Defkalion Green Technologies press release on Hyperion product line.

defkalion green technologiesDefkalion Green Technologies has announced on its website forum the planned release of its Hyperion line, a series of thermal energy devices based on Andrea A. Rossi’s E-Cat technology. The Greek company first formed to license Mr. Rossi’s E-Cats around the world though their association ended recently for reasons publicly unknown.

On June 23 of this year, Defkalion had a press conference and released a white paper describing the Hyperion line which, at that time, was “in its final stages of becoming an industrialized and commercially viable prototype.” Today’s press release implies that the company has improved on the original designs, and that the recent demonstration by Mr. Rossi included some aspects of the original Hyperion technology and was “implemented wrongly”.

According to the June white paper, “the current range of products produce from 6 to 30 times more heat than the energy it takes to run the machine” and their Hyperion product line “ranges from kW units (5 – 30kW) to MW units (1.15 – 3.45 MW).”

The content of today’s press release did not lay out any specific timetable for their units’ release, just that Defkalion is “ready for production” of their “self-financed” line. They reject any demonstrations of their units before the final product is ready to issue, though they claim that 62 companies have been in contact with Defkalion, in some cases, witnessing ‘their work’.

Previously, Defkalion Green Technologies had listed board members that included former heads of state as well as high-level financiers and industrialists from Greece, Italy and the European Union. Christos Stremmenos, a chemical engineer and friend of Mr. Rossi who attended the recent October 6 E-Cat demonstration, is also listed as a board member. They appear to be a formidable team with the ability and clout to produce and distribute their technology worldwide.

Just what purpose the press release was intended to serve is unknown. However, it’s clear that cold fusion energy technology is breaking through from multiple locales.

Whoever is first to market will have that special honor and a place in history, but the new-energy technology market is so huge that there is more than enough room for the multitudes of entrepreneurs sure to follow. Indeed, the evolution of this technology will engage generations as it develops from these first steps to a fully integrated component of our daily lives.

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  1. They (Defkalion) sure are getting a tongue lashing in the comments section. Check out the press release while you can (and comments), they’ll probably pull the thread soon due to the all the questions that they clearly do not want to answer.

    1. This field of inquiry, into the most important discoveries in clean energy research, has more drama than a Lifetime movie. I’d think it not possible – but it is!

  2. Frankly, I am surprised that people would be so caustic and skeptical of Defkalion. Sometimes it seems easier to disbelieve and discount what people claim than to do an honest and even handed evaluation of the likelihood they are being truthful. I’ve always thought the odds were quite good that Defkalion was on the level and took Rossi’s technology and ran with it. The Cold Fusion community seems overly prickly and bombastic, when instead they ought to be curious and open minded.

    My evaluation is that given the people on Defkalion’s board of directors, and how they’ve behaved since the breakup with Rossi, that nothing (other than apparent contradictions between their claims and Rossi’s) seems to disqualify the notion that Defkalion’s devices are being certified by the Greek government, and by extension that their representations of their device’s accomplishments are anything but valid.

    Keep and open mind, be curious, and don’t be negative and jump to any false conclusions. It appears the next couple months will be very interesting in terms of commercialization of LENR Ni-H. On the other hand, I’ve fallen in love with Rossi, so of course was routing for him to first bring a LENR Ni-H unit to market. Oh well, the goal is to commercialize a clean very cheap and abundant new energy technology…let’s keep our eyes on the prize people.

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