larry (NASA)
Allen, Timothy (Boeing)
Cotes, Dwaine (Boeing)
Guo, Yueping (Boeing)
Foist, Brian (Boeing)
Rawdon, Blaine (Boeing)
Wakayama, Sean (Boeing)
Dallara, Emily (Boeing)
Kowalski, Ed (Boeing)
Wat, Joe (Boeing)
Robbana, Ismail (Boeing)
Barmichev, Sergey (Boeing)
Fink, Larry (Boeing)
Sankrithi, Mithra (Boeing)
White, Edward (Boeing)
Gowda, Srini (GE)
Brown, Gerald (NASA)
Wahls, Richard (NASA)
Wells, Doug (NASA)
Jeffries, Rhett (FAA)
Felder, James (NASA)
Schetz, Joe (VT)
Burley, Casey (NASA)
Sequiera, Christopher (FAA)
Martin, John (NASA)
Kapania, Rakesh (VT)

Maybe you could interview a few of these guys… see what they have to say about the emerging LENR technology (popularly known as cold fusion). “Real Popular Cold Fusion”

Thank you,

Cold Fusion Now Org


  1. 7 Day News Journal
  2. 9 News
  3. ABC News
  4. ABP News
  6. Alfetna News
  7. Almadenah News
  8. Alrai Newspaper
  9. American Free Enterprise
  10. Asianet News
  11. BBC News
  12. Bloomberg News
  13. Bollywood News
  14. Breaking News
  15. CBS News
  16. CERES Environment Park
  17. Dap_News_Website
  18. Dawn News
  19. Eco Era America
  20. Eco-structure Magazine
  21. Environment
  22. Environment
  23. Environment Agency
  24. Environment California
  25. Environment Canada
  26. Environmental Action
  27. Environmental Defence Canada
  28. Environmental Defense Fund
  29. Environmental Graffiti
  30. Environmental Health News
  31. Environmental Science & Policy at Taylor & Francis
  32. Environmental Working Group
  33. Environmentally Smarter
  34. Equine News Today
  35. Express News
  36. Express News
  37. Faking News
  38. Football News
  39. Foot’s Forecast | United States
  40. Forward
  41. Freaking News Pictures
  42. Gaming News Daily
  43. Geo News Urdu
  44. GMA News
  45. Indigenous Environmental Network
  46. Jannat News
  47. Jews News
  48. KSDK NewsChannel 5
  49. LFC NEWS
  50. Milky Way Scientists
  51. MotorSports News
  52. MTV
  53. MTV News
  54. Myanmar News Now
  55. NBC News Business
  56. NBC News US
  57. News
  58. News • Music • Fun • Kora
  59. News Butterfly
  60. News Live-أخبار مباشر
  61. News Media Network
  62. News Room | غرفة الأخبار
  63. News Update
  64. News.Architecture.SK
  65. News.Ge
  66. Newsarama
  67. Newsbeast
  69. Newsquod
  70. Newsweek Pakistan
  71. Odd News on Yahoo! News
  72. P.N.N | News
  73. Pew Environment Group
  74. Progressive
  75. RNN | News
  76. Save Environment
  77. Shorouk News
  78. Sky News Arabia
  80. Syria News
  81. Taekwondo News
  82. The Environmental Blog
  83. The Everlasting GOP Stoppers
  84. The Free World Charter
The NASA Series
  85. The Rachel Maddow Show
  86. The Realist
  87. This is NPR
  88. Untold News
  89. USAction
  90. USGBC – National Capital Region
  91. Vanguard News
  92. World News with Diane Sawyer
  93. WWE News – اخبار مصارعة المحترفين
  94. Yahoo! News UK & Ireland
  95. Yale Environment 360
  96. Yengo News


11-14 UPDATE

The pain over our continuing struggle for energy… I feel it. The destruction from our present process… utilization… and use of energy… will be ending soon.

Helping to usher it in, the tradition continues of sending new energy information to groups of concerned citizens.

The following message was sent to site administrators of the following facebook groups. No posting was made to the wall.

We invite them to do so.


Here are a couple of links to a technology that is advancing from the cutting edge research phase to the research and engineering phase.

Study the present day state of the art of this science and you may find yourself wanting to create a post for your readers to follow.

With warm regards and electrifying anticipation,

Cold Fusion Now Org

“Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook”
by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

“Is Commercial LENR the Real Deal?”

NASA states the energy of LENR power is the solution to global warming.
Halt oil production.
This article has info.
“Global Warming Climate Change and Cold Fusion LENR Power”

Thank you for the loving work you do… we LOVE you.
Prose as a gift… use when you like.


