LENR subject of Italian Parliament query

Cold Fusion: the new parliamentary question Written by Roberta De Carolis
Thursday, March 13, 2014

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An excerpt:

Cold fusion. The ‘E-Cat and LENR all devices subject of a new parliamentary question. The act formally presented to the Minister of Education, Universities and Research on March 4, was signed by some members of the 5 Star Movement, including Ivan Della Valle, currently the spokesperson of the party in the Chamber of Deputies.

The ladies, in particular, ask if the Minister “considers it appropriate to take action to allocate adequate funding for the activities taking place at universities and public research sector Italians LENR” and “if it intends to promote new research in the field of LENR.” The query joins previous signed by other political parties .

Della Valle and his colleagues start from the premise that the field of LENR now arouses great interest in the international arena, which is “the field of research in many laboratories around the world” and that there are concrete evidences that justify these efforts. A clear reference to the studies of Francesco Celani (quoted in fact the INFN).

And Rossi? The question he founded the premises, in fact, academic studies, probably because it addressed to the Minister of Research. And what by many is considered a problem, or the poor reproducibility of the results for Della Valle and his is an ‘opportunity, which should drive investment in the sector.

While waiting for the response of the Department, in the U.S. we are preparing for a large meeting on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the conference of Fleischmann and Pons, dated March 23, 1989, during which the British researchers announced to the world that cold fusion was a reality, and therefore the energy problem of our planet might have a solution soon……

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