Gerald Celente: Cold fusion “to be the greatest investment opportunity of the 21rst century.”

Gerald Celente, lauded prognosticator of Trends Research Institute, recently put new energy and cold fusion as #6 on his Top Trends for 2011 in the Trends Research Journal.

As a regular guest on cable news and contrarian financial radio shows, we can expect lots more cold fusion talk on the virtual landscape.

And, it’s started.

An interview conducted by Chris Waltzek of Goldseek Radio has Mr. Celente mentioning the recent demonstration of Dr. Rossi’s Ecat boiler at the University of Bologna.

He also mentions the trouble with getting patents with anything related to cold fusion.

For the full interview, go to for this Saturday’s January 29 broadcast. Listen to this exert here.

Gerald Celente on Goldseek Radio January 26, 2010 by Cold Fusion Now

4 Replies to “Gerald Celente: Cold fusion “to be the greatest investment opportunity of the 21rst century.””

    1. Hi Ilya, Pretty heavy stuff.

      I don’t have the knowledge to understand what your paper is saying, but the little animation was simple enough for my brain.. Looks interesting. I wish you the best of luck in your work, sir.

      Have you sent this to Infinite-energy magazine? Perhaps they will be able to assist you in publication.


    Will Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat triumph in October, producing more energy than it consumes? Or will ‘the Hot Fusion and card carrying Skeptics destroy poor little Rossi – like they did to Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989? Place your bets on the table now, before the mid October deadline. This will surely be “The Battle of the Century”. Let us all hope and pray for little Rossi and his e-Cat; if he wins, we all win!

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