Earth at Night: Act today for the long now

Photo: (L) Western and Central U.S. at Night, Year 2000, (R) Western and Central U.S. at Night, Year 2012. In one decade, fracking in the Bakken has created an expansive industrial infrastructure.

NASA’s Earth at Night series reveals the landscape of the Oil Age. Hydrocarbons such as coal supply most power plants around the globe. The lights imaged in the dark correspond to high-consumption regions.

“Here are two pictures of the same area from space. The area marked Bakken on the right shows were huge quantities of natural gas are being burned as oil is extracted.”

Bakken lights spring up

“In other words, CO2 generation does not start with the use of oil. It also results from extraction of oil. This happens where oil is extracted when the pipe line to get the gas to market is too costly to build.”

“Of course, all the other lights result from electric power from power plants where coal is frequently burned. This and other events make any effort to cut back CO2 generation useless.”


“Cold fusion is the only solution, but it will come too late”, says Edmund Storms, author of Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: A Comprehensive Compilation of Evidence and Explanations about Cold Fusion. “The consequences of this [CO2 production] will accelerate as time goes on, even with cold fusion now.”

No matter when the benefits come, an ultra-clean, energy-dense source of power is a requirement for a green technological future on Earth. Even as extreme, resource intensive extraction practices by the fossil fuel industry are increasing, so is the activism from a concerned community.

The Guardian covered an action against a hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operation by Cuadrilla Resources corporation at Balcombe, Sussex, in the U.K. The Telegraph reported Eva Ewajasiewicz from No Dash for Gas saying, “We cannot have a sustainable future, we cannot have a sustainable and cheap energy, if we go for fossil fuels.”

Fortunately, before leaving the country, Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) spent the weekend there, offering a solution.

“I spent my last day in UK with my daughter at the anti-fracking protest in Balcombe, just a few miles up the road from where QuantumHeat CIC is incorporated,” says Greenyer. “There I met a lead writer for Greenpeace and put up a banner with my daughter for MFMP on a tent directly opposite the entrance to the disputed operation.”



“I was surprised that neither Greenpeace or the Green Party (only UK party to be against unconventional HCs) knew about LENR.”

“It seems that when we have a lot of simple infographics and materials available, we have a lot of easy wins to make in terms of education,” Greenyer commented. “If we give the crowd the materials to spread a clear and consistent message, then they can run with it with more direct community action.”

“This needs to be grass roots, as it is unlikely to ever come from the top.”

“We would need to come back after about 5000 years to see the eventual benefits of cold fusion to the human mind and society,” says Storms. “Where is time travel when you need it?”

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7 Replies to “Earth at Night: Act today for the long now”

  1. Go GREENS! Here’s an UPDATE from Bob:

    A politician with conviction! The UKs only GreenParty MP gets arrested at Balcombe today.

    Oh, and the site is a short distance from the famous Balcombe train viaduct.

    which spans a very important water source.

    The drilling site is also extremely near Ardingly Reservoir, which is Mid Sussex’s most important water source in the most water stressed part of the UK.

  2. My thought is that it is never “too late”. I may be wrong, yet we all hope not.
    We always seem to recover just in the nick of time, even without time travel. There always is a price to pay for wrong action, yet we continue to grow and evolve. Those who nurture always prevail over those whose greed seems to overtake. In the end, those who care win. Always.
    LENR Energy advanced engineering is the turn around point. The world will soon not be as we know it.
    The most important thing about the universe is that it is not today what it was yesterday. To us, that was but a precurser to our present understanding. Advanced LENR Energy engineering is a fact. Whether you or I understand this is as irrelevant as the ancient flatworlders perceptions. Advanced LENR Energy engineering enters the world stage as a Boeing 747, the Rossi, the GeNie, The Brillouin Boiler, and much much more.

    We now have the potential realized. WOW Just in time. Evolve or… It’s never too late. Life speaks.
    The Heart Always Knows
    My heart always goes…
    To the mountain fastness
    My heart overflows…
    With joyful gladness
    My heart always shows…
    Peace through the madness
    My heart gently holds…
    All painful sadness
    The heart always knows…
    The way
    Yes Yes Yes
    Love is…
    The way
    Just say yes!

    Cold Fusion Now

  3. I’m personally quite concerned about the environmental hazards that the current rush towards fracking and other unconventional extraction techniques has unleashed, and I commend those lending their voices towards peacefully advocating for environmentally safe public policies, such as Bob has been doing on behalf of QuantumHeat CIC.

    Unfortunately, I am unaware of any indications that Dr. Fleischmann left us with details about his personal opinions on fracking, unlike his personal opinions about cold fusion, so I hesitate when I read about attendance at this event as being representative of the MFMP. I’m particularly concerned about the implied association with the character depicted by the mask that one of the photo subjects is wearing. That is hardly a peaceful voice to speak with, IMHO.

