Edmund Storms: At peak efficiency “no other source of power will be necessary”

John Maguire, a writer for J.C.M., interviews Dr. Edmund Storms, author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: A Comprehensive Compilation of Evidence and Explanations about Cold Fusion.

Storms discusses his early career at Los Alamos National Lab, and how in 1989, his team there got positive results, confirming the nuclear nature of the phenomenon. A brief primer on the early successes moves into a discussion on struggle to understand the science behind this reaction, and on efforts to commercialize this technology despite the lack of a definitive theory.

Storms talks about why this technology is so important to develop, and examines how the lack of a definitive, agreed upon theory slows the commercialization from this discovery.

“We have succeeded over the last twenty-four years in proving the effect is real, that the claims are not based upon incompetence, fraud, or error, they are based upon a true behavior of nature,” says Storms.

“Now the challenge is to make this happen at commercial levels, make it reproducible, because presently it is difficult to reproduce – not impossible – but difficult; it takes great skill, and it has to be produced at a rate with high enough power to be useful as a commercial application, and that aspect of it is presently underway by several companies.”

“Once the phenomenon is understood, and can be manipulated at will, then engineering will be applied to make it totally and most efficient. We haven’t reached that stage yet.”

“The efforts underway to make commercial power using nickel and light-hydrogen by Rossi and Defkalion are trying to improve the engineering, to improve the efficiency, but even they haven’t come close to the efficiency that will be possible.”

“Once this [reaction] is understood, the efficiency will be 100%.”

“In other words, these devices will make energy simply by sitting there. You’ll have to apply hydrogen, and you turn them off by taking the hydrogen away, you turn them on by putting more hydrogen in; no other source of power will be necessary.”

“We’ll have a source of power that will stay hot for years and years, or until you turn it off by pumping out the hydrogen.”

Asked why so many still ignore or belittle the science, given the huge benefits of clean, dense, power, Storms says this environment will continue because “This phenomenon will be immensely disruptive.”

“It’s a conflict of self-interest. Those people who are naturally threatened by it, will fight it. It’s a very large threat, and it’s a very large fight.”

Listen to the interview Dr. Edmund Storms: Cold Fusion, Nuclear Active Environments, and New Energy on Foks0904 Channel.

John Maguire also contributes essays on alternative energies to Blue Science.

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  1. Neither the palladium catalyzed fusion of deuterium nor the nickel transmutation reaction with atomic hydrogen to produce copper is understood. Neverteless it may be interesting to consult on the e-Cat Site the articles: “Belgian LANR Patents” “LANR by Coulomb Explosion” and “Cold Fusion Catalyst”.
    But if you rather like a hot fusion system different from the TOKOMAK have a look at Belgian Patent BE904719. It will inspire you to built a fusion rocket. See ESPACENET for the full document in Dutch and Abstract in English.