It’s of great use to wonder…
Why our minds wander

In awe of it all

Being forever true
Seeking the new

We are just now discovering
That which has always been

Impatiently awaiting us

Craving our keen attention

Hoping for deeper understanding

Awesome is
The wonder of discovery

And the power
Of awe


cold fusion now org

gbgoble g mail .com…


  1. A Tar Sands Referendum
  2. Against Keystone XL Pipeline
  3. Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation – Case against the Tar Sands
  4. Before It – Keep Tar Sands and Oil Shale Mining Out of the USA
  5. Build the Keystone Pipeline
  6. Canadian Tar Sands = Unethical Oil
  7. Can-Am Against The Keystone XL Pipeline
  8. Cascadia Tar Sands Action
  9. Coalition Against Keystone XL Pipeline
  10. Darryl Hannah Opposes Keystone Pipeline
  11. Demand for a National Referendum on Closing the Tar Sands
  12. Denton Supports Tar Sands Blockade
  13. Denver Tar Sands Action
  14. Draw the Line at TarSands
  15. EI Tar Sands
  16. Ending Investment in Tar Sands
  17. Keystone Pipeline Protest
  18. Keystone XL pipeline – Tarsands – SAY NO
  19. Kill the Keystone Pipeline
  20. Madison Tar Sands Action Group
  21. My Tar Sands Duck Dinner with Andrea
  22. No Tar Sands
  23. No Tar Sands Caravan
  24. No Tar Sands Caravan from CA to DC
  25. No Tar Sands in Maine
  26. NO to the Pipelines! NO to the TAR Sands
  27. Occupy Keystone XL Pipeline Route
  28. Ottawa Tar Sands Action/Action Halte aux sables bitunimeux à Ottawa
  29. President Obama “vote NO” on the Keystone XL Pipeline
  30. Say NO To The Keystone Pipeline
  31. Stop Alberta Oil Sands Growth
  32. Stop Filming Hobbit in Tar Sands
  33. Stop Northern Gateway
  34. Stop Suncor and Tar Sands
  35. Stop The Alberta Tar Sands – Global
  36. Stop The Flow! End Tar Sands Transport in the Trans Mountain Pipeline
  37. STOP the Keystone Pipeline
  38. Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline PDX
  39. Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, No More Dirty Tar Sands Oil
  40. Stop the Mining in the Alberta Tar Sands
  41. Stop the Tar Sands KW
  42. STOP The Tar Sands Oil Keystone XL PIPELINE
  43. STOP TransCanada’s Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Project in our (USA) Soil
  44. Students Against the Keystone Pipeline
  45. Support the Keystone XL Pipeline
  46. Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby League
  47. Tar Sands
  48. Tar Sands
  49. Tar Sands Action
  50. Tar Sands Action – Southern California
  51. Tar Sands Action ~ Stop Keystone XL Pipeline
  52. Tar Sands Action- Maine
  53. Tar Sands Action Seattle
  54. Tar Sands Activists
  55. Tar Sands Blockade
  56. Tar Sands Blockade – Houston
  57. Tar Sands Day
  58. Tar Sands Free
  59. Tar Sands Free Arizona
  60. Tar Sands Free Northeast
  61. Tar Sands of $hell Are Tar Sands of Hell
  62. Tar Sands Oil Horrors
  63. Tar Sands Song
  64. Tar Sands Students
  65. Tar Sands: Alberta, Canada
  66. Tar Sands: The Inherent Dangers
  67. Texans Against Tar Sands
  68. Texas Tar Sands Truth Teller
  69. The Anti-Keystone XL Pipeline
  70. The Beaver Lake Cree vs Tar Sands
  71. The Tar Sands
  72. Utah Tar Sands Resistance



An analysis of the effect on stats will follow in an addendum to this article. An Anomalous Spike is expected.

“President Obama and Cold Fusion LENR” Is an October Surprise Immanent, Eminent, and Imminent? Part 2 U.S. Administration

“Address the Nation: LENR Power and Expansion into Space”

This is an adaptation of a speech given by President John F. Kennedy.

The original speech should be listened to before reading the adaptation. President Kennedy’s speech gives insight into the driving forces behind NASA and our continued space programs. That context is needed to understand the adaptation of President Kennedy’s famous speech.

“On the Nation’s Space Effort”, John F. Kennedy 12 September 1962. Address at Rice University in Houston, Texas (voice recording)

President Obama is the Chief Excecutive Officer of NASA.

President Obama is Commander in Chief of the Navy (research laboratories) and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

LENR/cold fusion power is a matter of national security for both NASA and the Armed Forces. Please study what NASA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Navy know about LENR/cold fusion power. That information is found in the following papers and videos and is essential for a good reading of my adaptation of Kennedy’s Address.


“Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System Volume 1: A Decade of Research at Navy Laboratories”  Technical Report 1862 – February 2002 (read)

“Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System Volume 2: Simulation of the Electrochemical Cell (ICARUS) Calorimetry” Technical Report 1862 – February 2002 (read)

Defense Intelligence Agency

Defense Analysis Report – Technology Forecast:

“Worldwide Research on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Increasing and Gaining Acceptance” DIA-08-0911-003 13 November 2009

  • LENR could serve as a power source for batteries that could last for decades, providing power for electricity, sensors, military operations, and other applications in remote areas, including space. LENR could also have medical applications for disease treatment, pacemakers, or other equipment. Because nuclear fusion releases 10 million times more energy per unit mass than does liquid transportation fuel, the military potential of such high-energy-density power sources is enormous. And since the U.S. military is the largest user of liquid fuel for transportation, LENR power sources could produce the greatest transformation of the battlefield for U.S. forces since the transition from horsepower to gasoline power. (read)



Sept 22, 2011 LENR Brief @ GRC – J.M.Zawodny “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Is there better way to do nuclear power?” (pdf)

Sept 22, 2011 LENR Brief @ GRC – Dennis M. Bushnell “NASA and GRC – LENR Workshop 2011” (pdf)

Recommended Follow Up (by NASA)



United States Patent Application Publication No.: US 2011/0255645 Al Zawodny/NASA Pub. Date: Oct. 20, 2011 (pdf)

“Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook” Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, Langley Research Center (read)

” Abundant Clean/Green Energy” by Joseph Zawodny. (video)

NASA Technology Gateway – LENR

“Welcome to the Technology Gateway. At Langley we have a long history of creating technologies that improve the way we live and the way we work. In the future we would like to enable those technologies to move from the laboratory into the marketplace and we’re going to do that through partnerships.”

 “NASA’s Method for a Clean Nuclear Energy For Your Power Operated Technology.” (Licensing available)


The NASA – LENR device is on the U.S. marketplace through their Technology Gateway and that the E-Cat is making major design improvements while planning to enter the U.S. market on an accelerated timetable. (Cold Fusion Now – Hot Honeycomb)

The race to LENR power is real.

The following adaptation of the speech by President Kennedy is fiction.

Imagine President Obama giving it or a similar one as an October Surprise. The imminent surprise of cold fusion is which polititian, industry, or company will announce it first?

Oil Industry

Journal of Petroleum Technology, July 2012

“On the Precipice of a New Energy Source?” Go to Page 18  (read)

“Address the Nation: LENR Power and Expansion into Space” 


We live in a nation noted for knowledge, in a nation noted for progress, in a nation noted for strength, and we stand in need of all three, for we are in an hour of change and challenge, in a decade of hope and fear, in an age of both knowledge and ignorance. The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds.

Despite the striking fact that most of the scientists that the world has ever known are alive and working today, despite the fact that this nation’s own scientific manpower is leading the world, despite that, the vast stretches of the unknown and the unanswered and the unfinished still far outstrip our collective comprehension.

No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come, but condense, if you will, the 50,000 years of man¹s recorded history in a time span of but a half a century. Stated in these terms, we know very little about the first 40 years, except at the end of them advanced man had learned to use the skins of animals to cover them. Then about 10 years ago, under this standard, man emerged from his caves to construct other kinds of shelter. Only five years ago man learned to write and use a cart with wheels. Christianity began less than two years ago. The printing press came this year, and then less than two months ago, during this whole 50-year span of human history, the steam engine provided a new source of power.

Newton explored the meaning of gravity. Last month electric lights and telephones and automobiles and airplanes became available. Only last week did we develop penicillin and television and nuclear power, and now with America’s newest spacecraft leaving the solar system we literally reach out to the stars before midnight tonight.

This is a breathtaking pace, and such a pace cannot help but create new ills as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems, new dangers. Surely the development of new knowledge promises high costs and hardships, as well as high reward.

So it is not surprising that some would have us stay where we are a little longer to rest, to wait. But this country of the United States was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them.

If this capsule history of our progress teaches us anything, it is that man, in his quest for knowledge and progress, is determined and cannot be deterred. From the frontiers of science now comes to us a revolutionary source of energy, LENR power. Inexpensive, clean, and nearly unlimited LENR power developed from early cold fusion research. The world’s conversion to LENR power will go ahead, whether we join in it or not, and it is one of the great adventures of all time, and no nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind in the worldwide conversion to LENR power.

Those who came before us made certain that this country rode the first waves of the industrial revolutions, the first waves of modern invention, and the first wave of nuclear power, and this generation does not intend to founder in the backwash of the coming age of LENR power. We mean to be a part of it–we mean to lead it. For the eyes of the world will now look forward to LENR power.

Yet the vows of this Nation can only be fulfilled if we in this Nation are first, and, therefore, we intend to be first. In short, our leadership in science and in industry, our hopes for peace and security, our obligations to ourselves as well as others, all require us to make this effort, to solve these mysteries, to solve them for the good of all men, and to become the world’s leading LENR powered nation.

With LENR power, we can now truly set sail on the new sea of space. All NASA missions unrealized can now be realized because of this inexpensive, clean, unlimited source of energy. LENR power and space are the new frontiers to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. For LENR power, space science and all technology, has no conscience of its own. Whether LENR power will become a force for good or ill depends on man, and only if the United States occupies a position of pre-eminence can we help decide whether unlimited LENR power and the new ocean of space will be a sea of peace or a new terrifying theater of war. I do not say the we should or will go unprotected against the hostile misuse of unlimited energy and permanent space habitation any more than we go unprotected against the hostile use of land or sea, but I do say that space can be explored and mastered without feeding the fires of war, without repeating the mistakes that man has made in extending his writ around this globe of ours.

