Gerald Celente puts new energy as a top trend for 2011

Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute has put new energy as a top trend for 2011.

He made the statement on Eric King‘s King World News interview for Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

He rattled off a list of various methods of energy generation such as using permanent magnets and hydrino power, putting cold fusion at the top of the list saying there would be many investment opportunities in this area!

Go to the Trends Institute website and download the Preview of Top Trends for 2011. He doesn’t write the words there, but it’s clear what he means.

On his Trends Research Institute Media blog page, the Top Trends for 2011 video runs through a couple trends on his list. At about the 4:40 mark, the list is says “Alternative Energy”, and the host skips over it quickly.

In the segment on Fox News from New Years Day, he mentions the “new energy revolution” at the 2:48 mark, saying a little more about “scientific visionaries and entrepreneurs”.

You have to subscribe to the Trends Journal to get the full scoop. Who’s got a copy??!

Just back from a couple weeks out of town and this is great news to get. And anyway, where else can you put money?

There is no where else to go.

Join the new energy movement and keep talking about a transformation of technology that will change the way live on this planet.

Funding LENR research will start a whole new economic paradigm, employing skilled workers, developing a path for young scientists, and jumpstart a new manufacturing sector based on a new energy technology.

The time is now to go after funding. Gerald Celente just put out a little sunshine – better make some hay!