Peter Hagelstein Intro to Excess Power (with Enhanced Audio)

Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments lectures by Dr. Peter Hagelstein now with enhanced audio compliments uploadJ.

What follows are Jeremy Rys‘ classroom video series with the processed audio track by uploadJ.

Watch the second week’s lectures with JET Energy engineer and co-teacher Dr. Mitchell Swartz, who describes experimental results on their NANOR technology here.

ALSO: Gayle Verner‘s Synopsis of Cold Fusion 101 courtesy Infinite Energy Magazine.

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  1. Ruby, if you get a chance, video numbers 4 thru 9 are up (well, as I type this 9 is uploading to YouTube!)

    I noticed in the Youtube ‘hit’ counters for the three videos above that people are viewing, but not many are ‘clicking’ through to YouTube to view anything above video #3 … I suspect YouTube still mystifies some ppl and they may prefer not to leave your site but would rather view the videos here.


    PS. Thank you, again, for your work on this website.

    1. I added the rest to this post.

      Thanks so much for all the time you put in. I can’t wait to study these more…

      Now all we need is someone to do the transcript!

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