JET Energy NANOR device at MIT continuing to operate months later

Big thanks to E-Cat World [visit] for posting this video by musician Barry Simon of the JET Energy NANOR device running since January 2012. The video has Professor Peter Hagelstein explaining the lattice-assisted nuclear reaction LANR/cold fusion energy device.

The revolutionary energy producing device was first turned on earlier this year in January for a short course on the science Cold Fusion 101 co-taught by Peter Hagelstein of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Electrical Engineering and Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy, who built the NANOR cell.

There is a beautiful soundtrack, too!

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Successful Cold Fusion/LANR Demonstration at MIT – again by Ruby Carat February 1, 2012

16 Replies to “JET Energy NANOR device at MIT continuing to operate months later”

  1. But where is just one basic 5,000 watt home heater model E-cat or DefCalion unit working for a few months or even unsubstanciated claims one is or has ?

    1. I realize your impatience T Lee, but again. This is a revolutionary new technology.

      Please interiorize this thought: It will take time for this to filter into the mainstream public.

      I repeat again what I wrote to you before. If Sir Richard Branson can’t build a new style “green” building to house his new Spaceport without a two-year delay, then we cannot expect a next-generation source of energy to be disseminated in less than that time.

      You keep bringing up the same point, as each day, a new confirmation of this technology comes forth. What is your purpose? Or do you truly not understand how engineering works?

      1. Ruby Carat, Thanks for putting this on your site. You’re doing great work.
        Peace and Light, Barry Simon

  2. I demand that Pons and Fleiischman’s names be put on the at MIT.

  3. The fellow that produced this little video is on my list of heros in the unfolding story of FREE ENERGY.

  4. This is all going to be a great story of humanity when our grandchildren watch the documentaries of this time. I hope all these videos and comments are preserved for the lessons that contain.

  5. Lovely to see this amateur video of an impatient soul (like mine) It’s coming!
    Lets share with everybody!
    Thank You!

  6. Michael Faraday: Hey Ma! Lookit this. If I wave this magnet over this wire that compass needle wavers.
    Michael Faraday’s Ma: That’s nice dear. Now come and have your tea.

    Thanks Michael. From little things big things grow.

    I loved the music. Real talent.

  7. Ruby what you seem to not under is that when an inventor says he has working prototypes That (then Not later) is the time to put up or shut up! Especially when you include long term operation capabilities and take names and contact information for 10,000 prospective buyers. I am still waiting to see My own private secret automated run by robots E-Cat factory here in Miami as he has told us and me in private emails.
    Capable of making 1,000,000 E-Cats a year.

    1. Yes T Lee, I wish it was different, too. I wish I had mine pumping clean electricity so I dilly-daddle around the Noosphere at my leisure. But things didn’t work out that way. This has been twenty-three years coming. Mr. Rossi stumbled upon the secret sauce, had his University scientists confirm it, and now he is developing a technology. You do not get to determine his path, only your own.

      Are you following the news? He is changing the design to run at 600C? Do you want a stable, well-engineered device, or do you want a first proto-type? Would you have bought the first airplane from the Wright Bros? Would you have bought the very first gas-powered stove? Did you run out and get the first LASIC laser eye surgery???
      I do not agree that your timeline is correct. I do not agree that he owes you a device right now. You want to harp on the fact that you don’t have a mass-produced Ecat a year-and-a-half after his first public demonstration. I find that unreasonable. I am being patient, and I suggest you be patient, too. There are other companies to fixate on as well. But you choose Leonardo because of Mr. Rossi’s personality. I suggest you focus more on the development of the technology, and of course, Cold Fusion Now offers you an easy platform for jabs.

      If you really want to complain about something, start harping to the Miami city council about the city infrastructure? Where are the upgrades? Why are the pipelines carrying water unfixed and busing out every big rain? Why are the sewers crumbling? Why is the ocean water polluted? Why are the canals filled with trash? Get off the computer and DO something for your community that actually makes a difference. Complaining about these needed changes would be much more productive of your time than posting jabs at a revolutionary technology.

      If you insist on sitting and typing, go to and tell Richard Branson that his company is two years behind schedule and you want your ride now. I’m sure that will help – about as much as you are helping the cause for clean energy that is!

      Is there nothing else you can do to support clean energy from cold fusion/LENR/LANR? Can you put your mind to supporting the dozens of scientists who have been insulted and ignored for two decades while you where enjoying the beautiful Miami sunshine? Can you do something to help as opposed to typing your disappointment? In comparison, it just doesn’t solicit any sympathy.

      1. I am not complaining that there is no E-Cat on sale yet, But that there has been no real proof of operation including neutral inspectors, Neutral measuring devices and a dis-assembly after words to prove there are no hidden power sources, If you do not demand proof positive then I think I know where there is a self powering Delorian you can buy?

        1. T Lee, If you are not satisfied with his demonstrations, and you are not satisfied with subsequent reports by European scientists, and you are not satisfied by the long history of showing Ni-H reactions producing high-energy output, then there is nothing more for you here.

          You will have to wait until you can buy one at the Home Depot. HEADS UP: That will most likely not be for a while.
          I promise to send you an email when that day occurs. Till then, I guess it’s goodbye!

          And go down to Oy Como Ayer on Calle Ocho and see SPAM. You’ll feel better!

          And clean up those canals. The wildlife is suffering!

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