Rossi-Defkalion SPLIT

The Pure Energy Systems site has been all over this, providing updates and back and forth responses from this huge shake up between Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. who Rossi had licensing agreements with for the Energy Catalyzer, but now it appears everything is suddenly OFF between the two.

Scroll down on the link above to the Rossi-Defkalion Controversy to see parts 1-4, and likely more to be added, on this ongoing, unfolding set back for the E-Cat.

In brief, as of now, reading Rossi’s response and Defkalion’s response:

-Rossi claims betrayal. Financial issues, denies personal issues. His attorneys have filed a suit. Claims Defkalion has never even built a working reactor of their own.

-Defkalion claims this is all due to “international pressures”, still believes in Rossi and seems to expect this to be remedied. (“Any project with such dire and earthmoving implications is bound to face difficulties – this was expected and has been, to-date, faced bravely and carefully by Defkalion Green Technologies.”) – Defkalion response excerpt.

-Meanwhile, Rossi says things will still move forward, and focus now is on, and in, the USA.  “I confirm that our 1 MW plant will be put in operation in the USA, after an agreement we made last week with one of the most important entities of the USA; “ – excerpt Rossi response.

And so it goes…