Massachusetts State Sen. Bruce Tarr Visits Still-Operating JET Energy NANOR Demo

The IAP Cold Fusion 101 Short Course conducted earlier in the year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT featured a live demonstration of an operating cold fusion cell called the NANOR courtesy of JET Energy, Inc. Dr. Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy, the inventor of the cell, and Dr. Peter Hagelstein of MIT collaborated on the course designed for students but attended by other interested individuals with prior permission.

The NANOR cell continued to operate after the course was finished in the end of January. Today we learn that the cell is still operating as of two days ago when a Massachusetts State Senator visited the MIT campus to see the demonstration.

From Cold Fusion Times [visit]….

April 19, 2012 – Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader Bruce E. Tarr (R), and his staff, visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA) on April 17, 2012 to learn more about the developments in cold fusion (LANR, lattice assisted nuclear reactions). This cold fusion update was in Prof. Peter Hagelstein‘s Quantum Electronics and Energy Production and Conversion laboratory where the JET Energy cold fusion NANOR desktop demonstration unit was operating. Dr. Mitchell Swartz and Prof. Hagelstein led the discussion and reviewed the development of nanomaterial cold fusion devices for over more than two decades, and this particular R&D breakthrough and some of the components which allow its function. The group contributing to the discussion on ways to help push the technology forward included Dr. Brian Ahern, Keith Owens (who initiated the visit), A.J. Paglia, and Stephen Mulloney. Sen. Tarr’s excellent questions, and his continued interest to investigate this ultra-efficient and ultraclean energy production technology, herald his awareness of the importance of this alternative energy to the security and energy interests of the Commonwealth.

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3 Replies to “Massachusetts State Sen. Bruce Tarr Visits Still-Operating JET Energy NANOR Demo”

  1. The NANOR cold fusion cell is STILL operating two and a half months after it was initialized. Very nice to see these prominent scientists and a Massachusetts Senator coming together to further the development of this technology. Well done CFN and all who have participated. Maybe Massachusetts can compete with Italy in building this world changing science.

  2. I continue to be astonished that our Government maintains a blind eye on this technology.

    I have faith that many of the big energy companies are now studying the phenominon for their own reason’s. After the mid 90’s work by Shell and Amoco whcih validated the exothermal reactionm, Exxon must be into it along with Dow, Siemans, Philloips and GE.

    Their efforts may be to stop it but I am confident they are at work in their labs and no matter what their posture China, Korea and others will bring it to market. Patents or no.

    The old trick of arranging petroleum profits for dictators or transient governments will not be able to stop this train. Slow it down ? Perhaps, but not stop it. This puppy has legs.

  3. Im happy to see Senator Tarr take an active roll in investigating this technology for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Massachusetts has many top notch universities, an established renewable energy program and a maritime industry well suited to develop cold fusion in ocean based systems.

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