Department of Energy policy continues to ignore revolutionary new energy

Keith Owens of Cold Fusion Energy, Inc. asked the Department of Energy DoE what their “stand” on cold fusion was.

The response was a clear statement of their policy: cold fusion does not merit any attention:

From: Afzal, Shahida [mailto:Shahida.Af…] On Behalf Of Opdenaker, Albert
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 4:05 PM
To: ‘Ke…’
Subject: Cold Fusion

Dear Mr. Owens:

This is in response to your e-mail message to Secretary Chu dated September 13, 2011 in which you asked to know where the Department of Energy stands on “cold fusion.”

In 1989, a review panel that had been charged by the Department concluded that reports of the experimental results of excess heat from calorimetric cells did not present convincing evidence that useful sources of energy will result from the phenomena attributed to “cold fusion.” To quote the panel, “Hence, we recommend against the establishment of special programs or research centers to develop cold fusion.”

In 2004, the Department organized a second review of the field and that review reached essentially the same conclusion as the 1989 review. The Department’s Office of Sciences does not provide any funding support for “cold fusion” research.

Al Opdenaker

Fusion Energy Sciences
Office of Science
US Department of Energy

Cold Fusion Now sent a letter to the Secretary of Energy last October that got no response.

Recently, a second letter from Cold Fusion Now to the Department of Energy response saying “it is clear the topic of low energy nuclear reactions remains highly speculative and that the purported mechanism has not yet been validated by the physics community as a reality.”


It seems hopeless to solicit funding from this crew at the DOE with Under-secretary Koonin, a known cold fusion opponent.

“We are suffering from the incompetence or delusions of Fleischmann and Pons.”
Current Under-secretary Steve Koonin quote from 1989

And it is interesting to note that the respondent here writes from the department’s Fusion Energy Science office, the hot fusion wing.

But these letters are not in vain. Writing a letter is a lesson in expressing a complicated issue in a one-page petition; collecting signatures is a fun time talking with the people on the streets; we learn more science, and made new pals along the way. Every action adds to the momentum of cold fusion as a clean energy reality. And we are on the verge of new technology that will change the world!

The Department of Energy will be the last in line for their device – and it’s going to be a long line.

Next up: the Energy committees in the House and Senate….

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13 Replies to “Department of Energy policy continues to ignore revolutionary new energy”

  1. Dear Cold Fusion Now, I appreciate the effort with D.O.E. , but i am afraid that, once again the Centralized Power Structure will NOT recognize any system or devise that allows independent energy production. This has been proven many times since the 1980’s. We, the people, must build, and use these systems, until they are commonly known, and commonly used. The U.S.Navy is already working a consistent LENR, with 50 nm Palladium Grid, and the Deuterium in Sea Water. The story about the government not recognizing LENR’s is an absolute LIE! Lets stop playing games with the Gestapo, by asking them for money. Why do you think that the “system” is doing everything in it’s power to shut down U.S. manufacturing, and small businesses? I am a bit surprised that Focardi & Rossi plan on manufacturing in the U.S. Where are our competing systems? We will NOT be “allowed to compete”, if we wait on the corporations, and the government!

  2. One tends not to take conspiracy theories seriously (except of course UFO’s, where the coverup is clear) but the attempted hiding of Cold Fusion by both Government and science is beyond dispute.


  3. I feel your frustration and anger at the stonewalling.

    Let us be clear. The Powers that Be are not our friends.

    We measure our wealth by the poverty of our neighbours.
    Free Energy would make everyone rich, and then how will the top 1% recognise themselves?
    The entire power structure would dissolve.

    It is inadvisable to beg favours of your enemies.
    Like a snake, they will turn and bite you,
    The less they know the better. Allow them to believe their own propaganda.

    The road I advise is harder, but it is safer.
    Let them eat cake.

  4. You know, I’ve been back and forth on this issue since day 1 (effect of the digital environment?).

    At this time, I agree. It is pointless to pursue the DOE further.

    We have achieved something. We have made them state their policy in 2011 for the record. And that is enough.

    There will be no funds coming.

    The less they know, the better.

    I will no longer advocate for contacting the DOE.

    Thanks for your support.

  5. I agree with many of the comments above–Big Government is NOT anybody’s friend. They got that way by usurping power (and leveying taxes) from the masses for the purpose of providing the best possible living for themselves. Their stubborn resistance to all things beneficial for mankind was amply demonstrated in their handling of the Pons and Fleischmann claim to cold fusion over two decades ago and things have just gotten worse. I hope there’s a commercial breakthrough that will soon expose these jokers for what they are.

  6. The fossil fuel and nuclear industry is controlled by some of the biggest names in the military industrial complex. The politicians are corporate lap dogs put in place to maintain the status quo and to squeeze every last bit out of polluting energy sources.

    Executive directorships at these companies await these politicians when they leave government.

    The official line here is so out of touch with reality that it’s almost choking and it’s also in complete contradiction with the 2009 Defense Intelligence Agency Report which states “Cold Fusion Now Gaining Acceptance”. There are now volumes of information showing anomalous heat production and the transmutation of elements. Evidence from all over the world is available, but the oil and fossil fat cats will do everything to deny the truth.

    I am sure that this statement of denial will come back to haunt them, and perhaps sooner than they think.

  7. READ “AREA 51” by Annie Jacobsen right now! It’s available on the ITunes store. It will open your eyes and explain the enigma and paradox of the “Department of Energy”, why they hold their position on “cold fusion” and why you can never trust one word uttered from any representative of that agency. You will be changed! I promise you.


  8. Some in government are likely very interested. While hailed as a potential source of nearly limitless, low cost energy by many, Rossi’s generator and those to follow would be a total game changer for in the art of war. Who would need a submarine to get close to targets in naval conflicts. Instead, LENR powered torpedoes launched in, say, Finland could be directed to targets 100 miles up the Columbia River in Oregon. Eventually, using bio-mimicking technologies, LENR powered cruise-torpedoes could be made to look and act like a pod of whales or porpoises. There would be no propeller signature. A group of 300 could lay dormant on the sea floor outside, say, San Francisco waiting patiently for activation. Yes, some in “government” are very likely interested.

  9. As some of those in private development of “free” energy technologies will say, The People need to construct the systems and devices on their own without ANY public sector involvement. The most powerful industry on Earth, the energy industry, will not allow their business to be diminished in any way even if it means controlling those whose job it is to serve The People and worse.

  10. It looks like the feeling is unanimous when it comes to the government’s attitude towards cold fusion or any technology that will loosen the establishments’s grip on power. Maybe it is about time for a people’s silent revolution, something bigger than the 1986 EDSA revoluition in the Philippines, the Orange revolution, the Spring Awakening and all other revolutions that were manifested on the streets to bring the change. Think about it: somebody said that all it will take is about 3 hundred million dollars in research funding to solve the world’s energy problems. Maybe it was an exaggeration but the main issue is funding.
    Of the more than 6 million people on earth, is that amount too big to collect as voluntary contribution? One dollar x 300,000,000.00 = $ 300,000,000.00.
    Easier said than done. Just an idea.

    In mid October there will be an announcement and demonstration of the Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. The e-Cat is an advanced model of the ‘Cold Fusion’ reactor introduced by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. At the e-Cat demonstration, input and output measurements will be made by top world class scientists to confirm that the Rossi Energy Catalyzer is producing substantial amounts of energy and that a new era of clean safe energy has begun.

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