John Varney: Small-scale fusion power is “a matter of absolute urgency”

John W VarneyJohn Varney describes an energy transition plan away from fossil fuels and towards clean, small-scale fusion and shares his designs for a Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) reactor and applications that could radically transform power generation for transportation, solutions impossible with chemical energies, but mandatory for a green technological human future.

DPF is not cold fusion, but a produces power by focusing multiple streams of plasma together in super-high-temperature pulses. Fusing protons with boron nuclei in the concentrated plasma pulse point is aneutronic, a reaction producing no neutrons. Research in small-scale production of this kind was reported here in The Alternate Path to a Cleaner, Brighter Future by zed short.

Emergence from Chaos, a shining new Order
The world cries out for urgent action by governments, industry, academia and yes, the media, to focus with determination, resolve and cohesion, on refining and mass producing equipment incorporating technologies [some of which are already proven in research laboratories] that will provide vehicle propulsion [on land, sea, air and space] and power generation with compact, efficient, safe, clean and low cost units that will replace all fossil fuels and nuclear [fission] fuel within a decade.

The redundant nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants in power stations and in naval ships [both surface and submarine vessels] will be deactivated [decommissioned], dismantled, decontaminated and the fissile material placed in adequately shielded containers for temporary storage.

We can now accept the reality, that a dawn of enlightened progress, can now begin its delivery to the global village.

Various forms of controlled plasma streams, [the Hydrino plasma, LENR and LANR plasmas and the emerging technology of nuclear fusion via the Dense Plasma Focus Device] herald a transformation of global industry toward a non-polluting regime that may not only introduce direct electrical power generation from these plasmas, but also apply them [via direct injection] to turbo-machinery and to the existing furnaces of fossil fired power plant [where the fossil fuel supply systems, the ash collection systems and the flue gas treatment systems, are all deactivated and removed].

This strategy will ensure that recent and ongoing massive worldwide investment in fossil fired power plant can be relatively easily upgraded to plasma power plant [salvaging the major portions of the existing plant and speeding up the conversion down time].

All internal combustion engines presently powering aircraft, ships, yachts, trains and all road vehicles will, within the decade be replaced with alternative electric power plants that do not involve the combustion process and thus do not in any way contribute to global warming and climate change.


Varney Global Fast Ferry

Varney Supersonic Jet

Varney Freighter Space Plane

With the need to have a plan for steady growth, a cleaner environment and time urgent action to control the degree of calamity from climate change, this technology is achievable with a transparent and committed international project that is planned and implemented immediately.

It will not only foster international trust and co-operation, but will trigger an enormous, diverse, healthy and clean industrial revolution that will represent a huge step in global cohesion and enlightenment.

The more recent strategy, embracing nuclear fusion [via the DPF reactor system] reveals the direct conversion of an extreme high temperature plasma to electrical power avoiding the elaborate and expensive thermal system that is traditional in power generation and propulsion. This strategy is called the Varney Protocol and the following associated documents outline the DPF reactor and its application to the market place.

The Varney Protocol – Summary

The Varney Protocol – An illustrated pressurized DPF reactor system

Prime objective, project set-up and funding framework [for first phase of prototype experimentation]

Removal from earth of all nuclear weapons and fissile material

Space-plane details & flight plan analysis

Both national and local governments, all the major corporations [Rolls-Royce, Siemens, General Electric, Airbus, Boeing and NASA] have received the listed documents and refuse to discuss the material, despite the fact that all oil, gas and coal fired power generating plants [in fact all power plants incorporating the combustion process] will be decommissioned, decontaminated and dismantled within the decade.

Why have today’s industrial societies been totally absent in planning and implementing such an all-important, urgent and necessary strategy?

I-40-Arizona-Sunset-on-Fossil-Fuel-PowerThe simple and tragic reason is that these important decisions are not made by politicians, they are made by a secretive, wealthy, powerful and ruthless cabal that represents [what President Eisenhower had originally coined] the military/industrial complex that informs sitting heads of governments, what strategies will be implemented. These strategies will meet with their requirements for widespread weapons production [for global sales] and extensive “Black budgets” that enable development and control of technologies that are perhaps a century in advance of technologies that are available to the rest of civilization.

Should this “cabal” practice transparency, a sincere sense of service to the worlds citizens and true compassion for the billions suffering from starvation, failing health, general poverty and exploitation [by the corporate world], they would ensure that all technologies [energy, transport systems] that would arrest global warming, promote a higher and healthier standard of living for everyone would be made available to every corner of the globe as a matter of absolute urgency.

Sometimes silence is golden.

Sometimes silence can be deadly if it equates to maintaining the status quo in regard to the use of fossil and nuclear fission fuels [and the existence of nuclear weapons with delivery systems].

From Transformation Protocol Canada, “We have a great opportunity, at this moment, to exercise faith in our collective scientific and technological capabilities, to leapfrog the more modest, methodical and comfortable research programs that are now in operation, to secure for our children and grand-children, a real opportunity to thrive in a world that can recover from the devastation that our collective stupidity has brought upon them.”

For this to happen in the short period of time available to us [before global warming and climate change proceeds to the condition that humanity can no longer control the deterioration of the environment from dooming are future existence], we must unite our efforts with the many experts and specialists able to transform this conceptual design into a practical reality.

It can be done and it must be done now, before we fall asleep in comfortable denial of the dire, global predicament.

The previously posted article Transformation Protocol Canada reveals a strategy to harness a variety of cold fusion plasmas by the injection into gas turbine systems, where a plasma-air mix chamber replaces the traditional combustion chamber and thus achieves a transformation from combustion. However this strategy involves the pressurization of the plasma process.