Dr. Robert Duncan on James Martinez’ Cash-Flow this Thursday.

Dr. Robert Duncan will be interviewed on James Martinez’ Cash-Flow show this Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 12:00PM Pacific time (20:00 UT).

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Download the full interview on the Cold Fusion Now Audio page after broadcast.

Dr. Robert Duncan is the Vice Chancellor for Research at University of Missouri. He was recruited by CBS 60 mins to investigate the claims of cold fusion technology as developed by the private company Energetics Technologies, and which resulted in the April 2009 television broadcast of Cold fusion: More than Junk Science.

Originally a skeptic, after his investigation, he realized “Wow, they’ve done something very interesting here…. I found that the work done, was carefully done, and that the excess heat, as I see it now, is quite real.”

Clearly, Dr. Duncan saw the importance of developing this science as he subsequently brought Energetics Technologies to the University of Missouri’s Business Incubator Park and set them up in a freshly funded lab.

Here’s a talk by Dr. Duncan at the UM 2009 Energy Summit speaking about his experience investigating cold fusion using deuterium and palladium.

While cautioning the public against “speculating wildly” and getting their hopes up about new technological solutions before the science is even understood, he says to those who would deny this new kind of science as worthy of study, “Read the published results. Talk to the scientists. Never let anybody else do your thinking for you.”