Greek Media: Rossi and Defkalion back together

Greek television Channel 6 is reporting that Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies have patched things up, and Defkalion is proceeding with its plans to establish a power plant in Xanthi, Greece:


The news clip contains an interview with Defkalion CEO Alexandros Xanthoulis. A full translation of the interview in English does not appear to be available yet, but commenter Peter Roe has provided the following translation (with the help of Google translate) of the news story text on the web page in a comment on the Pure Energy Systems Network:

The process of establishing a power plant in Xanthi that uses hydrogen-nickel fusion continues, as the problems that seemed to exist between the inventor and the company undertaking the building of this plant have been overcome, and everything will now continue as originally planned.

Clouds have been seen in recent days in relations between the inventor of the device producing energy from hydrogen-nickel fusion, Andrea Rossi, and Defkalion Green Technologies, the company which is planning to install the relevant equipment for the power plant in Xanthi. Andrea Rossi, in his recent statement, talked about suspending cooperation with the Greek company Defkalion, and of turning to a big company in the U.S. instead. But as in all dramas, the crisis in relations between the inventor and the company has been overcome, and arrangements are now progressing normally.

Channel 6 contacted the the CEO of Defkalion, Mr Ksanthoulis, who makes it clear that Mr. Rossi has every right to cooperate with the US company since their agreement does not prohibit it. However, what is important is that any problems are overcome and the investment proceeds as originally planned.

In closing Mr. Xanthoulis attributed all this disruption to the pressures on both Defkalion and on Mr Rossi, who according to Mr. Xanthoulis, was more vulnerable to such pressure.

Thanks, Peter! And thanks also to PESN commenter PGreen, who apparently found the news report.

If true, this is certainly good news for Defkalion. The phrase “everything will now continue as originally planned” would seem to indicate that the October demonstration will take place in Xanthi, but in a recent response to a question regarding the demonstration on his website, Rossi gave no indication of any change in his recent decision to hold the demonstration in the United States. The statement in the news story may mean nothing more than that Rossi will allow Defkalion to use his E-Cat technology in their Hyperion units, as originally planned. However, Rossi has not as yet confirmed the report.


Andrea Rossi has made a statement on the matter which fortunately needs no translation:

Dear Sterling Allan:
It is totally false that EFA srl has cured the agreement with Defkalion. There is nothing at all to add to the press release already published the last week (August 6th 2011).
This answer is valid also for many other Readers who have asked us the same thing.
Andrea Rossi

Another mystery. A miscommunication, a mistranslation, or something more intentional? Whatever the case may be, I have a feeling Mr. Xanthoulis isn’t done speaking to the press, even if he wishes he were.

Professor Christos Stremmenos Response to SPLIT

Here is a PDF response comment/statement from a few days ago, from Professor Christos Stremmenos on the split between ROSSI and DEFKALION.

Stemmenos is the Greek scientist who brought Cold Fusion to Greece and worked with the government to set up the manufacturing of E-Cats there.

This seems to be a translation, and maybe in the comments someone can make a translation from the translation on their thoughts on what is being expressed here.

Defkalion Response To Split : E-Cats VS Hyperions?

Defkalion Green Technologies responded, somewhat, to the split between themselves and Andrea Rossi. Actually they seemed to not respond at all to the split itself, but rather they set to distance, or differentiate themselves from Rossi (while still stating “strong support” towards him) by establishing that their own device is called the HYPERION, and this is actually the “final product”, whereas the E-CAT, was really a “lab prototype system”, even though as they state, the reactor is the same for both, and everything has been based on “standards, specifications and designs provided and approved by Andrea Rossi himself.”

They go on in their response letter to make a list of the differences between the E-CAT and the HYPERION.

They state they aim to completely clear the air and set the record straight in response to all the recent digital environment chatter, as they state the “online spasmodic reactions, accusations and falsities”.

But they fail to address the fact that these accusations and so called falsities we’re brought on by their own partner, Andrea Rossi.

Instead they continue to use the tag line of “support for Rossi”, while blatantly pretending that Rossi’s heavy accusation of betrayal doesn’t even exist. Instead it seems perpetuating the idea that this recent drama has just risen mysteriously from internet land, and Defkalion and Rossi together, have fallen victims huddled in the same boat.

And they fail to address “the key issue of contention” as Hank Mills points out in his response letter.

