Know the “Secrets of E-Cat”

Secrets of E-Cat by Mario MenichellaA new book called Secrets of E-Cat by Mario Menichella, has just been released in English.

Trained as a physicist, Mr. Menichella writes on science topics and has several published books with titles such as “Interstellar Travel” and “Future Worlds“. He worked as a press officer at the headquarters of Italy’s Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and was an organizer of the conference Has cold fusion become a reality? held in Viareggio, Italy this past July.

Mario Menichella
Mario Menichella
In the book’s Preface, free to download here, Mr. Menichella recalls how as a child he was attracted to

“an “eighth-century” physics – a kind of physics that allows you to make an important discovery in a one-room laboratory while spending only a little money – exactly the opposite of today’s physics, which requires research machines that are increasingly large and expensive, and have to be run by ever-larger teams of scientists.”

He contrasts the increased complexity of scientific experiments over the last millenia with the relatively simple components of Andrea A. Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer; his book is, in part, intended as an aid to the curious and capable in their attempts to re-construct the revolutionary energy-producing device. Chapters like How Is An E-Cat Made? and Discovering The Setup are a compilation of the publicly known information organized as an orderly reference, while Towards A Possible Theory surveys the ideas that have been offered as an explanation of the phenomen.Secrets of E-Cat

Ever wonder what the special ingredient that makes the E-Cat have such a high thermal energy ratio is?
You have only to turn to Chapter 5 The Secret Catalyst for Mr. Menichella’s input.

Sergio Focardi, a physicist whose long-time research in nickel-hydrogen systems makes him one of a handful of experts in this technology, was interviewed by by Mr. Menichella during the conference in Viareggio. You can watch a video of that interview in Italian here.

Sergio Focardi interviewed by Mario Menichella in Viareggio, Italy
Sergio Focardi interviewed by Mario Menichella in Viareggio, Italy July 2011

It’s not easy to keep track of all the E-Cat clues. Message board posts, emails, and YouTubes are constantly updating the cloud with freshly revised data. Maybe “the book arrives too late”, but this early effort at summarizing what is known about the Energy Catalyzer is sure to be one of many undertakings that attempt to document this revolutionary energy technology in book form, and Mr. Menichella’s background makes him ideal to detail this process, as well as the figures leading it forward.

And as this technology matures from Mystery Science to Household Appliance, we can look forward to many sequels.


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  1. The most interesting Nickel Hydrogen systems may not be nuclear. See the updated E-Cat plus on the Aesop Institute website for an example that may surprise almost everyone following the Rossi saga.

      1. Mr Goldes is part of a far sighted West coast energy company that discovered a US government report
        They used K2CO3 as the (“secret”) catalyst, and the report didn’t mention any gamma radiation (on the other hand, it didn’t mention any copper produced either).
        The report was written under the influence of R. Mills’ Hydrino theory, so they were under the impression it was the hydrogen atoms turning into hydrinos that was releasing the energy, whereas now we think it was the nickel turning into copper.

        1. “Mr Goldes is part of a far sighted West coast energy company”

          [REMOVED] many promises of new technology and he’s been making them going on twenty years. Never a demonstration or test of his magnetic motors. Never an independent test of room temperature superconductors. [REMOVED] If that’s being “far sighted”, better get some eye glasses.

          From Ruby: I’m sorry, but I cannot allow unsupported accusations or insults on this website. We’re all trying to change our way of living here, and advocate for free energy for all mankind. We would appreciate your positive contribution.

  2. Thanks Mark.
    I followed your link and this is what I think is happening.

    Protons turn into neutrons if they capture an electron. The electron neutralises its positive charge.
    If a neutron is converted back into a proton by losing an electron there is a mass discrepancy of 0.328eV.
    If a nickel neutron is converted into a proton the atom becomes copper and 0.328eV worth of energy is released.

    A muon is a extra heavy electron. In muon catalysed fusion the muon replaces an electron. It has a negative charge so is invisible to the Coulomb barrier. It goes close enough to the nucleus to be captured by the weak force and a nuclear process is initiated.

    I understand Focardi to be saying that an electrically neutral hydrogen atom can behave like a muon and convert one neutron of the nickel into a proton, with the commensurate exothermic energy yield.
    (Nickel is No. 28 and copper is No. 29 on the periodic table)

    Neutron mass= 939.565eV
    Electron Mass= 0.51eV
    Neutron-electron mass= 939.050eV
    Proton mass=938.272eV
    Mass discrepancy = 0.783eV

    This is where the energy comes from.

    In mid October there will be an announcement and demonstration of the Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. The e-Cat is an advanced model of the ‘Cold Fusion’ reactor introduced by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. At the e-Cat demonstration, input and output measurements will be made by top world class scientists to confirm that the Rossi Energy Catalyzer is producing substantial amounts of energy and that a new era of clean safe energy has begun.

            1. I read it once, and thought it added to my knowledge of the background.

              The book was especially specific about the technical aspects, because it was written with the intention of teaching people how to build an E-Cat.

              Maybe the secret catalyst is actually a membrane separating the H from the Ni?

              Yeah, I’d buy it again – although I wish the author had got the fuel density question more nailed down – is nickel really 100,000 times as energy dense as diesel fuel?

  4. [THIS PART REMOVED] soliciting funds, and no one has ever seen a product .

    From Ruby: I’m sorry, but I cannot allow unsupported accusations or insults on this website. We’re all trying to change our way of living here, and advocate for free energy for all mankind. We would appreciate your positive contribution.

  5. The irony is that Ultraconductors, our polymer room temperature superconductors, were reproduced independently on several occasions.

    A few years ago, almost 1,000 samples were fabricated for the USAF by another firm.

    These materials were discovered in Russia. A 1989 paper was titled: On Genuine Room Temperature Superconductivity in Oxidized Polypropylene.

    The materials were independently reproduced at the world famous Joffe Institute that same year, with their paper making a claim of zero resistance.

    Both papers were translated and made public by the American Institute of Physics.

    The polymers were also reproduced at the Bar Ilan University in Israel, which did magnetic tests with us. 9 Tesla was the limit of their equipment. There was no loss of conductivity.

    They have also been reproduced successfully at Battelle Memorial Institute much more recently. Those results have not been released publicly.

    AMP which was the largest connector company in the world until purchased by Tyco, also successfully reproduced the materials. I have their unpublished Report.

    Four Small Business Innovations Research contracts including a Phase II with the USAF have also been completed. The Air Force did their own tests before approving the Phase II contract.

    Work on these materials paused for lack of funds. Resumption of the program is in the works.

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