Rossi Update: The Hot Honeycomb

We’ve been holding off on an E-Cat/Andrea Rossi update until more can be validated amidst the whirling claims and mystery leaks of recent weeks. But, here’s some brief notes.

The E-Cat has seemed to have had a name change: the HOT CAT (though recent comments to Rossi’s blog indicate that it could now be called, “The Hot Honeycomb”….) This name change due to the recent claims of achieving high temperatures with the E-Cat, 1,200 degrees Celsius or higher from one small ten pound unit, producing 10 kilowatts of power with complete stability.

Claims of a high temp E-Cat were apparently first leaked out by a mystery internet forum poster calling himself “Cures”. It was eventually revealed that “Cures” was the consultant of Rossi’s military customer. Rossi stated he was very upset with the leaks, but was also understanding over the excitement and temptation to get the word out. Having known the consultant as a young man, some suspected the leak to be purposeful. In any event, drama O-rama once again…

A year ago we were awaiting the big October test, and now, once again it seems September and October of 2012 will be the unveiling of more test results, this time with the Hot Honeycomb. In September, potential validation of the Hot Cat will be released at the Zurich conference. And then, an October release will follow, from University of Bologna scientists regarding the tests that they have performed.

Hank Mills from Pure Energy Systems has a recent summation of the scenario with the possible enormous implications and more specific details of the actual Hot Honeycomb here.

If the claims made about the high temperature “hot cat” prove to be accurate, this radically evolved version of the original E-Cat could provide a near total solution to the world’s energy crisis. -H.Mills