Edmund Storms: A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion

A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion
by Edmund Storms April 2012 download .pdf

Evidence supporting cold fusion (LENR) is summarized and requirements an explanation must take into account are justified. A plausible nuclear-active-environment is identified by ruling out various possibilities and by identifying an environment that is common to all methods used to produce LENR. When this environment is combined with a plausible mechanism, many testable predictions result. These insights and proposals are offered to help clarify understanding of LENR and to suggest future studies.

Dr. Edmund Storms is a former Los Alamos National Lab researcher who began his career in cold fusion just after the announcement by Drs. Fleischmann and Pons in 1989. While investigating the claims with team members, including Dr. Carol Talcott, he measured the production of tritium, a form of hydrogen, from active cells thereby confirming that nuclear reactions were taking place in the small table-top device. The investigation of this phenomenon has occupied Dr. Storms’ attention ever since. He is the author of The Science of Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction, a 2007 summary of the field sufficiently detailed for use as a textbook. [visit]

Dr. Storms recently conducted a full survey of the field assimilating the progress made by researchers around the world since the last edition of the Guide. These advances have been added to the new edition, along with fresh insight and analysis.

His recent review of research has also provided him with a hypothesis for the form of the Nuclear Active Environment NAE, those special conditions within a cold fusion cell that allows a reaction to take place. The proposed NAE is outlined at the end of the Guide.

If the hypothesis proves correct, this will hasten development of cell design by providing details of the environment that the cold fusion reaction needs to initiate. Experiments are now being planned at Storms’ Kiva Labs to determine if the proposal is correct.

A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion is a good introduction to the field of condensed matter nuclear science as it relates to low-energy, or lattice-assisted nuclear reactions. The first part of the Guide is accessible to the non-scientific reader, while the subsequent parts go into more detail, challenging the minds of even professional scientists.

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  1. Ruby not wishing to move off topic but it must be raised that our students and children are being led by a scientific establishment that as with other areas, economics for example has brainwashed it’s members and the population to a degree of irrational denial and DOGMA worship that any clear thinking open-minded individuals that are left are driven to distraction.
    My simply mentioning UFO’s, the Placebo effect, Near Death Experiences, Telepathy Etc. Etc. is enough to send the average closed-minded Dogma controlled scientist into apoplexy.
    Like Cold Fusion these subjects and many more have a degree of Evidence that by any fair-minded assessment is sufficient to clearly warrant further processional, competent, unbiased research and investigation.
    Until the grownup members of the scientific community begin to openly research every scientific anomaly, freely and openly encouraging the young to use their brilliant minds on these exciting subjects and not irrationally following the closed-minded establishment religion of denial and Dogma then nothing in this World will improve.
    One only has to spend a small amount of time researching from source (not censored reports such as from Wiki-rubbish) a subject such as the Placebo Effect to discover the Fraud, misrepresentation, incompetence and stupidity of our scientific leaders and followers.
    Only the Rebels and free-minds ever eventually discover Truth outside Dogma and the young need freedom of thought to follow their noses without establishment barriers of biased peer-review and closed funding on subjects not allowed by the high priests giving commandments for the plebs to follow.
    Science must become SCIENCE, the investigation of ALL anomalies and areas of the natural World, with no exceptions.
    Cold Fusion would then be grasped with excitement and wonder by true scientists hungry for the TRUTH and only the TRUTH.

    1. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapt in awe, is as good as dead.”

      ~Albert Einstein

    2. Mentioning anything metaphysical sends old school science into apoplexy for two main reasons:

      1) Ignorance of these phenomenon protects the small world view mainstream science is based on.

      2) Metaphysics – has been kept “secret” for thousands of years. Practiced and known by self-appointed high priests who fancy themselves as “special.” It’s an ego problem.

      3) Controlling this knowledge has made the orthodoxy fat and lazy. They don’t want to give up their spoils.

      1. I’ve recently learned that Aristotle’s “father of logic” is Parmenides (circa 480BC) who was a Pythagorean and an Iatromantis, a Priest of Apollo, who specialized in other states of consciousness.

        These priests went into caves and laid down, meditated, and traveled to other worlds.
        At least one time, Parmenides traveled to the Underworld and met the Goddess who *dictated* logic to him – for the purpose of bringing humans to the Divine.

        So there’s the origins of logic. (With all that research and archeological records “dug” up by Peter Kingsley.)

  2. Great article… what a book as well… learning so much my brain feels like a palladium lattice heavily loaded with deuterium… on fire! Get hip with this new saying for the transmutation age.

    Further reflections are found from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory “The types of nuclear reactions that have been successfully used to produce new elements in the last decade are cold fusion reactions and hot fusion reactions.” also “Cold fusion reactions have been successful in producing elements 104—112 and hot fusion reactions have recently provided evidence for elements 113—116 and 118.” https://www-pls.llnl.gov/?url=about_pls-print&content=data/pages/science_and_technology/chemistry/elements_113_and_115.xml

    I have a question, “Are these guys referring to the same cold fusion we are?” “Cold fusion reactions have been successful in producing elements 104—112.” WOW

  3. To Dr. Edmund Storms,

    You did a great job. Maybe you should give also attention to cold fusion patents or publications wherein alkali metal hydrides or deuterides play a role in producing negative ions of hydrogen or deuterium for lowering Coulomb repulsion in fusion or atom transmutation. I like to mention Matsushita EP0394980 patent application and PCT/US93/12541 published as WO94/16446 of the inventor DREXLER Jerome (priority date 7 January 1993). From the lattter document I quote:”It is known that lithium reacts with hydrogen to form LiH, in which the hydrogen acts as the negative ion.” From potassium hydride negative hydrogen ions (H-) can be set free at 400°C.
    Negative hydrogen ions (also negative deuterium ions) can enter the Ni-nuclei on tunneling through their electron shell yielding atom transmutation transforming nickel into copper.
    The energy set free comes in my opinion from the diminishing rotation energy when free protons are captured by the nickel nucleus. For more information contact Ben at the e-Cat Site.

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