GlobalBEM PULSE #3: “We ourselves are the biggest obstacle to breakthrough”

PULSE-3-coverThe Global Breakthrough Energy Movement is a collective of artists, activists, and technologists creating events and forums for new energy researchers in order to power a revolution in human living arrangements, and they have published another edition of their flagship magazine.

PULSE presents science and technology in the field of breakthrough energy. The gorgeous PULSE #3 is a sensory banquet of full-page, beautifully-printed art, and has articles on topics such as The Agonizingly Long Wait for Breakthrough of Breakthrough Energy by Fred Teunisson, who laments the lack of progress in commercial development of new energy technology, and ultimately takes a hard look in the mirror for why.

This issue also features an article on The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction by Dr. Edmund Storms, a book that compares the observational data from cold fusion experiments with the many theories of LENR. Cold Fusion Now’s Ruby Carat was one of the editors of the book and designed the front cover hydroton.

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Read articles in PULSE #3 like:

Two possible propellantless or reactionless (space) drives … or not? … page 6

The agonizingly long wait for the breakthrough of Breakthrough Energy … page 12

Scientific proof of a potential alternative energy source dating back 2,5000 years … page 15

Truth and reality in the 21st century – or why GlobalBEM should create her own reality … page 10

Thunderclap Campaign – Energy Revolution! … page 21

An interview with New Earth Nation founder Sacha Stone … page 24

The Secret Space Programme 2014 … page 34
Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization Conference 2014 Review … page 36
Secret Space Program Conference and Laura Eisenhower … page 38

New book in German discusses zero-point energy.
New book in German discusses zero-point energy.
Free energy for all humans … page 40

Hemp, the controversial plant – hemp, the graphene contender … page 42

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It just might be that the discovery of vacuum energy as a limitless energy source, is to be synchronized with a spiritual renaissance for all of humanity
Moray B. King from PULSE #3

4 Replies to “GlobalBEM PULSE #3: “We ourselves are the biggest obstacle to breakthrough””

  1. As obfuscation may be considered a problematic hurdle, LENR science eventually overcomes that barrier.

    Eugene Mallove and Arthur C. Clark launched Infinite Energy, a succesfull endeavor.

    The U238 nuclear energy industry is best served by utilizing waste (fissioning out spent fuel rods), by transmuting it to benign elements while delivering high process steam for the turbines through an LENR energy process; thereby cleaning up their legacy (reducing many expenses) thereby remaining economically viable.

    Is nuclear waste a liability or a resource?

    According to Kennoth Kok, ASME Nuclear Group Fellow, director ASME International Symposium on Environmental Remediation and Nuclear Waste Management, Brussels 2013.

    Nuclear Waste is a Resource

    “Used Fuel and Depleted Uranium Worth Trillions”

    1. Arthur C. Clarke was not involved in the launching of Infinite Energy, though he was a strong supporter of the field.

  2. Wonderful, so much out there to keep science busy for a thousand years, when science opens it’s mind and starts teaching students that the non- reductionist reality is where the important answers are to be found.

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