Screen Daily reviews “The Believers”

UPDATE October 20 The Believers wins Hugo Gold award for Best Documentary at Chicago Film Festival. [Movie City News]

The first premiere of “The Believers“, a new cold fusion documentary produced by 137 Films occurred last night at the Chicago Film Festival.

From their F-book page, we have a photo of Directors Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross on the red carpet.

At the time of this writing, the only review post-screening is by Lisa Nesselson from Screen Daily, who noted Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez‘ participation:

The doc begins with James Martinez, a California DJ who broadcasts on internet-based Cold Fusion Now Radio. While enthusiastic, he has nothing of the bug-eyed loony about him when making pronouncements such as “This is the key to liberating the human race.”

The review continued fairly neutral, noting “The filmmakers leave viewers to draw their own conclusions, but there’s much here to pique the interest of any layman.”

Containing quotes by Martin and Sheila Fleischmann, Ms. Nesselson concludes with:

Either there’s some delicate variable or the chemists were mistaken. A man who was a grad student in Fleischmann and Pons’ department at the time says “I will defend them at every turn. What we did was real.”

Read the full review at

The next screening of The Believers is this Saturday afternoon October 20. The directors will again be on-hand for a Q&A post screening.

Cold Fusion Now’s Eli Elliott will be in attendance on Saturday with free stickers and t-shirts for promotion, and to gauge the audience’s response.

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  1. I think this is a very balanced article. In the end, people should decide for themselves and, hopefully, they will do some research of their own.

  2. I came late to the film. I’ve been a follower of alternative energy for decades. I was familiar with much of the story that the film was about. What I thought was odd about the film was it’s keeping open the question of whether cold fusion is a reality or not. That seems a bit strange given the events in the film were twenty or so years ago, and there’s been a lot of work in the field since. Rossi, Defkalion, Bruillion, Ismael Aviso, Joseph Neuman, and many other people and institutions have been working on cold fusion, the Defense Department, the Navy, MIT, on and on. Working reactors are functioning and the processes have been peer reviewed around the globe in the most prestigious of places, CERN in Switzerland, the University of Bologna in Italy and the like. The problem seems to be that the whole process is tied up in patent considerations, legal constraints, and other tools of surpression that the Big Oil and Big Outlet Elite use to preserve themselves. I say this because although Andrea Rossi has patented his devices in Italy, they are unpatentable in the United States, and many other places around the globe. I say Surpression because control of energy is a powerful tool to control populations, and the current people holding the strings are reluctant to let go, as anyone would be. But it is time to go around “authority” and control structures, freeing the Earth and Humanity from environmental degredation and moving towards a sustainable clean world for us and our children. This is far far too crucial an issue, and it demands our attention. Our very survival, and the world’s, is at stake. Thank you.

    1. Geez Charles, right on.

      So you got to see the film? Could you gauge the rest of the audience?

      Thank you for that review.

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  4. I am looking forward to a west coast screening. It is odd however that a production team at CBS 60 Minutes three years ago, presented hard evidence of the very real, reproducible LENR effect. In fact, the evidence was so strong that V-Chancellor Research at University Missouri, Dr. Robert Duncan, now heads the Kimmel Inst. Nuclear Renaissance at U Mizz where anomalous heat studies continue under a $5M grant.

    While there may be some aesthetic or political goal met by not confirming the avalanche of research going on right now in private and government sectors, documentaries should focus on truth, evidence, facts – allowing the audience to draw conclusions. One hopes 137 Films is wise to this, and the idea that commercial LENR is now inevitable. Thanks Charles for your overview.

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