Response from the Secretary of Energy

Cold Fusion Now recently sent a second letter to the Department of Energy DoE requesting remedy to the lack of funding for LENR research. 30 signatures in support of the letter were collected over two hours from concerned citizens during an event at the beach.

We are gratified to receive a response from Mr. Eugene A. Henry, though it was not the response I had hoped for.

“However, it is clear the topic of low energy nuclear reactions remains highly speculative and that the purported mechanism has not yet been validated by the physics community as a reality.”
–Mr. Eugene A. Henry

On May 1, 1989, the Spring meeting of the American Physical Society held a Special Session on Cold Fusion. Just over one month after Professors Fleischmann and Pons made their announcement, scientists were trying to sort out the results from hasty experiments attempting to reproduce the excess-heat effect.

The most vocal of the group were all negative about the veracity of the claim, and apparently, they won the day, and the next two decades. Funding by the Department of Energy was denied to cold fusion researchers and they pointed to statements from this meeting to justify why.

Current Under-secretary of Energy Steve Koonin was at that meeting more than two decades ago, stating that there was no reliable confirmation [of the excess heat effect], and “we are suffering from the incompetence or delusions of Fleischmann and Pons.”[1]

Twenty years later, with the world on fire, and a 100% reproducibility rate available for LENR, we can no longer ignore this solution to our energy problems.

Make postcards, get your friends to sign them, and send them to the Department of Energy. We need a miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Response from the Secretary of Energy
Response from the Secretary of Energy

Special Session on Cold Fusion the American Physical Society May 1-2, 1989 Report

Cold Fusion Art Audio Action by Eli July 8, 2011

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  1. Ruby, the important thing is will the public learn from the Cold Fusion fiasco the lying, distorting, way they are being manipulated by the establishment.
    Something is wrong with the world when all the important subjects,Cold Fusion, Placebo Effect, UFO’s, Near Death Experiences etc. etc. are denied and debunked by closed-minded, incompetent leaders of the establishment.
    What is going on, Truth is no longer considered of the slightest relevance, nearly every so called scientist is a lackey follower of deceit, evasion and misinformation.
    The Media is inept, untruthful, misleading and totally incapable of its remit to inform honestly and freely to the population.
    Things must change.

  2. What you expect from government clerk, his job is to cover his a**, he acts in the safest for him way, in case of CF he is well shielded by mainstream position so, his position is totally expected. On the positive side, this field does not require a huge founding and promises a huge payback so the researchers with good results should have no problems to find $, the better result the simpler to rise money; plus – no government involvement keeps the field incorrupted.

  3. Don’t worry, I’ve by passed the US (where the government is now dysfunctional, and most of it’s citizens seem ossified), and am sending the information to foreign governments and scientists. If the US can’t seem to wrap their head around it (I’ve sent the information to elected officials, scientists, and journalists by the hundreds), then perhaps we’ll just have to outsource.

    1. By the way, not only am I sending those foreign governments and foreign companies and scientists the full formula (Ni+H+KaCO3-heated above 70C at 22 bars of pressure-equals Cu +lots of heat), but also a report commissioned by the US government that gives detailed instructions on the protocol of how to conduct the experiments and the “anomalous heat” result. Apparently, the US company the US government commissioned changed hands and all the staff was let go (sound typical?).

        1. Sorry, the “Ka” is actually Potassium. There are still details about the preparation of the nickel that remain proprietary. If that gigantic US corporation tries to stifle the LENR Ni-H technology, I will be back with a vengeance. We need that clean energy technology to emerge in order to prevent the 6th Great Extinction now in progress.

      1. Do it Brad! Darn it, if I had any skills, I’d be on it!

        I thing Ka measures how strong an acid is, but I have no idea how it fits here.

        Spread the knowledge, change the world.

      2. I take it back. Rossi just signed a contract with a big American corporation for full rights to the LENR Ni-H technology. Rossi is coming home! No need to spread the knowledge, the E-Cat will emerge in the US in late October under the umbrella of a gigantic corporation and the biggest economy in the world.

  4. “…a 100% reproducibility rate available for LENR…”

    I wasn’t aware things were going so well. Anyway, I think the only way the DOE will give more funding to LENR research is if scientists who aren’t already associated with cold fusion start successfully replicating the experiments of cold fusion researchers and, perhaps more importantly, if a theory of low-energy nuclear reactions is experimentally verified. It seems to me that the Navy labs and NASA are more willing to take risks on “highly speculative” research than the DOE, or ARPA-E for that matter.

    That said, Ames Laboratory and LANL have both conducted some cold fusion research, and both are DOE-funded labs.

    1. Yes, conditions to create excess heat in both palladium-deuterium systems and nickel-hydrogen systems are completely determined now at least for some research teams.

      Energetics Technologies had reproducibility with the nano-sized palladium powder as the host for the reaction, and the driving force of Superwave, as Irving Dardik calls it. Brillouin Energy’s device turns on and off at will.

      Now, it’s a matter of upping the energy out, and designing the commercial device.

      That’s what makes the Department of Energy’s response very sad. Very very sad.

  5. George – There’s alot going on that’s just plain wrong, but this is an idea whose time has come. Though it may be delayed, nothing will stop it.

    Stefan, I got what you’re saying, but circumstances are getting dire, and we could use all the efforts available to support this effort.

    Nevertheless, as public funding is not forthcoming, private investment will have to do. We’ve got to talk to anybody and everybody who has a stash of cash to pony up now!

    HEY all you people who took your money out “the markets” – put it where it really matters – Cold Fusion Now!

    WANTED: Heros for tomorrow’s children.

    1. Just so you know, I believe that Rossi was getting more than 6x return (something between 20 and 30). To my knowledge, nobody else has been close. The Rossi E-Cat will now almost certainly emerge late October from America, when the gigantic US corporation he has now signed a contract with has promised 1000 factories producing them. In other words, no need for further government research – just that they stand out of the way and let the market forces save (at least) ten times the cost over the dirty energy they are now using.

    “Nuclear Power Still The Energy of The Future After Fukushima” by Rod Adams

    How many billions of dollars will still go into Nuclear Industry before e-Cat Units start shipping??? While ABC News Survey showing 1 out of 4 children in this country going hungry. jdh

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