There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in outer space as yet. Its hazards are hostile to us all. Its population will deserve the best of all mankind, and its opportunity for peaceful cooperation may never come again. But why, some say, convert to LENR power and expand habitation into space? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why, 93 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why, 43 years ago, fly the to the Moon?

We choose to convert to LENR power and enable permanent habitation of humanity in space. We choose to convert to LENR power and see humanity expand into space and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.

It is for these reasons that I regard the decision to shift our efforts from low to high gear as among the most important decisions that will be made during my incumbency in the office of the Presidency.

The conversion to LENR power and expansion into space will spur growth, our science and education will be enriched by new knowledge of our universe and environment, by new techniques of learning and mapping and observation, by new tools and computers for industry, medicine, the home as well as the school. All will reap the harvest of these gains.

However, I think we’re going to do it, and I think that we must pay what needs to be paid. I don’t think we ought to waste any money, but I think we ought to do the job. It will be done during or past the term of office of some of the people who sit here on this platform. But it will be done. And it will be done before the end of the next two decades.

Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, “Because it is there.”

Well, the unlimited, clean energy of LENR power and the frontiers of space are there, and we’re going to answer the call, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. And, therefore, as we set sail we ask God’s blessing on the most challenging and daring and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.

Thank you

“Special Message to the Congress on Urgent National Needs” Page 4


President John F. Kennedy May 25th 1961. Delivered in person before a joint session of Congress announcing aspirations for the Apollo Program (read)

I therefore ask the Congress, above and beyond the increases I have earlier requested for space activities, to provide the funds which are needed to meet the following national goals…

     No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space…

     Now this is a choice which this country must make, and I am confident that under the leadership of the Space Committees of the Congress, and the Appropriating Committees, that you will consider the matter carefully…

     It is a most important decision that we make as a nation. But all of you have lived through the last four years and have seen the significance of space and the adventures in space, and no one can predict with certainty what the ultimate meaning will be of mastery of space…

     I think every citizen of this country as well as the Members of the Congress should consider the matter carefully in making their judgment, to which we have given attention over many weeks and months…

     This decision demands a major national commitment of scientific and technical manpower, materiel and facilities…

     It means we cannot afford undue work stoppages, inflated costs of material or talent, wasteful interagency rivalries, or a high turnover of key personnel…

     New objectives and new money cannot solve these problems. They could in fact, aggravate them further–unless every scientist, every engineer, every serviceman, every technician, contractor, and civil servant gives his personal pledge that this nation will move forward, with the full speed of freedom, in the exciting adventure of space…

In conclusion, let me emphasize one point: that we are determined, as a nation in 1961 that freedom shall survive and succeed–and whatever the peril and set-backs, we have some very large advantages.

     The first is the simple fact that we are on the side of liberty–and since the beginning of history, and particularly since the end of the Second World War, liberty has been winning out all over the globe.

     A second real asset is that we are not alone. We have friends and allies all over the world who share our devotion to freedom.

–serious conversations do not require a pale unanimity–they are rather the instruments of trust and understanding over a long road.

     A third asset is our desire for peace. –that we seek no conquests, no satellites, no riches–that we seek only the day when “nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

     Finally, our greatest asset in this struggle is the American people–their willingness to pay the price for these programs–to understand and accept a long struggle–to share their resources with other less fortunate people–to meet the tax levels and close the tax loopholes I have requested–to exercise self-restraint instead of pushing up wages or prices, or over-producing certain crops, or spreading military secrets, or urging unessential expenditures or improper monopolies or harmful work stoppages–to serve in the Peace Corps or the Armed Services or the Federal Civil Service or the Congress–to strive for excellence in their schools, in their cities and in their physical fitness and that of their children–to take part in Civil Defense–to pay higher postal rates, and higher payroll taxes and higher teachers’ salaries, in order to strengthen our society–to show friendship to students and visitors from other lands who visit us and go back in many cases to be the future leaders, with an image of America–and I want that image, and I know you do, to be affirmative and positive–and, finally, to practice democracy at home, in all States, with all races, to respect each other and to protect the Constitutional rights of all citizens.”

Cold Fusion NASA LENR – part two Flight

Cold Fusion – NASA – LENR Part II Flight


The vision of Earth provided by NASA lunar missions is a powerful image; possibly the most potent archetypal image of our times. This image brings to mind the beauty of the biosphere, our world and life-as-we-know-it, surprisingly small against the vast starlit darkness of space.

NASA sees LENR energetics in concert with advanced computer and flight technologies as, “The key to supersonic transports and neighbor-friendly personal fly/drive air vehicles.” (NASA)

This technology could replace much earth bound transport; roads and their inherent environmental damage would become obsolete.

