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Cold Fusion May Have Revolutionary Potential by Jed Rothwell of was submitted to the FQXi How Should Humanity Steer the Future? 2014 Essay Contest. Open to entries until April 18, 2014.

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Essay Abstract

Cold fusion is a form of nuclear energy produced in metals saturated with hydrogen or heavy hydrogen (deuterium). It has been replicated in hundreds of major laboratories, and these replications have been published in mainstream, peer-reviewed journals. This literature shows that cold fusion can generate heat at temperatures and power density equivalent to a fission reactor core. It has sometimes produced high power, 20 to 100 watts, in reactions that produced roughly 100,000 times more energy than any chemical fuel.

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Author Bio

BA Cornell U. 1976 in Japanese language and literature Programmer and technical writer. Librarian at, an on-line library of 1,200 full text documents and a bibliography 3,500 items. Rothwell edited many cold fusion papers, especially for several ICCF conference proceedings. He translated several papers and one book from Japanese into English.

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  1. Note that the table comes from “Cold Fusion and the Future.”

    I am not going to worry about this, but voting en mass may be against the rules. Quote:

    “FQXi expects those providing community evaluations to do so based solely on the quality of the essay assessed. Voting collusion or bartering, mass down-voting, and other such forms of ‘voter fraud’ will not be tolerated, and participants in such will have (all) their votes discarded or in extreme cases their essays disqualified. Entrants should alert FQXi with information if they witness such activities.”

  2. It is encouraging to see this article on “Cold Fusion.” Reactions involving hydrogen and metals like nickel are capable of producing energy generally associated with the term, “Cold Fusion.” In July, 2013, I observed a televised demo of a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Device built by Defkalion..

    There are several LENR devices and the field deserves serious attention. I first started studying these devices in 2010. Leonardo Corporation inventor Andrea Rossi says that he has sold a “Hot Cat” capable of 1 million watts of output. This general field has a bad reputation as fraudulent, but that is changing. University of Missouri has a LENR department and MIT has courses on the topic.

    I presented a paper about the future with LENR to the Workingman’s Institute in New Harmony Indiana in about 2009. The paper was titled, “Redreaming Utopia.”

    With regard to Mr.Rothwell’s essay, I would enhance the historical record and the physics foundation. Currently, the Widom-Larsen theory is most widely accepted. I have a MS in physics. My thesis investigated a problem associated with problems a nuclear battery which used spontaneously fissioning Californium-252. Electrons dragged from the surface were focused on a photomultiplier tube to determine their number. The battery was neutralized internally and so was impractical.

    I believe there is a great future for LENR devices.

  3. I like to draw your attention to the e-Cat Site the articles : “Belgian LANR Patents” , “LANR by Coulomb explosion” and “Cold Fusion Catalyst” .I am awaiting proof that inthe e-Cat device of A Rossi copper is formed e.g. through Spectrography showing an increase in intensity of the copper green line.

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