Put cold fusion on PBS with your thumbs up

Planet Forward is a consortium including PBS, National Geographic and George Washington University, set-up seemingly to create dialogue on innovative energy solutions.

They are planning a special PBS broadcast on innovative energy for this year’s Earth Day, and they want you to decide what innovative ideas should be featured..

From their website http://planetforward.org/vote-pbs/:
On April 8, 2011 PBS will air a Planet Forward special…made by you. Our members have submitted their ideas about how we generate or use energy more efficiently, and YOU decide if they get on the show. Learn more about the special….

On October 26, Cold Fusion Now posted the CBS 60mins video clip on Cold Fusion: More than Junk Science as an innovative energy idea.

If you vote for this idea, cold fusion could be featured on the special broadcast to be aired for Earth Day 2011.

Follow this link and scroll down to October 26, 2010. (Fifth row of submissions down. You will see the greenish cold fusion cell bubbling.)

Click the thumbs up to add to the “Viability” of cold fusion energy. The more votes, the better.

Here’s the link:

Very few ideas even have votes – and it ain’t hard to beat zero.

Cold fusion is creeping from ground to figure, and nothing will stop that. But a little push, and low-energy nuclear reactions could be a feature of Earth Day 2011.

From Planet Forward:
The days are counting down. Nominations close on February 4 and voting closes a week later on February 11.

Cold Fusion Now!