NASA realizes the fragility of our biosphere and seeks to limit atmospheric damage from aeronautics and transportation in amazing ways:

  • Turbo-electric Distributed Propulsion (NASA pdf)
  • The SUGAR Program (SUGAR – Subsonic Ultra Green Aeronautics Research) was initiated in 2008 as a challenge to four that received contracts, Boeing, GE Aviation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northrop Grumman. The goal is a deep reduction in harmful emissions from airplanes and to decrease their noisome irritation. “Hybrid electric engine technology is a clear winner because it can potentially improve performance relative to all of the NASA goals.” (Boeing)
  • The SUGAR Volt design utilizes electric turbo fans; which are candidates for LENR electrical power. SUGAR VOLT
  • NASA Green Flight Challenge – “NASA has awarded the largest prize in aviation history, created to inspire the development of more fuel-efficient aircraft and spark the start of a new electric airplane industry. The technologies demonstrated by the CAFE Green Flight Challenge, sponsored by Google, competitors may end up in general aviation aircraft, spawning new jobs and new industries for the 21st century.” (NASA) Green Flight Challenge Sponsored by Google – (Final Results 2011)
  • “Faster and Greener– Pocket Airports” (NASA GFC pdf)
  • Here Comes the Electric Plane
  • Txchnologist The Future of Transportation – “Mapping Out the Future of Flight” (GE)

ON A FALLEN TREE ACROSS THE ROAD (To hear us talk) by Robert Frost

The tree a tempest with a crash of wood

Throws down in front of us is not to bar

Our passage to our journey’s end for good,

But just to ask us who we think we are,


Insisting always on our own way so.

She likes to halt us in our runner tracks,

And make us get down in a foot of snow

Debating what to do with an ax.


And yet who knows obstruction is in vain:

We will not be put off the final goal

We have hidden in us to attain,

Not though we have to seize earth by the pole


And, tired of aimless circling in one place,

Steer straight off after something into space.


Rocket Toxicity


Over 4,000 (Wiki) recorded space launches and an unknown number of missile launches have burned hundreds of millions of tons of the following propellants, oxidants, and rocket elements.

Ammonium-perchlorate, kerosene, ammonium-nitrate, hydroxyl-terminated-polybutadiene, polyurethane, aluminium, polyisocyanate, ammonium-dinitramide, acrylonitrile, iron-oxide, glass, carbon, boron, phenylenediamine-terephthaloyl-chloride, poly-paraphenylene-terephthalamide, cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, cyclotetramethylene-tetranitramine, nitrocellulose, nitroglycerine, Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane, polybutadiene-acrylonitrile, unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine, dinitrogen tetroxide, and others not accounted for.

Who knows how these recombine after combustion, with each other and with atmospheric elements?

The engines powering the Space Shuttle’s initial liftoff boosters may have been the most polluting engines ever operated by mankind. For each kilogram of payload, the shuttle’s main boosters burn 30 kilograms of  fuels and oxidizers.

During 135 missions 122,472,000 kilograms (135,002 tons) of this highly toxic fuel was burned in the solid fuel boosters of the Space Shuttles.

Approximate Amount Burned (tons)

  • 94,365   Ammonium Percholate
  • 5,600    Powdered Aluminum
  • 9,450    Iron Oxidizer Powder
  • 16,204   Polybutadiene Acrylic Acid Acrylonitrile
  • 2,646    Epoxy-curing Agent


21st Century Timeline of U.S. Rocket Fuel Pollution Scandal (read)

Perchlorate is a powerful oxidant that has been detected in public drinking water supplies of over 11 million people at concentrations of at least 4 parts per billion (ppb). High doses of perchlorate can decrease thyroid hormone production by inhibiting the uptake of iodide by the thyroid. Thyroid hormones are critical for normal growth and development of the central nervous system of fetuses and infants.

A Summary of NASA and USAF Hypergolic Propellant Related Spills and Fires (pdf)

The fuel is monomethyl hydrazine (MMH) and the oxidizer is nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4) which is similar to ammonia. Both fluids are highly toxic, and are handled under the most stringent safety conditions. Hypergolic propellants are used in the core liquid propellant stages of the Titan family of launch vehicles, and on the second stage of the Delta.

The Space Shuttle orbiter uses hypergols in its Orbital Maneuvering Subsystem (OMS) for orbital insertion, major orbital maneuvers and deorbit. The Reaction Control System (RCS) uses hypergols for attitude control.

NASA is hoping to reduce launch emissions for space flight with LENR.

Cold Fusion – NASA – LENR Part Three Earthbound and Spacebound Transportation


Cold Fusion – NASA – LENR Future

Cold Fusion – NASA – LENR Future

The Chief Scientist of NASA and the Chief Scientist NASA Langley Porter Research Institute move forward with the energetics of LENR – cold fusion as the solution to problems like global warming, transportation, energy, and NASA space missions planned yet unrealized.

NASA has a broad prerogative, their mission is to:

  1. Protect the Earth
  2. Develop a permanent extraterrestrial human presence
  3. Enable commercial ventures to advance into space
  • The science of LENR will give us electricity without generators and controlled heat without a carbon signature. Overpopulation, global warming, and environmental damage are the greatest dangers to Earth. Converting to LENR power and human expansion into space is the solution.

