Open Power Newsletter #16: New “ITABetatron” reactor starts experiments

Open Power Association at has published Newsletter #16. Selected excerpts of interest to Cold Fusion Now readers are google-translated from the original Italian and reproduced in English below.

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Dear Friends,
Open Power wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Open Power Associatoin ITAbetatron reactor.
Work is progressng on Open Power Association’s ITAbetatron reactor.

The reactor ItaBetatron is now ready to begin the planned experiments. In the coming weeks we will enter the heart of the work, and we all wish success in this endeavor! In this case, we will finally have a new source of energy: clean, inexhaustible and economical, that creates the conditions for the welfare and prosperity of the peoples of the Earth, and at the same time combats global warming, and the dangerous climate change taking place, and saving the planet Earth.

All your help will be useful, if not decisive. Therefore, please renew your subscription to the Open Power Association, or subscribe for the first time. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself! And you can also receive a nice gift!

To become an Associate with Open Power CLICK HERE

The Open Power Association is one year young. We knew that the road would be full of many difficulties, and we did not imagine to see our strength grow so concretely:

We became legal, we received the scientific support from many distinguished honorary members, we organized a multifaceted lab, we built equipment for mechanical construction and electronics, measuring instruments, chamber handling powders, we created a multimedia environment for meetings, a website appreciated over the oceans, developed multipurpose reactors and related equipment for the power unit, a power-pulsed high voltage line for the production of hydrogen on-demand, section of calorimetry, microscopy, chemical and electrochemical under the hood, and shielding with anti-radiative detectors for the production and measures on plasmas.

We have implemented educational measures, obtained insurance for safety and prevention, and finally, designed a deep experimental campaign towards the most advanced research directions suggested from the theoretical analysis, narrowing the multitude of options, thanks to the methodical “hypercube center” of our design.

On the theoretical level, we have developed different behavioral patterns in the possible operating modes of the reactions, to be guided by them during the trial, published in Conference Proceedings and internationally peer-reviewed Journals.

All this, thanks to the economic contribution of our own members and the many hours of competent and passionate volunteer work.

And, before you go, consider that to ask for outside funding, we would be in a contract and at a disadvantage; we want to achieve important experimental results can only be attributed to independent strength.

Therefore, it is with pride that we are communicating that the experimental campaign ITAbetatron started! – with our own strength, (and not cheap!), in just one year. We simply ask you to renew your registration, with payment of the fee-based or fee-supporters:

Please become a member HERE.

Ugo Abundo
President, Open Power Association







The Chernobyl disaster occurred April 26, 1986
The UN reports that in 2005 there were 4000 people died as a result of radiation. The consequences of radiation due to the explosion of the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl affected not only Ukraine, but also Russia and Belarus. The Ukrainian authorities have estimated that a total of 5 million people have suffered for castastrofe nuclear. A good portion of those still living in the contaminated regions. According to Greenpeace, the result of radioactive contamination have been immune system diseases, heart disease, cancer that may cause even between 100 thousand and 400 thousand deaths in the three former Soviet republics.

The accident in central Fukushima Dai-ichi occurred in March 2011
There could be between 15 and 1,300 deaths and between 2400 and 2500 cases of cancer, radiation caused by the accident in the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi. And as they indicate the first estimates of the health impact of the nuclear accident in Fukushima on 11 March 2011, published today in the journal Energy and Environmental Science. The model was developed by Mark Jacobson and Ten Hoeve, University of California at Stanford.


-A missed opportunity!

This scientifically-founded project, if it had been followed up in Italy, would probably have permanently solved the very serious problem of cleaning up nuclear waste. Unfortunately, it was not followed. Why? Whose responsibility is this? We provide below some documents about this puzzling affair, with the hope that we can take this path to a solution.

Important press release ANSA of June 23, 2005
TO READ THE COMPLETE PRESS: D: /Desktop/Italian%20Senate%20meeting.html

Read about it HERE.

