Prime objectives, project set-up and funding framework

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Prime objectives, project set-up and funding framework, to be achieved with first batch of prototype fusion reactor systems

[a] using the pressurization process- establish the beam pulse on a continuous and stable basis with the intent to fine tune the charging criteria and anode length to establish a continuous ion and electron beam that has a varying diameter [thus a varying strength] as a modified identity of a frequency of individual pulses.

[b]following the completion of [a] to establish a capability to have [at steady range of output electric power] a continuous charge energy that reflects stable voltage and thus bypasses [under stable operation] the elaborate and hard wearing switching devices.

[c]Further optimization of components and conditions of charge energy and beam power will reveal the best achievable Gain Ratio [output/input] for the first phase of production models.

[d] to establish a clean, compact and efficient process for the production of uncontaminated and stable hydrogen/boron fuel.

[e] With necessary heat removal systems, to maintain an acceptable range of operating temperature for all components and to capture and recycle [also decontaminate] any fuel that reaches the vacuum extraction system serving the ion beam and electron beam decelerators.

[F]To determine the best achievable fuel consumption rate [expressed as the number of MW hours exported to the grid per pound of PB fuel consumed]. This fuel rate will include the advantage of recycled component from the decelerator vacuum system.

Of course there are so many unknowns, discoveries and unimagined hurdles to climb, in the prototype phase and this is why the program must be an international endeavor with several teams participating with their own prototype unit and via total transparency and a single project management and control team, will, via monthly progress meetings, bring this fantastic project to a successful conclusion.

In regard to funding I recommend as follows:-

[a] The government for each country participating in project, will fund [ for an initial 3 year program] the team of [technologists, engineers and scientists], the laboratory, equipment, power consumption and power infrastructure and all other consumables. Also the travel and accommodation costs incurred for project meetings and interfacing with competing teams will be funded by their teams government.

[b] all manufactured components [and spares] forming part of the prototype and including the total unit assembly will be donated by a major contractor [and their subcontractors] as a signed contract that on successful completion of prototype phase they all will supply the first 1000 production units. Of course included in their donated services will be, engineering, delivery of equipment, project control of prototype reactor plant delivery schedule and travel and accommodation of all staff required through the prototype 3 year program.

They will appropriately recover their considerable outlay be integrating all those costs into the price for the production units.

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