  2. This reminds me that zeolites crystalline structures oscillate noticeably, more so than most.
    Without added energy, zeolites create heat when loaded with deuterium.
    With over 200 zeolites with specific frequencies different harmonics can be created. The different combinations and concurrent harmonic frequencies within specific geometries of the lattice should
    (or I should say, are being) explored.
    This CFN article titled, “Iraj Parchamazad: LENR with Zeolites” clued me in.
    Please view the complete article at…
    Quote Ruby Carat in the interview,
    “,..the discussion on how zeolites crystals host tiny particles of palladium in their unusual geometry, and make anomalous heat when exposed to deuterium gas.” (without added energy… how neat. op.ed.gbg)
    “Well, after over five hours of discussion, I knew a whole lot more about this new style of room-temperature, gas-loaded, zero input energy heat production from an expert in that particular application.”
    “In this video, you too can see how LENR research is conducted in one U.S. university lab, complete with all the financial struggles that have characterized the study of new energy for two decades, and learn how scientists are finding new ways to generate useful heat energy that reveals yet another path to ultra-clean, energy-dense, and abundant power for the world.” end quotes-thanks Ruby
    Please view the interview.
    Iraj Parchamazad On Lenr With Zeolites
    Notable clues from comments to her article follow:
    Arthur Robey October 1, 2012 at 6:01 PM
    My thought, if you will pardon my presumption, is that the entrapment cavities in the zeolites confine the position of the active components. (Palladium and deuterium).
    If the uncertainty principle is fundamentally true, (By that I mean that it is not just an artifact of inadequate measurement) then the more you know about a particles position the less you may know about it’s momentum. Once the position of the entrapped particles is sufficiently constrained, then the momentum of the particles will be sufficient to penetrate the Coulomb barrier.
    I understand that the orientation of the active components in the cavities is critical. If Constantin is a better absorber of hydrogen than palladium, that opens up another avenue of research. A zeolites design for the Constantin will need to be designed.
    (a construction of zeolite combinations-op.ed.gbg)
    This is a nano-particle discipline.
    Consider electron cascade and heavy electron production in zeolites.
    “Toward – Tailor-made Correlations – in Zeolites”
    Ryotaro Arita Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo
    I have been reading hundreds of abstracts on zeolites and carbon nano structures since reading this early CFN article. My intuition is both add to advanced LENR Energy engineering.
    Google zeolite oscillation – About 3,130,000 results
    Google LENR zeolite – About 36,600 results
    Worth studying.
    Advanced LENR Energy engineering thrives as a multidisciplinary field.

  3. Cold fusion energy is still a long way to go. Right now it will be better to improve what we have at hand. As long as people drive hummers, we apparently do not need any further energy sources,

  4. What people don’t get is that such an unintuitive phenomena like LENR needs to be successfully commercialized first. Once the monkeys see another monkey doing it, vast amounts of money will flow into it. Rossi is doing the world a great favor – once his E-Cats are shown to be a viable product, the conservative and risk adverse CEOs will commit resources to compete. It isn’t surprising we still don’t have a clear idea of the dynamics of LENR – look at the sparse resources devoted to it so far. BTW, I am as excited by the nuclear trans-mutational properties of the LENR phenomena as I am by the “too cheap to meter” energy it yields (and that is really saying something, since the energy aspect is so transformational).

    1. Brad,

      I completely agree. I consider the transmutation dynamic extremely promising/important as well. Even if we got clean/free energy, we would still have a lot of radiated/polluted land to clean up, and a lot of sick people to provide relief to. That is what transmutation can do for us I believe. Obviously we would still need to address issues of cultural/social stratification before this technology/relief would trickle down however which is a gargantuan challenge in its own right.

      1. The transmutation reactions themselves will generate huge amounts to energy. Making an ounce of platinum from tungsten by the Mitsubishi reaction would make enough energy to light up Los Angeles (maybe someone could crunch the numbers).

  5. The Chinese civilization was complete within itself.

    They had no need for anything that the Barbarians had on offer, nor were they interested in progress. After all, the Divine Kingdom was perfect.
    Hence the Industrialised countries destroyed China.

    Fast forward to the present. Western Civilization has no need for any disruptive technology. They have-sorry- had Oil.
    Would anyone else like to complete this piece for me? It is not hard. Cold Fusion powered lazers? Robots that dont need power? Think Dammit!

    Total capitulation is a very reasonable attitude when faced by a technologically superior civilization.

    On the other hand, Asimov said that an empire’s size is predicated on it’s speed of communications. We have the internet. I do believe that World Government is inevitable.
    And then we will have Off-World Government.

    Don’t like it? You don’t have to. You will just have to make a good fist of it.

    1. Fair points. But don’t you think we already have a One World Government? National Sovereignty is a fiction, a political ploy, a thing of the past. Borders mean nothing to International Capital Cartels (WTO, IMF, and so on) who basically finance everything and everyone. So considering the decentralized and affordable nature of the LENR phenomenon, don’t you see how it could be used as a leverage point against forces who rely on centralization and debt for control?

      Thank you for posting.

