Rossi/NASA, Recent Rumors…

In recent days the latest rumors swirling around have been connecting Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat with NASA.

Here are a few links below to share regarding commentary on this rumored connection.

And here is a comment from a Rossi Facebook page alleging communication via email from Andrea who seemingly dispelled the rumor, though not specific on the overall connection or just the timetable regarding testing :

September 5th
Gentile ing. Rossi, girano rumors su presunti test che lei starebbe svolgendo presso la NASA proprio in questi giorni; se la sente di commentare?
(Rumors about tests that would be taking place at NASA in recent days, can you comment?)

Dear Mahler:
Rumors are wrong.
Warm Regards,

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  1. Whatever else Rossi chooses to do, he should NOT let any government on the planet earth restrict or in any way hamper his bringing of his technology to the people of the world.

    The federal gov. of the U.S.A., acting as a lackey of certain greedy/amoral corporate interests, is presently complicit in the preventing of much advanced energy technology from being on the market.

    Don’t let this happen to you, Andrea Rossi.

    1. Only people can change things by being aware and using the wonderful weapon of the Internet, that is bringing true democracy to the World.
      One must watch for any restrictions being imposed by authorities under the guise of “public good” i.e. to fight against pedophiles etc.
      People at last have the opportunity to make their voices heard, may they use them wisely.

  2. as long as the HAARP programme cannot in some way benefit from the plant I am happy. The 2 separate entities can be linked via NASA . The HAARP capability is it can destroy all agricultural areas rendering the population unable to grow their own food.

    In mid October there will be an announcement and demonstration of the Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. The e-Cat is an advanced model of the ‘Cold Fusion’ reactor introduced by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. At the e-Cat demonstration, input and output measurements will be made by top world class scientists to confirm that the Rossi Energy Catalyzer is producing substantial amounts of energy and that a new era of clean safe energy has begun.

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