Mr. Rossi visits Sweden

Andrea Rossi has recently visited universities at the modern Swedish capital of Stockholm and the ancient Swedish capital of Uppsala. The purpose of the visit was ostensibly to hammer out research agreements with Stockholm University and Uppsala University similar to that reached with the University of Bologna.

However, the visit also gave Mr. Rossi the chance to swap ideas with scientists from around the world. As he reported on his Journal of Nuclear Physics website:

“In Sweden I am working with top scientists from Sweden, USA and Japan from whom I am learning. A lot.” –Andrea A. Rossi

From his recent comments on the site it appears Mr. Rossi is still refining his ideas on the theory behind the functioning of the E-Cat. He mentioned one cold fusion theory as particular interesting: Professor Yeong E. Kim‘s Bose-Einstein condensation theory of nuclear fusion. Professor Kim recently released a paper examining the application of his theory to hydrogen-nickel systems such as Rossi’s and recommending avenues of further research. He will be delivering a talk on the subject at the Fifth Asia Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics 2011 (APFB2011), August 22-26 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Also on his site, Mr. Rossi recently gave his opinion on the effect his E-Cat technology will have on other energy technologies (in particular hot fusion):

“I think that all the energy sources must be integrated and developed. They must be a team, not a mess.” –Andrea A. Rossi

And in answer to the following questions:

“How many years of study it took to get the first working prototype of E-Cat? What was your first thought when you realized it was working? What could be the more beautiful consequence of your invention for mankind?”

Mr. Rossi gave these answers:

1- About 15 years
2- That I was going into an ocean of troubles and an enormous amount of work. I was right.
3- Energy at very low price: better quality of life; maybe less wars, more time for Culture.
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Many of us are looking forward to seeing the fruits of that work.

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