Defkalion Response To Split : E-Cats VS Hyperions?

Defkalion Green Technologies responded, somewhat, to the split between themselves and Andrea Rossi. Actually they seemed to not respond at all to the split itself, but rather they set to distance, or differentiate themselves from Rossi (while still stating “strong support” towards him) by establishing that their own device is called the HYPERION, and this is actually the “final product”, whereas the E-CAT, was really a “lab prototype system”, even though as they state, the reactor is the same for both, and everything has been based on “standards, specifications and designs provided and approved by Andrea Rossi himself.”

They go on in their response letter to make a list of the differences between the E-CAT and the HYPERION.

They state they aim to completely clear the air and set the record straight in response to all the recent digital environment chatter, as they state the “online spasmodic reactions, accusations and falsities”.

But they fail to address the fact that these accusations and so called falsities we’re brought on by their own partner, Andrea Rossi.

Instead they continue to use the tag line of “support for Rossi”, while blatantly pretending that Rossi’s heavy accusation of betrayal doesn’t even exist. Instead it seems perpetuating the idea that this recent drama has just risen mysteriously from internet land, and Defkalion and Rossi together, have fallen victims huddled in the same boat.

And they fail to address “the key issue of contention” as Hank Mills points out in his response letter.

That letter and the Defkalion response statements can be seen here at Pure Energy Systems –