  • The energetics of LENR will enable a new generation of launch vehicles and platforms that bring payload costs down from thousands per pound to dollars per pound. The compact size of LENR power, abundance of LENR fuels, and safe clean operation allows ease of use for space colonies.

  • The wide range and  ease of availabity of LENR technology, 3D- Printing technology, advanced robotics, and the abundance of natural  resources will allow private sector interests to thrive in space without a  standard profit motive. Humanity as a space faring race will develop new economic models. 

NASA Names Waleed Abdalati As Agency’s New Chief Scientist  (nasa) 

The NASA Office of Chief Scientist was discontinued in 2005 and reinstated in 2011. 

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has named Waleed Abdalati the agency’s chief scientist, effective Jan. 3, 2011. He is currently on leave from his position as director of the University of Colorado’s Earth Science and Observation Center, which carries out research and education activities on the use of remote sensing observations to understand the Earth.

His research has focused on the use of satellites and aircraft to understand how and why Earth’s ice cover is changing, and what those changes mean for life on our planet.

His appointment as Chief Scientist marks a return to NASA for Dr. Abdalati, where he worked from 1996-2008. From 2004-2008, he was head of the Cryospheric Sciences Branch at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., where he supervised a group of scientists who carried out research in the development and analysis of remote sensing observations to study the behavior of ice sheets, sea ice, and glaciers.

From 2000-2004, he managed NASA’s Cryospheric Sciences Program at NASA Headquarters, managing the agency’s interests and research investments in cryospheric research, and serving as program scientist on the ICESat and RADARSAT missions.

From 1996-2000, Dr. Abdalati was a researcher at Goddard in the Oceans and Ice Branch, where he analyzed satellite and aircraft measurements of glaciers and ice sheets to assess their contributions to sea level rise. He also served as deputy project scientist for NASA’s Ice Cloud and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat).

In the mid 1980s, before returning to graduate school, he worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry, designing, analyzing and testing components of various spacecraft and submarine systems.

Dr. Abdalati has received various awards and recognition, most notably the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from the White House.


Office of the Chief Scientist 

Functional Leadership Plan (nasapdf)

“The Chief Scientist, located in the Office of the Administrator, serves as the principal advisor to the NASA Administrator in science issues and as interface to the national and international science community, ensuring that NASA research programs are widely regarded as scientifically and technologically well founded and are appropriate for their intended applications.“

  • Goal 1: Provide oversight to assure that NASA funds only the most exemplary and meritorious science to enable NASA to achieve its mission.
  • Goal 2: Lead strategic planning for new and revolutionary research directions for NASA.
  • Goal 3: Maintain and foster communication links with the scientific and technical communities at large, including other Federal science agencies, academic, industrial, international partners, and the general public.
  • Goal 4: Act to encourage cooperation and synergy among the science programs and between science programs and other NASA programs.
  • Goal 5: Lead and manage the Generate Knowledge cross-cutting process.
  • Goal 6: Lead and manage the Communicate Knowledge cross-cutting process.
NASA Advisory Council Science Committee Meeting 

March 3 and 4, 2011 (nasapdf)

NASA Chief Scientist Presentation

Dr. Waleed Abdalati, recently appointed NASA Chief Scientist, addressed the Science Committee and described his background in Earth Science, research on glaciers and ice sheets, remote sensing, and managing the cryospheric sciences branch at GSFC.

Dr. Abdalati stressed that he accepted the position in the hopes of making a difference and being useful as an advisor to the Administrator. He noted that Mr. Bolden had also expressed an interest in employing a Chief Scientist to address the complex relationships among the agencies. The functions of the new office are meant to be free from the burdens of implementation in order to take a broad agency view, and to offer a different perspective across directorates and centers. The Chief Scientist will also identify where activities span directorates, and where these activities may be leveraged, and also “orphan science” such as life and microgravity sciences, which now resides within ESMD, to address the role of science in exploration.

The Chief Scientist will provide advocacy on behalf of science in general, through a philosophical approach. The office should be perceived as an additional avenue for communication, not an opportunity for an end-run. The main goals are to maximize science return for investment of resources; the objective is to put NASA science at the forefront. As the space program is transitioning, there is an opportunity to highlight this.

Authors note: Many managers cite rising costs of launch platforms as problematic. Read the full NASA Advisory Council Science Committee meeting notes for a deeper understanding. 


“Scientists to hold bake sale for NASA” (MSNBC News) Tech article by Clara Mskovitz, June 8, 2012

In his fiscal year 2013 budget proposal, President Obama has requested $17.7 billion for NASA. The 2013 budget proposal submitted would cut funding for NASA’s planetary science projects by about $300 million.

Chief Scientist at NASA Langley

The Chief Scientist at NASA Langley is Dennis Bushnell; a bit of his bio, career,  and recent history of actions is worth noting.

