Rossi Update: The Hot Honeycomb

We’ve been holding off on an E-Cat/Andrea Rossi update until more can be validated amidst the whirling claims and mystery leaks of recent weeks. But, here’s some brief notes.

The E-Cat has seemed to have had a name change: the HOT CAT (though recent comments to Rossi’s blog indicate that it could now be called, “The Hot Honeycomb”….) This name change due to the recent claims of achieving high temperatures with the E-Cat, 1,200 degrees Celsius or higher from one small ten pound unit, producing 10 kilowatts of power with complete stability.

Claims of a high temp E-Cat were apparently first leaked out by a mystery internet forum poster calling himself “Cures”. It was eventually revealed that “Cures” was the consultant of Rossi’s military customer. Rossi stated he was very upset with the leaks, but was also understanding over the excitement and temptation to get the word out. Having known the consultant as a young man, some suspected the leak to be purposeful. In any event, drama O-rama once again…

A year ago we were awaiting the big October test, and now, once again it seems September and October of 2012 will be the unveiling of more test results, this time with the Hot Honeycomb. In September, potential validation of the Hot Cat will be released at the Zurich conference. And then, an October release will follow, from University of Bologna scientists regarding the tests that they have performed.

Hank Mills from Pure Energy Systems has a recent summation of the scenario with the possible enormous implications and more specific details of the actual Hot Honeycomb here.

If the claims made about the high temperature “hot cat” prove to be accurate, this radically evolved version of the original E-Cat could provide a near total solution to the world’s energy crisis. -H.Mills

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  1. Ten kilowatts of heat (about 34 thousand Btu) is about the same as 3 pound of coal (or about a 1/4 of a gallon of gasoline each hour). It takes from one to two pounds of coal to generate a kilowatt of electricity. An average household uses around 1000 kilowatts of electricity per month.

    Again, a ten pound Hot Cat will generate hot steam to power a turbine that could deliver around 2 kilowatts of electricity per hour, more than enough for an average household. Eureka!

    1. Just to clarify confusion on power vs energy.

      Article syas the the e-Cat is producing 10 kilowatt stable, this would mean that if the output is steady, 10 kilowatt for an hour is, you guessed it, an energy of 10 kilowatt-hour.

      Now this is power being generated as heat, you still need to use this heat to produce energy in the way you need it. If it is just to heat a house you do not need to do anything else, just use it, however if you need electricity you need to use the heat to produce steam and move a turbine and then a generator. Common steam generator plants have an efficiency of around 30%, that means that 10 kilowatt power in steam would produce 3 kilowatt of electricity and in an hour this would represent 3 kilowatt-hour of energy, in a month this would represent 2160 kilowatt hour of energy, if an average household consumption is about 1000 kwh, a single e-cat can feed 2 average houses, still very impressive.

      If this commercialises, I would assume several e-cat’s can feed a more sophisticated combined cycle turbine that has efficiencies of around 50%.

      Hope this helps

  2. This shows how distracting it is to go to war over the “name” of this anomalous heat effect.

    So far we have LENR, LANR, CANR, quantum fusion, cold fusion, and now HENI ( just to name a few of the more popular and new ones.

    Many other followers of this field say the technology names to refer to the reaction, i.e. the “E-cat reaction”.

    But whatever the scientists and engineers want to call it, users will make-up their own names, and it will be something totally unexpected by the developers.

    That is nature of language; that is the changing nature of communication.

    ..On the road to Eureka today! Thanks Eli for the update.

  3. So how many of these 10 lb power packs will it take to power my Chevy Volt?

    My naive calculation comes out to about 8. Can someone help me please. I am beginning to get excited.


  4. The more mental resources people put into their models the harder it is to budge them. Every energy site I visit the same tired old memes are trotted out.
    Yeah, yeah. Enough already. The climate is crisis, oil extraction has peaked and the economy is hyperventilating on debt.
    More about what we know, about what we know, about what > > >etc.
    Typical Left brain territory. I just wish it would just shut up for a moment so the it can escape it’s hall of mirrors.
    Others who haven’t put any effort in at all say “Duh. Of course they have secret technologies just waiting to be trotted out! So what’s the problem?”
    Our target should be those who are between the extremes.

    1. I respect your line of thought here, but just because people continuously discuss future possibilities with presumptions that condition X will be occurring, doesn’t negate the reality of what has been occurring within our global environment with regards to air, water, species, climate, population growth, defeat of death through vaccines and various medicine, etc.

  5. “In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event with the potential to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency. The reference to the month of October is because the Tuesday after the first Monday in November is the date for national elections (as well as many state and local elections), and therefore events that take place in late October have greater potential to influence the decisions of prospective voters.”

    Cold Fusion/LENR has the potential to become a major part of the political debate.
    Who can deny that exposed ignorance of LENR could be portrayed as an example of an opponent’s incompetence?
    Or that proclaiming knowledge and support of LENR could be parlayed into personal public popularity?
    Will President Obama make public his knowledge of Cold Fusion/LENR…
    before Rossi’s HOT E-Cat press release in Septemberat the conference?
    Or will Obama say? “Hey this is great! I’m so glad I heard this in the news today.”

    1. Greg, as much as we don’t want the Right Wing running things and we’re voting for Obama (so we’re not going into more wars, keeping medicine reform, not giving $$$ to Big Oil, not reversing Roe v. Wade, not reversing policies or positions on gay couples, while continuing funding for battery and new energy research), 1) I doubt potential energy production technology (either the e-cat or the plasma engine) will factor in the election, and 2) even IF the Right Wing gets what they want, I am 99% certain that the Republicans will be almost completely decimated by the upcoming 4 years in global conditions and by their own hands.

      1. Great, vote for Obama, the fool that put huge amounts of money into fake green energies like solar which are much more damaging to conservation and who along with Clinton killed any real energy exploration like supercolliders and lunar programs. Vote for the guy that is letting the Middle East decay into chaos and Russia and China and worse fill the void where US leadership once was. Vote for the guy that wants to let the US go bankrupt like Europe and kill countless people in riots, poverty and political upheaval that will follow. Voting for Obama twice is level of incompetence you will die with on your tab. Obama is a corrupt POS that deserves prisons and who just may end there. Imagine the lost souls that voted Hitler into power, your wing will be next theirs. Let me know if I have been too subtle please.

      1. Exactly, Republicans have already been working Rossi. Republicans from one of the northeastern states already meet with Rossi about potential collaboration. Democrats will hate this. It brings there fake green energy scams down like a house of cards and they have a lot investing in those scams all designed to funnel larger amounts of public money to friends of the party. Obama hates the fact the cold fusion is going to end his party. Why do you think the corrupt US and world media outlets have virtually ignored this. It ends their most lucrative scam. Someday we will laugh our asses off that people actually thought solar or wind would be green. Wind is close but it will never compete with future tech that is why they fund solar so much more than wind. Solar will always require subsidies and corruption. Democrats love solar and will hate fusion hot, cold or warm.

  6. If this would work then it would already be making 165f water for the existing binary electric turbines used in geothermal power stations.
    Do some research and see the BS here.

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