25th Anniversary of Cold Fusion at MIT Sees Major Progress Toward Real Energy Solutions

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cf-lanr-bannerHere we are at MIT for the 25th anniversary of the first public announcement of “cold fusion” by Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, and I must say that after sitting through the first 2 days of incredibly persuasive presentations from some of the most serious scientific minds ever to grace the field, that I find it extremely difficult to believe the skeptics’ claims that all these highly credible scientists have somehow been measuring their heat wrong, or unknowingly contaminating their samples for the past 25 years…


This is the Sixth CF/LANR Colloquium that has been hosted at MIT, and it’s been an amazing weekend here in Boston, and it’s going to be a busy week editing down all the videos of the presentations and getting them posted to the ColdFusionNow YouTube Channel. We’ve been meeting and talking to so many amazing people all weekend we’ve hardly had time to sleep let alone post anything, so check back during the week for more updates on the events here at MIT this weekend. Photos, videos, and articles covering the colloquium will be posted throughout the upcoming days.

Thank you Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons for your integrity in science and dedication to discovery! We’ll see it through!

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  1. But we all know that cold fusion doesn`t work, Messrs Pons and Flieshman proved that? MIT said so?
    The world has regrettably been set back 30 years by those revalations, Sad so very sad.

    1. yes sad how a consensus is born from no evidence, just buzz, conformism, fear of others opinion…

      if at least there was many critical papers, but only 4 critical paers like what Beaudette realized ?

      not even 4…
      in fact one of the 4 (Wilson) refute the 2 others and prove LENR reality by the way…
      and the last one is simply abandoned because it is screwed up…

      tragic as says beaudette

  2. Alain,

    Are you saying that there is only 4 science papers written that is negative while hundreds are positive?
    I did not know that –

    Typically people think there is no papers that support CF
    If you show them these papers they will complain about the fonts or the format
    When you finally dug out the perfect paper to fit a persons need they will often say “thats just a paper anyway”

    The Rossi report made last year got very good response and had a strong psychological impact on news media and I do believe it has changed a lot of peoples mind. Most other papers have not.

    “Thank you Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons for your integrity in science and dedication to discovery! We’ll see it through!”

    1. It was the fact until 1996 or 2001.

      recently maybe we can add the rejected paper of Kirk Shanahan caliming continuous constant shift…

      the rebuttal is there.
      this article is challenging calorimetry and many well know measurement techniques, and don’t apply to many successful results.

      before that article the consensus was based on 4 critics, all rebutted or abandoned or confirming.
      that is consensus science, not science.

  3. Jct: Let’s not forget Steven Jones of 911 Thermate fame was the hit man on cold fusion way back when. Imagine if he had not been there to derail research for so many years. People deserve to be remember for the evil they did.

  4. Thanks to all of the crew at Cold Fusion Now who are documenting this historic event.
    In my opinion MIT should be funding you. LENR does it.
    Google the following

    NAVY LENR Patent Granted – Transmutes Radioactive Waste
    LENR – Induced Transmutation of Nuclear Waste – Quantum Rabbit Labs
    Mitsubishi Cold Fusion LENR Patent Granted – Transmutes Nuclear Waste
    Liviu Popa Simil – LENR – Nuclear Battery Roadmap “Method and Device for Direct Nuclear Energy Conversion in Electricity in Fusion and Transmutation Processes” “Advanced Nano-Nuclear Program Proposal” – LAVM LLC, Los Alamos
    ASME International Conference Radioactive Waste Management – LENR – https://coldfusionnow.org/asme-international-conference-radioactive-waste-management-lenr/

  5. For some, this may seem off point yet I would dissagree. This documentary is about an hour long. It is an example of the quantum evolution humanity is going through. I hope you find it meaningful, and that it strengthens that place in you, strengthes the understanding of why we endeavor to improve conditions here, for all life. Thank you for the loving works you do

    Common Ground: A Love Story


  6. I like to learn how much copper is formed in the e-Cat device in atomtransmutation of nickel with atomic hydrogen or with anionic hydrogen (H-), see the article “Cold Fusion Catalyst” on the e-Cat Site.

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