Akito Takahashi
Osaka University, Japan
Francesco Celani
INFN, Italy
Yasuhiro Iwamura
MHI, Japan

The IJ Project proposes, as the first phase research, that confirmation of the cold transmutation using radioactive isotopes as Cs-137, Sr-90 and Cs-135 to non-radioactive elements will be implemented based on the MHI method. A theoretical background has been given by the TSC-induced nuclear reactions3). Charge neutral pseudo-particle of 4d/TSC can become as small as 10 fm radius in its minimum state of squeezing motion and will make 4D-capture reaction with host metal (or added metal) nuclei in the surface region of permeation1,2) samples. Major reaction will be: M(A,Z) + 4d/TSC → M(A+8, Z+4) + Q Theoretical modeling of the process is briefly explained and resulting reaction products, their decays and final stable isotopes are predicted for Cs-137, Sr-90 and Cs-135n transmutations.
-Invited paper at the International Conference on Cold Fusion, ICCF12, Yokohama (Giappone),
28 November to 5 December 2005


Full .pdf Proceedings of ICCF-12 are HERE.

Nuclear power plant in Kiev.
Nuclear power plant in Kiev.
The Prime Minister broke the news in parliament: An accident at the nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine.

Energy Minister: “No danger.”

International Atomic Energy Agency: “No comment.”



Published in the articles section of, the new article by Luciano Saporito Universe and World, on things and reality. [.pdf]

From one point of view, knowledge of the world that we can bring is based primarily on Our five senses. But this is enough to have a clear awareness and understanding of physical phenomena, the world, and the “reality” in which we are immersed? No!
Luciano Saporito Universe and World, on things and reality



The Conference “ALTERNATIVE ENERGY” conceived and organized by Eugenio Martucci will take place December 13, 2014 from 9:45 to 19:30 at Via di Torrenova n. 39th (Casilina) in Roma.

Poster announcement in .pdf


As the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traveling the video of the NASA shows WHY OUR STUDIES ARE NEEDED TO FIND A NEW FORM OF CLEAN ENERGY, AND ARE URGENT AND IMPORTANT TO SAFEGUARD THE PLANET EARTH, this is a good reason to Support the Open Power Association


Climate Change Risk Map for Italy

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  1. Thanks for the article. Thanks for all love and caring.


    Thank you for the loving works you do… We love you…

    Sung as a round in three, four, and multiple part harmonies.

    Inspiration-ship mingled with appreciation-ship is the best relationship.
    Listen closely (why and why not), consider all of this, and study up.

    Over 40 countries are trying to mitigate the problems of nuclear wastes, from mining, enrichment facilities, delivery systems through energy utilization, weaponization, and all concurrent shutdown, dismantling and required decommissioning, clean up and handling, from low level to highest level nuclear wastes.

    Copy and paste this as a google search on a regular basis.

    transmute nuclear waste valuable resource kok

    12-12-2014 search results

    The transmutation of nuclear waste through an LENR energy technology is of utmost importance.

    Now we enter the LENR transmutation era.

    Nuclear waste remediation LENR groups easily found.

    The transmutation of nuclear waste to benign elements, while delivering high process steam to run the turbines, is the most important emergent LENR energy technology.

    Blessed be.

    1. Cold Fusion/ LENR is…

      Like an ocean wave that is peaceful and powerful!

      Never suffer fools who try to disrupt Its’ path

      Unaffected by any such thing as that

      It will roll on and on and on

      Effortlessly and endlessly

      Foaming and frothy



      In Its’


      Cold Fusion Now




      1. Oops.. meant to leave the link to all the contemporary LENR technology patents becoming exposed (published). Exciting times in this energy field as the patent activity has certainly heating up over the past year or so, many of these (published since 2013) will most likely be granted.

        This ones’ translation, from China, is simply poetic…

        “Nuclear fusion electrical organ (with spherical periphery positive static electric field)”
        CN 103021476 A – Inventors: 詹承镇 – Applicant: 詹承镇
        Publication date: Apr 3, 2013 – Priority date: Sep 20, 2011

        ABSTRACT translated from Chinese

        The invention provides a nuclear fusion electrical organ (with a spherical periphery positive static electric field) and belongs to the fields of energy, automatic control and electromagnetism, and the nuclear fusion electrical organ is used for overcoming the defects that controlled thermonuclear fusion has poor feasibility, even if the thermonuclear fusion succeeds, the economy and energy loss outweights the gain as a magnetic field ‘pipe’ consumes a great quantity of electric energy and the cost of the equipment is high. The main technical characteristics of the nuclear fusion electric organ are as follows: a spherical container 1 in seal is filled with deuterium ions, and a copper sphere layer 4 is a peripheral ultrahigh pressure spherical positive static electric field source. The nuclear fusion electrical organ (with the spherical periphery positive static electric field) can be used for cold nuclear fusion power generation.


