Cold Fusion Now Art Curation/Contest : 1 Month Left!

Just a reminder that the Cold Fusion Now Online Art Contest/Curation deadline is now a month away.

CLICK HERE for guidelines and more info.

So far we have about half a dozen entries, with 2 prolific Outsider Artists promising to enter, and a soon to be 6 year old collaborating with her father, who says an entry is in the works.

But we definitely could use more entries. So keep em coming or get rolling on some canvas or your preferred medium, and churn out some free energy fusion inspired art to color up this joint, and a chance at the mega 100 dollar Benjamin giveaway or limited edition T-shirts (which only Rosanne Barr and a few others own.)

Let’s barrel into 2013 with fresh energy,
displayed through CF inspired art.

A counter measure of sorts as well; for the inevitable revenants in the coming year who will rise from the skeptical woodwork looking to drain energy from the CF community.

Art never fails as a viable apotropaic to ward off said revenants, driving them back to the 1990’s or better yet easing them into the current Transition.

Art for Art’s sake is the main purpose though, so, send the above or below link out to any artists you know, old or very young, established, not, or creating under a “non-artist” label, all is fine and we look forward to the works.

Thanks much.

Entries can be emailed to

CLICK HERE for guidelines and more info about the Cold Fusion Now Art Contest.