  4. Foes?
    Foes of what?

    The Rossi Ecat does not exist outside the realm of carefully crafted

    Where can one obtain a “Rossi Ecat”?

    Let us now imagine a realm of the universe called “Rossi DEMO World”
    Where Rossi and his supporters have created a NEVER to be produced “Rossi Ecat”!
    Which only remains visible when an investor wants to see it!
    Otherwise it is hidden in the fog of “Rossi can not reveal his secrets”!
    So producing a WORKING Ecat would reveal it’s secrets means “Rossi will NEVER produce a working “Ecat”?
    On and On and you believe this is NOT a scam?
    Years go by
    YES years HAVE gone by and still NO Rossi Ecat has been shown to exist!

    While we await ANOTHER DEMO?

    1. I don’t think anyone mentioned E-cat here.

      The foes are those opposed to the scientific process, and refuse to look at the data amassed over two-and-a-half decades that shows experiementally, with a doubt, that anomalous reactions are occurring.

      Rossi takes money from no one. Rossi has solicited money from no one. You are hysterical over non-existent transgressions. Scientists have confirmed the E-cat core reactor can make big heat. It should not be surprising that controlling that heat, and making a safe product, takes more time than designing

      Rossi continues to develop a revolutionary technology, by trial-and-error, from a science that has no theoretical model to describe it – yet. Patience is needed.

      There are many other groups attempting to turn proto-types into technology. There is much you learn about the science, and the nascent technology emerging, beyond Mr. Rossi.

      1. Good point to talk of trial and error, Edisonian method of garage inventors.

        about trial and error, this is the key to great innovations, not academic knowled as the academic would try us to believe.
        Nassim Nicholas taleb in antifragile make it a key strategy, to oppose to the theory to practive myth that academics try to support despite evidences.

        Now we get into errors and how the errors of some people carry benefits for others.
        We can simplify the relationships between fragility, errors, and antifragility as follows. When you are fragile, you depend on things following the exact planned course, with as little deviation as possible—for deviations are more harmful than helpful. This is why the fragile needs to be very predictive in its approach, and, conversely, predictive systems cause fragility. When you want deviations, and you don’t care about the possible dispersion of outcomes that the future can bring, since most will be helpful, you are antifragile.
        Further, the random element in trial and error is not quite random, if it is carried out rationally, using error as a source of information. If every trial provides you with information about what does not work, you start zooming in on a solution—so every attempt becomes more valuable, more like an expense than an error. And of course you make discoveries along the way”

        “Lecturing Birds on How to Fly

        The lecturing-birds-how-to-fly effect is an example of epiphenomenal belief: we see a high degree of academic research in countries that are wealthy and developed, leading us to think uncritically that research is the generator of wealth. In an epiphenomenon, you don’t usually observe A without observing B with it, so you are likely to think that A causes B, or that B causes A, depending on the cultural framework
        or what seems plausible to the local journalist

        “History Written by the Losers
        The Evidence Staring at Us

        It turned out that engineers, too, get sandbagged by historians.
        Right after the previous nauseating episode I presented the joint paper I had written with Haug on the idea of lecturing birds on how to fly in finance at the London School of Economics, in their sociology of science seminar. I was, of course, heckled (but was by then very well trained at being heckled by economists). Then, surprise. At the conclusion of the session, the organizers informed me that, exactly a week earlier, Phil Scranton, a professor from Rutgers, had delivered the exact same story. But it was not
        about the option formula; it was about the jet engine.
        Scranton showed that we have been building and using jet engines in a completely trial-and-error experiential manner, without anyone truly understanding the theory.
        Builders needed the original engineers who knew how to twist things to make the engine work. Theory came later, in a lame way, to satisfy the intellectual bean counter.
        But that’s not what you tend to read in standard histories of technology: my son, who studies aerospace engineering, was not aware of this. Scranton was polite and focused on situations in which innovation is messy, “distinguished from more familiar analytic and synthetic innovation approaches,” as if the latter were the norm, which it is obviously not.
        I looked for more stories, and the historian of technology David Edgerton presented me with a quite shocking one. We think of cybernetics—which led to the “cyber” in cyberspace—as invented by Norbert Wiener in 1948. The historian of engineering David Mindell debunked the story; he showed that Wiener was articulating ideas about feedback control and digital computing that had long been in practice in the engineering world. Yet people—even today’s engineers—have the illusion that we owe the field to Wiener’s mathematical thinking”

    2. beside what Ruby answer, note that factually
      E-cat exist, and we seen the hot cat at Elforsk test
      There is third party test , by Elforsk consortium, which was positive according to Elforsk.

      Opinion of naybeliever have no more value than the opinion of the Pope about condoms in a medical conference.

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