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Seldon Technologies, NASA, and LENR

“The present disclosure combines the unique properties of nanotubes and in one embodiment carbon nanotubes, in a novel manifestation designed to meet current and future energy needs in an environmentally friendly way. Devices powered with nanotube based nuclear power systems may substantially change the current state of power distribution.” 
–Retired U.S. Rear […]

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NASA LENR Aircraft and Spaceplanes

It’s mind-boggling to imagine the numbers of people who have viewed the NARI Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft Seedling Seminar by Doug Wells – people from companies serving the aerospace industries, to leaders in engineering and research. The seedling seminar is even being reported in aviation magazines worldwide. Wow!

Doug Wells Low […]

Mitsubishi Cold Fusion LENR Patent Granted Transmutes Nuclear Waste

Amazingly enough LENR patents are now being granted, after passing the muster of the patent examiner. They must perform, as described, in order to do so. Each time I rejoice, and after studying it deeply, appreciate the brilliant and applied efforts undertaken to achieve such a patent granted.

Initial Patent Application – Filed 2001
Nuclide […]

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Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] Dennis Bushnell – NASA – LENR

LENR, ZPE, Graphene, Nanotechnology, Robotics,Virtual IT, Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioengineering; all these arts of science and advanced technologies are of interest in this document. Everyone working in these scientific fields should review this document, envision the solution proposed by Dennis Bushnell, bring the issues forward in public forums, and work together to create a […]

LENR aircraft featured at NASA seminar

NASA 2014 Seedling Seminar

Tuesday, February 25 10:45-11:15 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Doug Wells Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft

From their website:

The NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) will present a 6-day virtual technical seminar on February 19–21 and February 25–27, 2014 to showcase innovative concepts developed by NASA researchers, primarily featuring work from […]

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Liviu Popa Simil – LENR – Nuclear Battery Roadmap

This fellow proves to be quite bright…  Just study his patents granted.

One example is:

“Nano-structured Nuclear Radiation Shielding”

In July, 2012 he presented the following paper and slide show at the LENR International Conference:

“Roadmap to Fusion Battery – A Novel Type of Nuclear Battery and Potential Outcomes and Applications”


“The Fusion battery was the […]

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President Obama and LENR Energy – Cold Fusion Now

Is President Barrak Obama or MIT aware of developments in LENR Energy?

MIT blocked funding to cold fusioneer Haglestein for LENR Energy research in 2012.

Obama is mute concerning NASA and SPAWAR breakthrough LENR Energy (popular cold fusion) research and engineering.
Here’s an announcement from Mitchell Swartz’s Cold Fusion Times web site of a conference to […]

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LENR: The Debutante at the Ball

The Cold Fusion research of Fleischmann and Pons was an anomaly in and of itself. Two electrochemists, while having a bit of fun with the maximum loading of hydrogen into palladium in an electrolytic cell, ventured into a realm of subatomic phenomenon. No one had been there before in quite this way.

They hazarded to […]