      1. The way I see it is that we are 75% through the process.When there are no approved tax havens I will consider the process to be complete.
        I do not expouse any ideal political system. My acid test is “Does it Work?”.
        For those of you who are ardent advocates of democracy, please consider this. The individual voter in Iceland is an electorial giant, as his vote is not as dilute as those of the average Chinese who is a voting pigmy.
        So what would your vote count for if you were a citizen of the World? Not much.

        “Mind” is a verb, not a noun. It is the result of the interaction of sub-units. In a self-similar way to the brain, the internet will have emergent properties. That will be the mind of Gaia.

        (Will have? The fact that your mind and mine are interacting is the emergent property of which I speak. The process began with speach. The internet facilitates communication but I do not consider the qwerty keyboard the end of the developmental process.)

        Each of us will be a sub-unit, serving the primary economy.
        The ecology.
        As the sun continues to convert hydrogen into helium, so the Goldilocks zone will expand past the orbit of this planet. There is evidence that It is already unable to maintain temperature in homeostasis.
        The purpose of the emergent Mind is to ensure the survival of the ecology by abandoning the Rock.
        It is for this purpose that we live and breath.

  6. The suppression of LENR / Cold Fusion research is best measured in tens of millions of lost and stunted lives.

    Health, nutrition and education in the developing countries of the world could be vastly improved with widely distributed, inexpensive energy.

    Meanwhile the developed countries spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year defending carbon energy sources and trillions on carbon energy consumption.

    All so that a small number of rulers, investors, executives, scientists and science administrators can maintain their status and privileges.

    Where’s the rage?

    1. Great Point Jim. Almost the same objection word for word raised by the incomparable Eugene Mallove himself. We often forget the human tragedy that the backward thinking have contributed to perpetually. Protecting ideologies is more important to these insecure, compartmentalized establishment figures. Their circles of empathy our withered beyond repair.

    1. Here is a re-post of my comment on that article:


      Thank you for cross-posting my interview. Very much appreciated. I do disagree somewhat with your assessment that “Even though he’s optimistic about LENR, Storms admitted that he wasn’t optimistic about Rossi and Defaklion’s efforts. He doesn’t think either team of inventors has achieved the efficiency needed to make LENR a viable commercial power source.” Rossi/Defkalion are discussed between 15m-16m and 25m-30m. He never states that the E-Cat/Hyperion are not commercially viable, and in fact he is optimistic about their progress/results (even though they’re not yet perfected). He only says that they are “trying to improve the engineering/efficiency but even they have not come close the efficiency that is possible once this is understood [completely].” So they are commercially viable (~ COP 3.0+ = commercially viable), but there is still a lot of progress that can still be made, which I find very exciting.

      Thank you again and take care.


      1. Iagree that COP 3 is not usable, COP 6 is just interesting industrially.
        But if you accept the result of the italian demo of Defkalion (the best one), the you see their COP is above 20.
        and if you think as engineer, you can imagine the the energy consumed for heating could be provided by the reactor. the COP that could be obtained, from just the plasma excitation is above 160.
        From defkalion comment, it seems it is not easy since there shoulb exist a temperature gradient inside the reactor, but I trust the engineers to invent a solution go get above COP100, and with Thermoelectric generator, or steam turbines (micro-turbines of few 10-100W do exist), the reactor can be autonomous.
        One can also imagine to have a starter reactor (like the e-cat mouse)…

        It won’t be easy, but with heat produced at more than 300C, above COP6, there is no limit for engineers to make it autonomous. I even expect LENR to be used in appliance like TV, chargers or laptop, after it is used on big appliance like washing machine, oven, stoves, hoovers… we are at the beginning of Otto and Diesel engines (Rossi, and Defkalion), and there is room for engineers to make them lighter, more reliable, smaller…

        question is if they can make rockets (Nuclear Thermal Rockets)…
        Plane is on the way. Cars before.
        Rockets, and mobile phone are a challenge. Not sure.
        For rockets we shoul look of what happen with Shaywer EmDrive in China.

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