Bio: (nasa)  Dennis M. Bushnell is the Chief Scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center where researchers are focusing on some of the biggest technical challenges of our time; global climate change, access to space and revolutions in airplanes and the air transportation system.

During his more than four decades at NASA, Dennis served the Gemini, Apollo, Viking and space shuttle programs. He invented and developed the riblet for speeding airflow across surfaces, an advance that led to turbulent drag reduction in aeronautics technology. He had six patents and has authored more than 250 publications and major presentations often on the future of technology and the impact it will have on our society.

He has received awards from professional groups, governmental agencies and academia, including the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement and Outstanding Leadership Medals and Distinguished Research Scientist Awards. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Career: (link) Responsible for Technical Oversight and Advanced Program formulation for a major NASA Research Center with technical emphasis in the areas of Atmospheric Sciences and Structures, Materials, Acoustics, Flight Electronics/Control/Software, Instruments, Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics, Hypersonic Air breathing Propulsion, Computational Sciences and Systems Optimization for Aeronautics, Spacecraft, Exploration and Space Access.

Forty-nine years experience as: Research Scientist, Section Head, Branch Head, Associate Division Chief and Chief Scientist.

Author of 252 publications/major presentations and 340 invited lectures/seminars, Member of National Academy of Engineering, Selected as Fellow of ASME, AIAA and the Royal Aeronautical Society, 6 patents, AIAA Sperry and Fluid and Plasma Dynamics Awards , AIAA Dryden Lectureship, Royal Aeronautical Society Lanchester, Swire and Wilber and Orville Wright Lectures, ICAS Guggenheim Lecture, Israel Von Karman Lecture, USAF/NASP Gene Zara Award, NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement and Outstanding Leadership Medals and Distinguished Research Scientist Award, ST Presidential Rank Award,9 NASA Special Achievement and 11 Group Achievement Awards, University of Connecticut Outstanding Engineering Alumni, Academy of Engineers ,Pi Tau Sigma and Hamilton Awards, Univ. of Va. Engineering Achievement Award , service on numerous National and International Technical Panels and Committees and consultant to National and International organizations.

DOD related committee/consulting assignments include USAF Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, BMDC, ONR, Intelligence Community/STIC, AFOSR, NRAC, NRC,WL, LLL, HASC, NUWC, DARPA, AGARD, ARL,IAT, AEDC, JANNAF, NAVSEA, Air Force 2025,AFSOC,Sandia ,SAB, Army War College ,ACOM Joint Futures ,SOCOM,TRADOC,SEALS,JFCOM,IDA,NDU,DSB and Army After Next.

Reviewer for 40 Journals and Organizations, Editor, Volume 123 of AIAA Progress Series “Viscous Drag Reduction in Boundary Layers.” Responsible for invention/ development of “Riblet” approach to Turbulent Drag Reduction, High Speed “Quiet Tunnels” for Flight-Applicable Boundary Layer Transition Research, Advanced Computational Approaches for Laminar Flow Control and Advanced Hypervelocity Air-breathing and Aeronautical Concepts with revolutionary performance potential.

Contributions to National Programs include Sprint, HSCT/SST, FASTSHIP, Gemini, Apollo, RAM, Viking, X15, F-18E/F [patent holder for the “fix” to the wing drop problem],Shuttle, NASP, Submarine/Torpedo Technology ,Americas’ Cup Racers, Navy Rail Gun, MAGLEV Trains and Planetary Exploration.

B.S. in M.E. degree from University of Connecticut with Highest Honors, Distinction, University Scholar (1963), M.S. degree in M.E. from University of Virginia (1967).U.S. Govt. ST

Recent History of Actions

“For Bushnell, Green Is Global, Personal” (nasa) by Jim Hodges 03.21.08

Statements by Bushnell

  • “All of these things indicate that by 2100, we could be looking at an average temperature increase 6 to 14 degrees Centigrade,” adds Bushnell, Langley’s chief scientist. “At those temperatures, beyond 2100 all of the ice will melt and the oceans beyond 2100 could come up 75 to 80 meters, enough to drown the homes of some 2 ½ billion people globally.”
  • “We would like to incite brainstorming on the part of the entire field,” Bushnell says. “I am soliciting, the (center) is soliciting any and all ideas, thoughts, comments about climate and energy. We want people to intuit, find, seek, identify, hunt an assembly of concepts of green energy generation, storage, conservation and transmission – the entire spectrum of approaches. We’re looking for ideas.”
  • “There’s some thinking on the field that the next administration may take climate and energy far more seriously,” Bushnell says. “And so we’re involved in an effort at a very low level to do a ‘what-if-the-boss-asks’ planning exercise.
  • “In other words, if the White House or the next administrator asks what could Langley do for energy, warming or whatever, it’s nice to have an answer.”
  • “So, it’s sometimes good to work ‘what-if-the-boss-asks’ before he asks it. This is called due diligence homework.”
Read what NASA says about Cold Fusion (coldfusionnow)

“LENR the Realism and Outlook” (nasa) by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist NASA Langley Research Institute.


