Defkalion issues advisory

Defkalion Green Technologies S.A. has recently released the following advisory on its website:

It has come to the attention of our company that unauthorized persons have initiated contact with third parties for financial and development matters.

Defkalion Green Technologies publically announces that only its Board of Directors are commissioned to speak on behalf of the company. Any and all attempts to mislead third parties are seen as a legal infringement and shall be pursued by law accordingly.

Defkalion Green Technologies takes very seriously its communication to third parties and maintains transparency in all its actions.

The BoD hereby issues a public apology for any misleading information that has already made its way through the grape vine. For all afflicted individuals / entities, please communicate directly with our Head Office for clarification.

Defkalion Green Technologies

For the record, the head office is located at:

Xanthou 3,
Glifada, 16674 Greece

T: +30 210 7770602
F: +30 210 7770608

The board of directors is as follows:

  • George Sortikos, Chairman
  • George Xanthoulis, Deputy Chairman
  • Aurel David, Chief Executive Officer
  • Alexandros Xanthoulis, Board Member, Representative of Praxen
  • Christos Stremmenos, Board Member
  • Ioannos Chatzichristos, Board Member
  • Andreas Meidanis, Board Member
  • Mouafak Saouachni, Board Member
  • Andreas Drougas, Board Member

The primary e-mail address seems to be

New energy is a high-risk field and Defkalion GT is a new player on that field. Anyone who wishes to engage in a financial relationship with Defkalion GT would do well to research the company and its technology thoroughly, and to do all other due diligence before any money changes hands. Anyone who wishes to engage in a financial relationship with Defkalion GT would also do well to be aware of what channels of communication the company uses for official communication and to be suspicious of anyone who tries to contact them by another channel, claiming to represent the company.

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