Suzy sings a Superwave

OK, the holiday’s over, but I continue to avoid doing the work that I should. All I want to do is to play some music!

School is starting, there’s letters to write to the new Congress in support of LENR funding, education to commence for the Green Party about new energy, more research to learn about this science…..sigh.

But to quote Mohammed, “If I had two loaves of bread, I would trade one to feed my soul”.

Well, I’m still hungry!

Singer Suzy Williams
Singer Suzy Williams
Over New Year’s, I was able to visit with my pal Suzy Williams, an incredible singer and performer who has been on a tear writing songs for her new recording “Enjoy the Ride”.

After dinner, I asked her to think about writing a song for Cold Fusion Now, and she agreed to work on it this year. Then, on a full stomach I might add, she belted out a little riff for Cold Fusion Now!

Listen for a minute of Cold Fusion Now laffs:

Suzy Scats Superwave by Cold Fusion Now

Why do I post such silliness? Because I can’t get enough of that girl, that’s why!

If you are in LA, check out her band: Suzy and her Solid Senders – where ever they play. You will not have a better evening anywhere!

But if you can’t get to the Westside, and you’re trying to avoid doing your work too, then check out the very first performance of Suzy and her Solid Senders that happened in my uncle’s! living room during a house party back in 2006. What a blast!

Now I’m getting back to work,

Happy New Year!

And Cold Fusion Now!

Time to adapt to new technologies……