Commercialization of Asteroids for Expansion into Space

“Extraterrestrial Mining Could Reap Riches & Spur Exploration” by Leonard David, (read)

  • “We talk about asteroids as a source of palladium and platinum and rare metals.” says Peter Diamondis of Planetary Resources Inc. “They’re also a source of … the things we value as humans… air water; that which keeps us alive. Asteroids are primarily a resource for our life as we expand into space.”
  • “Water sourced from asteroids will greatly enable the large-scale exploration of the solar system. Using the resources of space to expand into space is what will enable that bright future that we all dream of.” Eric Anderson, Co- founder.
Planetary Resources Inc.

X Prize’s Peter Diamandis, Space Adventures’ Eric Anderson, NASA astronaut Tom Jones, and Mars mission manager Chris Lewicki, backed by visionary investors James Cameron, Larry Page, Ross Perot want to develop our Solar System’s natural resources.

Credit:, Planetary Resources, NASA

The Future is Now!

Electrical current without generators using cheap abundant safe nuclear dense LENR fuels will enable next generation space-planes to use magnetic controlled plasma drives with a thrust  magnitudes greater than chemical (400X). Mag Lev Launch will reduce costs and exhaust pollutants.

Plasma Rockets 

“Plasma Propulsion in Space” by Eric J. Lerner, The Industrial Physicists magazine (pdf)

Rocketry: A comparative analysis 


Mag Lev Launch

The same electricity will enable mag lev launch platforms on the Earth, asteroids, moon, and Mars.

The Startram Project (link)

When I heard the learn’d astronomer,

When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me,

When I was shown the charts and diagrams, to add, divide and measure


When I sitting heard the astronomer where he lectured with much applause

… the lecture room,

How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick,

Till rising and gliding out I wandered off by myself,

In the mysical moist night air, and from time to time,

Looked up in perfect silence at the stars.

by Walt Whitman


Graphic: LENR beta-decay in the lattice.

LENR/LENT science is known as cold fusion in popular vernacular for many reasons. There is the well-remembered worldwide media flurry over the wondrous announcement by Pons and Fleishman in 1989; the decades long discourse exemplifying it as the fringe of fringe sciences; the repeated high-profile dirty-dealt blows to cold fusion science by established energy concerns aimed at debunking it once and for all. Even movies and sci-fi have helped put cold fusion in the public vernacular. Basically anything that is ‘less hot than the sun’ fusion, involving some sort of nuclear reaction, is cold fusion in the minds eye of the public. It’s a popular name with a nice ring to it, Cold Fusion, and it is about to become the most popular sweet source for energy.

Now the chief scientist at NASA – Langley has released a paper to help us better understand this art. It is densely written, each sentence packed with meaning. Even the title bears a closer look, REALISM and OUTLOOK.

In order to better understand the paper we can look at each part of every sentence and categorize it as the title suggests, under Realism or Outlook. It is best to list only those parts that qualify as definitive when kept in context; parts based on ‘maybe’ or ‘what if’ are not included.

Thanks are given to ‘we’ll stick to our guns’ Pons and Fleischman and to all the dedicated scientists who continued the research: now we have a fantastic science emerging as the ‘Solution to All Energetics’, through low-energy nuclear reactions.

LENR/LENT Science – popularly known as Cold Fusion.


Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook (read)
by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center


  • hundreds of experiments worldwide indicating heat and transmutations with minimal radiation and low energy input
  • evidence indicates something real is occurring
  • with effects occurring from using diverse materials, methods of energy addition etc
  • This is far from a “Narrow Band” set of physical phenomena
  • several labs have blown up studying LENR and windows have melted, indicating when the conditions are “right” prodigious amounts of energy can be produced and released
  • are in fact inventing (in real time) the requisite engineering, along with verifying the physics



  • NASA Langley, the epiphany moment on LENR was the publication of the Widom-Larsen Weak Interaction LENR Theory
  • theory indicates energy densities, some several million times chemical. The current experiments are in the 10’s to hundreds range
  • still far from the theoretical limits of the weak interaction physics for LENR performance
  • given the truly massive-to-mind boggling benefits – solutions to climate, energy and the limitations that restrict the NASA Mission areas, all of them. The key to space exploration is energetics. The key to supersonic transports and neighbor-friendly personal fly/drive air vehicles is energetics, as simplex examples of the potential implications of this area of research
  • 1% of the nickel mined on the planet each year could produce the world’s energy requirements at the order of 25% the cost of coal
  • it is worth far more resources than are currently being devoted to this research arena




With NASA and many others we are able to quickly replace all major sources of energy with cold fusion. At a cost savings, both in implementation and future use, ad infinitum.

Every friend, neighbor, coworker, student, teacher, politician and activist, liberal and conservative, both young and old should become aware of this as soon as possible.

Then the harm caused from continued use of dirty crippling coal, asthma inducing oil, or birth defective radioactive nuclear becomes a matter of criminal negligence. Do all you can to both get the word out and enable this energy transition. It is the most important topic of our time.