Early news from Greece

Defkalion Green TechnologiesThe Greek website energypress.gr has a recent press release apparently giving details on Defkalion Green Technologies‘ commercial arrangements ahead of their press conference.

Among the details:

  • The company’s funding is completely private.
  • The company has €300-400 million in investments.
  • The company will build three industrial units in Xanthi, Thrace.
  • Apart from the large demonstration reactor, the company will produce large 1-3 MW units and smaller 10-30 kW household units.
  • The first prototype reactors will be produced by the end of July, regular production will begin in November, and the first household units will be introduced next January.
  • The cost of the device (household unit?), used as a water and space heater, will be €4000-5000.
  • A converter to produce electricity from the unit will cost an extra €500-900.

Hat tip to my Italian namesake Matteo on Daniele Passerini’s blog.

(The article in the original Greek can be found here. Corrections from those who know Greek are welcome.)

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