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Front-cover-300ppi-420x626Edmund Storms is a nuclear chemist with over thirty-years service to Los Alamos National Lab now working privately at Kiva Labs. After the announcement of cold fusion in 1989, Dr. Storms was one of the first to find tritium from Fleischmann-Pons palladium-deuterium electrolytic cells. Dr. Storms is also a Science Advisor to Cold Fusion Now.

July 2014 The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship Between Observation and Explanation, the second volume of a series by Dr. Storms surveying the cold fusion field was published by Infinite Energy Press. This volume deconstructs the major theories attempting to model the cold fusion reaction, and explain the many anomalous effects that occur. After an analysis using basic laws of thermodynamics and energy, Dr. Storms offers a model that may describe the environment that hosts the reaction.

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Edmund StormsThe first volume of the series by Edmund Storms is The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, a comprehensive survey of the over two-decades catalog of observational data for cold fusion research was published in 2007 by World Scientific.

November 2012 Nature of energetic radiation emitted from a metal exposed to H2 by Edmund Storms and Brian Scanlan [.pdf]

June 2012 An Explanation of Low-energy Nuclear Reactions (Cold Fusion) by Edmund Storms [.pdf]
Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science 9 (2012) 1–22 © 2012 ISCMNS. All rights reserved.

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April 2012 What is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? by Edmund Storms and Brian Scanlan [read]

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published in Naturwissenschaften 97 (2010) 861 [.pdf]

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July 2014 Dr. Edmund Storms Explains LENR interview with John Maguire. go to listen

August 2013 Edmund Storms: At peak efficiency, no other power source will be necessary interview with John Maguire. go to listen

March 2011 This interview with Edmund Storms on the Rossi Device: “There will be a stampede” March 1 2011 by James Martinez of Cold Fusion Radio was filmed by 137Films for the documentary The Believers read excerpts download .mp3

Edmund Storms interview on Ca$h Flow May 13 2010 download .mp3
Edmund Storms interview on Ca$h Flow Nov 20 2008 download .mp3

Paramedia Ecologist Bob Neveritt reads excerpts from Storms’ “A Students Guide to Cold Fusion” details


July 2013 Edmund Storms Explaining Cold Fusion at ICCF-18

July 2012 Edmund Storms lecture What is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? at the 19th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference on July 27, 2012. [watch]

July 2012 An Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (Cold Fusion), an interview with Edmund Storms by Ruby Carat on his new idea of what initiates the reaction held July 27, 2012 after his NPA lecture. [watch]

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  1. My version of the 1st book , The Science of LENR is missing several pages. Great information but several gaps in missing pages 23-26, 67 68 89 90 157 158 167-170 198-202 224 225 along with related figures. Any pdfs available?

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