Cold fusion reactor photographed on New York tabletop

Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.”
–Marshall McLuhan

As advertising grew up post-WWII North America, it attracted the best and the brightest of the society to work on campaigns that sold consumer products to a giddy nation looking audaciously towards a future of plenty for all. The new technology of television swelled the ranks of consumers and changed the message of advertising: simplistic, straight-forward information about a product was replaced by iconic image evoking an environment. One didn’t buy the product, you purchased the image that the product summoned.

If that was true in the 20th century, how about the 21rst?

Cold Fusion Device Used in FedEx CommercialPsychology, brain imaging, and market focus groups are all elements of advertising research that seeks to penetrate and forecast the purchase habits of a consumer society using all available digital technology. With billions of dollars spent in marketing research, is it then surprising that cold fusion is found in the imaginative elements of the TV landscape? The talented “creatives” that put these moments together on shows like Fringe and commercials for FedEx are tapping into a collective unconscious that now resides outside our bodies in data clouds amongst the noosphere.

A recent FedEx TV commercial called Test Shipment aired on the Golf Channel and featured a glowing blue cold fusion device that would test the integrity of transport before sending the real treasure of golf clubs.

Thanks to BBDO New York for sharing these photos of the device that was designed and built by Station Film.

Cold Fusion Device Used in FedEx Commercial

Cold Fusion Device Used in FedEx Commercial

In Understanding Media: Extensions of Man, McLuhan wrote:

“Ideally, advertising aims at the goal of a programmed harmony among all human impulses and aspirations and endeavors. Using handicraft methods, it stretches out toward the ultimate electronic goal of a collective consciousness.

When all production and all consumption are brought into a pre-established harmony with all desire and all effort, then advertising will have liquidated itself by its own success” [pg 202]

Cold fusion has seeped out into the commons, soon to be as familiar as Coca Cola. Two decades of labor without positive recognition will be just a memory when The Product materializes from the marketplace, and high-density ultra-clean energy from the hydrogen in water spawns a merchandise line that Billy Mays could only dream of.

Cold Fusion Now!

“Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century.”
–Marshall McLuhan

Main Chamber at Lascaux, France
Paleolithic Caver Art Main Chamber at Lascaux, France dated 15,000BCE-9000BCE

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  1. Ruby,
    Have you seen the latest, wonderful and deserved by Brian Josephson, Rossi is clever.

    On October 6 we will have the opportunity to make a long (more then 12 hours) test of one of the modules of the Rossi 1 MW generator. The module will be opened to us and we will have the opportunity to verify volumes and weights of the internal components.
    Heat measurements will be done condensing all the steam produced in heat exchanger and a secondary circuit where no water will be vaporized.
    This is NOT an official test of the University of Bologna because the contract is not active yet.

    Brian Josephson

    1. Nobel-prize winner on the cold fusion tip. I’m psyched. This time next year, we could see these devices being shipped around the world – on FedEx? I’m rootin for success.

    Will Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat triumph in October, producing more energy than it consumes? Or will ‘the Hot Fusion and card carrying Skeptics destroy poor little Rossi – like they did to Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989? Place your bets on the table now, before the mid October deadline. This will surely be “The Battle of the Century”. Let us all hope and pray for little Rossi and his e-Cat; if he wins, we all win!

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