        Know artificial sun is hot deuterium fusion generator. Some scholars dogmatic learning sun “teacher” theory, “God,” one way to make them in the path of a controlled thermonuclear fusion difficulties encountered; even if successful, may outweigh the benefits in terms of energy. They will not turn. I think I have to change our thinking, open another Xi trails. ★ Chairman Mao said: “concrete analysis of concrete things.” So I decided to comply with the invention of cold fusion generator Earth conditions.

        FIG. Figure 1: 1, a spherical sealed container (. Which does not react with the deuterium ions with the high-strength stainless steel or ceramic) 2, deuterium ions body 3, a reflective layer balls. 4, with EHV positive electrostatic layer of brass balls, 5, vacuum ball layers. 6, adiabatic heliosphere. 7, sealed outer spherical vessel. 8. closures. 9, the gas nozzle. 10 guides.11, the funnel. 12, the sealing plug. 13, a metal tube. 14, water. 15, steam motive generators.

        [0006] from the gas nozzle 9 into the sealed spherical container I filled (with) deuterium plasma. Open sealing cap 8. I put the container sealed within a spherical outer spherical vessel 7. To import copper ball EHV positive electrostatic layer 4 with EHV DC regulator. Emitted from the copper ball layer 4 peripheral EHV positive electrostatic field, compressed spherical vessel deuterium plasma (plasma light), resulting deuterium ions spacing 0.8 X 10_15 meters, resulting in helium ions in child (producing light ion fusion) and heat. Reflective layer 3 prevents the heat radiation radiates.Vacuum insulation layer 5 and 6 to prevent or reduce heat convection and conduction out. Function guide plate 10 is: (I) to prevent the metal tube 13 into the outer spherical container of water 14 7. Heat (2) with an endothermic, conduction, radiation, and other methods within the spherical container I from the input to the metal pipe 13 of water 14 (the working medium, the energy transfer medium). 14 due to heat water into water vapor. 15, the steam vapor to promote motivation to work. Both the advantages of the internal combustion engine and steam motive steam engine. 15 of the steam generator 15 driven motivation to work. ★ copper ball layer 4 is a peripheral spherical positive electrostatic field source.

        [0007] 5. The theory controlled thermonuclear fusion generator dogmatic learning sun “teacher”, using the wrong light ion collisions said. Hard “struggle” for nearly 60 years, has not been successful, the feasibility poor. Even if successful, due to the magnetic field “pipe” shall consume a lot of power, high equipment costs, may outweigh the benefits in the economic and energy. (A) The present invention is suitable for Earth conditions. (B) the guiding idea of the invention is in line with the actual situation of the “periphery positive spherical compression of deuterium plasma electrostatic field” theory (three) in the present invention: (1) the temperature can be controlled within a spherical vessel below 1000 ° C ( controllable scale, security). 4 UHP (2) Copper Balls layer positive electrostatic field does not consume energy.Promote fusion of deuterium ions are relatively small amount of electrolysis energy (chemical) energy. (3) the reflective layer 3 balls, vacuum ball layer 5, the insulation layer 6 balls to substantially prevent heat loss (because the temperature is not high). (4) less input costs. Thus the present invention is the second after the invention of nuclear fission generators most advanced nuclear fusion generator invention.

        [0008] 6, the best way to implement the present invention is the National Science and Technology Commission, 863 free promotion and investment in the present invention.

  2. Ruby, its a good thing you help these people to communicate
    They sure need a lot of help on that front

  3. Ruby,

    The Chinese invention under publication number CN103021476 A seems to have some analogue in the Belgian patent BE1003296 published in the article: LANR by Coulomb Explosion on the e-Cat Site. As far as I understood the Fig. 1 in the above blog I concluded that deuterium is led into a hollow sphere at high internal positive voltage with the result that electrons of the deuterium are rapidly abstracted and deuterons are left pushing each other and fusing? I may conclude that such fusion takes place likewise in a Cotrell aparatus as disclosed in said BE1003296 applying Coulomb explosion. On fusing deuterons helium is formed from alpha particles. I think therefor the positive voltage of the sphere has to be reversed into negative and that such has to be done periodically.

  4. Where can I find a copy of Figure 1 of CN103021476A ? Close prior art seems to be US3,530,036 of US inventor R. L. Hirsch (Sept.22, 1970. “Apparatus for generating Fusion Reactions”.

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