That letter and the Defkalion response statements can be seen here at Pure Energy Systems –

Rossi-Defkalion SPLIT

The Pure Energy Systems site has been all over this, providing updates and back and forth responses from this huge shake up between Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. who Rossi had licensing agreements with for the Energy Catalyzer, but now it appears everything is suddenly OFF between the two.

Scroll down on the link above to the Rossi-Defkalion Controversy to see parts 1-4, and likely more to be added, on this ongoing, unfolding set back for the E-Cat.

In brief, as of now, reading Rossi’s response and Defkalion’s response:

-Rossi claims betrayal. Financial issues, denies personal issues. His attorneys have filed a suit. Claims Defkalion has never even built a working reactor of their own.

-Defkalion claims this is all due to “international pressures”, still believes in Rossi and seems to expect this to be remedied. (“Any project with such dire and earthmoving implications is bound to face difficulties – this was expected and has been, to-date, faced bravely and carefully by Defkalion Green Technologies.”) – Defkalion response excerpt.

-Meanwhile, Rossi says things will still move forward, and focus now is on, and in, the USA.  “I confirm that our 1 MW plant will be put in operation in the USA, after an agreement we made last week with one of the most important entities of the USA; “ – excerpt Rossi response.

And so it goes…

Defkalion issues advisory

Defkalion Green Technologies S.A. has recently released the following advisory on its website:

It has come to the attention of our company that unauthorized persons have initiated contact with third parties for financial and development matters.

Defkalion Green Technologies publically announces that only its Board of Directors are commissioned to speak on behalf of the company. Any and all attempts to mislead third parties are seen as a legal infringement and shall be pursued by law accordingly.

Defkalion Green Technologies takes very seriously its communication to third parties and maintains transparency in all its actions.

The BoD hereby issues a public apology for any misleading information that has already made its way through the grape vine. For all afflicted individuals / entities, please communicate directly with our Head Office for clarification.

Defkalion Green Technologies

For the record, the head office is located at:

Xanthou 3,
Glifada, 16674 Greece

T: +30 210 7770602
F: +30 210 7770608

The board of directors is as follows:

  • George Sortikos, Chairman
  • George Xanthoulis, Deputy Chairman
  • Aurel David, Chief Executive Officer
  • Alexandros Xanthoulis, Board Member, Representative of Praxen
  • Christos Stremmenos, Board Member
  • Ioannos Chatzichristos, Board Member
  • Andreas Meidanis, Board Member
  • Mouafak Saouachni, Board Member
  • Andreas Drougas, Board Member

The primary e-mail address seems to be

New energy is a high-risk field and Defkalion GT is a new player on that field. Anyone who wishes to engage in a financial relationship with Defkalion GT would do well to research the company and its technology thoroughly, and to do all other due diligence before any money changes hands. Anyone who wishes to engage in a financial relationship with Defkalion GT would also do well to be aware of what channels of communication the company uses for official communication and to be suspicious of anyone who tries to contact them by another channel, claiming to represent the company.

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Debunk this

Lampadedromia, torch-race, and often simply, Lampas, was a game common throughout Greece.

A statement from Defkalion Green Technologies, now lighting the torch!:




Today, there is great pessimism regarding the future energy needs of our planet. Energy will soon become universally cheap, clean and readily usable. Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have discovered and patented a technology that will change the world’s energy field. This technology will be made commercially available by Defkalion Green Technologies s.a., a Greek company.

By combining Hydrogen and Nickel to create an exothermic reaction (at room temperatures and in a device that can be safely placed in households and also industry) heat is emitted on a 24-hour basis. This energy is produced at a fraction of the cost in comparison to currently available energy sources, it is clean and totally green. Furthermore, using conventional, readily available third-party technologies, the heat can also be used to produce electricity.

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. has secured exclusive distribution rights for the entire world, except for the USA and military applications. It will start production and first distribution of its products from its factory in Xanthi for the Greek and Balkan markets, initially. Two more factories are scheduled within 2012. International sales are already strong in demand, which will spur exports.

Suffice to say, that Greece possesses 83% of Europe’s Nickel deposits, a key strategic consideration. Furthermore, at this time of the global financial crisis, Greece is faced with a golden opportunity to become energy self-sufficient, gain in employment in one of its most underdeveloped regions, as well as become a technological leader in this new scientific field.

The press conference will comprise of undisclosed to-date information relating the technology’s commercial and industrial applications, the company’s strategic placements, as well as commercial issues that are of interest not only to Defkalion’s future customers, but also to the political society of our country.

It goes without saying that such an important development also possesses a strong international dimension in many aspects.