Edmund Storms on The Space Show: “This is the most ideal energy you could possibly imagine”

32-year veteran of Los Alamos National Lab and long-time cold fusion researcher now with Kiva Labs, Dr. Edmund Storms joined Dr. David Livingston on the The Space Show, an Internet audio program that focuses on issues relating to space exploration.

Their conversation held January 18 can be accessed here: [download .mp3] [49M]

Storms gives an update on LENR, and what developments we might expect in the field this year.

For his most recent papers and videos, visit Edmund Storms’ page.

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  1. I am a long time admirer of Ed Storms.

    iPion fusion is under development in Australia and in a Japanese UK joint venture. Pion powered spacecraft will surely follow.

    It is accepted that a Pion antimatter powered spacecraft may approach the speed of light.

    The late Dr. Robert Carroll, a mathematical physicist who rejected relativity, claimed a Pion powered spacecraft employing a process he termed nuclear disruption, in contrast to fission or fusion, will continue to accelerate, passing through the speed of light, and demonstrating the maximum speed of a spacecraft is actually limited to 20 million times the speed of light.

    “Simply stated Carroll demonstrated that object momentum (equals mass times velocity) does increase without limit — not because its mass increases without limit — because its velocity increases continuously! [Another way to say this is to note that a spaceship in interstellar space (accelerated by reaction mass) is not a charged particle in an accelerator (accelerated by intense EM fields). Whereas a charged particle can and will absorb energy from the ‘accelerating’ field, and thereby limit the amount of energy going into velocity creation — an accelerating spaceship is not limited to its exhaust velocity, and will go on adding momentum and velocity, again, continuously].”

    Carroll wrote: “We state again for emphasis: The mass energy of the universe does not describe the total. The nuclear disruption process with the release of (Pions) provides the possibility of a space drive that can cause the rocket to exceed the velocity of light.”

    See: Beyond the Farthest Star
    Chapter 10 – Contraction Theory
     10.1 The Contraction of the Neutron
     10.2 The Nature of Absolute Zero
     10.3 The Third Law of Thermodynamics
     10.4 Resonance
     10.5 Electron Ballistics
     10.6 The (Pi) Meson (Pion) Drive
     10.7 The Velocity Equation
     10.8 Quantum Energy
    For more about Dr. Carroll, and a few of his books, see: http://www.naturesmagicalfarm.com/physics/

    For more about Pion fusion, see CHEAP GREEN on the Aesop Institute website. Scroll down to the last few pages.

    1. On January 7, the Kepler team announced 461 new planet candidates, bringing the planet candidate total to 2,740. Based on observations made during the first 22 months of science operations, the findings show a steady increase in the number of smaller-size planet candidates and the number of stars with more than one candidate. A playback of the AAS press conference will be available here.


  2. Thanks for linking to the Storms interview.

    Ideal energy… reminds me of this article…

    “LENR : A formula for Change” Examiner JANUARY 12, 2012BY: JOHN RATCLIFF

    “Its time the world got some good news. A clean, safe, limitless source of inexpensive and highly distributable energy is going to transform the planet and our own individual futures in such a profound way that is almost difficult to comprehend.”

    “Let’s just hope LENR is real!”

    Everything I see points that way… increasingly so.

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