Removal from earth of all radioactive weapons

November 30th. 2012

Removal from earth, of all radioactive nuclear weapon and reactor fissile material

Ref: Varney Protocol Summary November 26th.2012

The possibility that backing for the fusion reactor concept program is forthcoming and the associated initiative for the development of the space-plane progresses, then we have the potential for a fleet of vehicles [called space-plane freighters] to ship all fissile material [in shielded containers], into earth orbit and then accelerate to escape velocity on a trajectory that will bring the payload [when released from the cargo hold] to eventual and fairly rapid capture by the sun.

Varney Freighter Space Plane

The major features of such a vehicle would be as follows:-

-Have ability to take off from a conventional airport [but at a remote coastal location], climb over the ocean to an altitude suitable for the transonic phase, climb and accelerate to mach 3 at 100,000 ft. and then switching from the multi-stage fan plus heater propulsion system to the ion beam space propulsion system to achieve earth orbit.

-Have the ability to accelerate to escape velocity [plus] before shutting down ion beam propulsion and when reaching the non-return point to sun capture, release payload, maneuver vehicle away from payload and re-orientate for activating ion beam propulsion unit for return to earth orbit.

-Have the ability, during re-entry to the upper trace edges of the atmosphere, to activate ion beam in a retro-fire mode to limit velocity [in backwards motion] to Mach 2 prior to re-orientation and penetration through the atmosphere with speeds below mach 3. At approximately 50,000 ft. the multistage fan propulsion units would be activated to facilitate return to the originating airport.

One round trip could possibly be accomplished in about 12 hours and when the total shipping operations are in full swing each vehicle could make a daily schedule.

A starting point for the sizing of the space-plane is to be designed for perhaps, a payload of 200,000 lbs.

If we assume [as an example] that the global compliment of fissile nuclear material [as weaponry] is say 25,000,000 lbs. and if we assume that the global compliment of fissile nuclear material [as spent and unspent reactor fuel] is also an amount of 25,000,000 lbs. The total material for shipment is 50,000,000 lbs of fissile material and if we allow 10 lbs of shielding for every lb of fissile material, then the total global weight for removal is 550,000,000 lbs.

This would need, to complete the project, a total of 2750 shipments. With a fleet of 10 space-plane freighters each doing one round trip each day this program would be completed in 275 days!

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