CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Cold Fusion Now Online Art Contest and Curation

Cold Fusion by Artomatic


Submit a digital photo of your art to Eli (at symbol) ColdFusionNow (dot) org by December 1.

We are looking to build up our ART GALLERY page, so starting October 1st through December 1st Cold Fusion Now will throw down a call for submissions for original Art Work to be displayed on the site.

On December 22 (the day after the world is supposed to end), if we are still here then we will celebrate with an online showing of all submitted art works.

And we will have juried awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. We’re saving some money this month and next with hosting costs and we’ve decided to put it towards some Cold Fusion artistic efforts to keep the meme alive and expressed in as many ways possible.

1st place : $100 cash money!
2nd place : New Cold Fusion Now T-shirt!
3rd place : New CFN Stickers!

Mainly it’s about the art though. Creating, participating, expressing.

THEME: The theme is any interpretation of Cold Fusion you want to express; i.e. what a world with CF would look like, free energy inspired pieces, portraits, sketches of CF scientists, or whatever you come up with. (And it does NOT have to have Cold Fusion Now anywhere in the piece, only if you think it somehow fits in.)

If new to CF, visit our what is cold fusion page to learn more about the science.
“Cold fusion offers a new energy economy based on green power from hydrogen. The development of this technology is just beginning to emerge as a handful of independent labs from around the world bring two decades of research to fruition with commercial products.”

MEDIUM: Any medium, painting, sculpture, video art, etc. Submissions will be sent electronically (i.e. emailed photo, or link embedding) since it will be curated online and not physically shown (and we can then link it to your site, for showing or sales of your own).

PARTICIPANTS: Anyone, any age, and you don’t have to call yourself an “artist”. You can be a fine artist, an abstract creator or a non serious “doodler”. You can ask your child to create a work around his or her interpretation of “free energy” and submit that (highly encouraged actually). Or again, you can submit a “museum worthy” piece of your own creation.

We’ll rotate the works on the front page of the site for the first few months of 2013.

SUBMISSIONS: Send a good quality photo, file or scan of the work, and a brief description/statement of the work to:
Eli (at symbol) ColdFusionNow (dot) org

So if you’ve been looking for a creative outlet and/or reason to throw down with some artistic release based around Cold Fusion, then hopefully this will encourage some to create for the sake of creating…and a potential 100 buck bill for the wallet.

Thanks so much for contributing and helping to add creativity to the site.

Man’s need for art is absolutely primordial, as strong as, and perhaps stronger than, our need for bread. Without bread, we die of hunger, but without art we die of boredom.Jean DuBuffet

(art sign by Sheree Rensel)

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  1. Maybe there will be a piece of art that can be turned into a logo (pictogram) for the new technology.

  2. $100 dollar commitment to the arts. – gbgoble 4:23 am pacific standard. Yes, let me know.

  3. Can anyone give me an Email adres for Cold Fusion Now, I can’t find it.
    I’de like to send a picture of a painting for the contest.

  4. I am seriously psyched about this project. Hey when Cold Fusion Now wins – everybody wins! Bring on the 22nd – Art Party!

    “If I had two loaves of bread, I would trade one to feed my soul.” Mohammed

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