UK Ministry of Defence Global Strategic Trends Report, Winston Churchill, and Cold Fusion


Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2040
– UK Ministry of Defence [.pdf]


  • Global Strategic Trends is a comprehensive view of the future produced by a research team at the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC).
  • This edition of Global Strategic Trends is benchmarked at 12 January 2010.
  • DCDC’s Strategic Trends Programme aims to provide a detailed analysis of the future strategic context for defence out to 2040.
  • This will be an essential input into policy and concept development.

Cold Fusion – A Disruptive Energy Source – UK Defence Report – pg 92

A novel, efficient form of energy generation could be developed that rapidly lowers demand for hydrocarbons.

For example, the development of commercially available cold fusion reactors could result in the rapid economic marginalization of oil-rich states.

This loss of status and income in undiversified economies could lead to state-failure and provide opportunities for extremist groups to rise in influence.

Cold Fusion Now Begs An Alternate View

What is the thinking behind the UK report, which warns of threats that commercially available cold fusion reactors may bring?

  • rapid economic marginalization of oil-rich states
  • rapidly lowers demand for hydrocarbons
  • could lead to state-failure
  • extremist groups to rise in influence

Adopt a Noble Defence Strategy

The UK Ministry of Defence should question itself and its’ thinking. Meta-consciousness requires, “Why am I thinking what I’m thinking and are there faulty premises leading me astray?”

The UK Ministry of Defence would benefit by reading Jed Rothwell’s Cold Fusion May Have Revolutionary Potential [.pdf]. They will find how Winston Churchill’s thought processes differed from theirs, and then, after much deliberation, the Ministry will most likely consider adopting their esteemed countryman’s outlook on the potential (benefits not threats) of clean abundant hydrogen fusion for securing our global, national, and environmental future; a ‘Noble Defence Strategy’ out to 2040 and beyond.

Winston Churchill – Daydreaming About Fusion in 1932

“Nuclear energy is incomparably greater than the molecular energy which we use today.”

“If the hydrogen atoms in a pound of water could be prevailed upon to combine together and form helium, they would suffice to drive a thousand-horsepower engine for a whole year…”

“There is no question among scientists that this gigantic source of energy exists…”

“The discovery and control of such sources of power would cause changes in human affairs incomparably greater than those produced by the steam-engine four generations ago. Schemes of cosmic magnitude would become feasible. Geography and climate would obey our orders. Fifty thousand tons of water, the amount displaced by the Berengaria, would, if exploited as described, suffice to shift Ireland to the middle of the Atlantic…

“Communications and transport by land, water and air would take unimaginable forms, if, as is in principle possible, we could make an engine of 600 horse-power, weighing 20 lb and carrying fuel for a thousand hours in a tank the size of a fountain-pen. Wireless telephones and television, following naturally upon their present path of development, would enable their owner to connect up with any room similarly installed, and hear and take part in the conversation as well as if he put his head in through the window. The congregation of men in cities would become superfluous…”

“If the gigantic new sources of power become available, food will be produced without recourse to sunlight. Vast cellars in which artificial radiation is generated may replace the cornfields or potato-patches of the world. Parks and gardens will cover our pastures and ploughed fields…”

 “The cities and the countryside would become indistinguishable. Every home would have its garden and its glade…”

Improved Insight

The UK Ministry of Defence would also improve its’ outlook by reading the NASA Future Strategic Issues (circa 2025) report and begin thinking how we can use this technology to every ones advantage, creating universal wealth and prosperity, thereby removing most of the reasons nations go to war. It is imperative for the Defence Ministry to have an improved insight into the causes of strife in the world, and solutions, in order to prevent the horrors of future forms of warfare.

NASA: Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] Page 22 [.pdf]

“In this [Worldwide] economy our ability to create wealth is not bounded by physical limits/resources but by our ability to come up with new ideas.”

However, even “universal wealth” will not obviate the other causes of warfare which include Politics, ”Face” (which include) Religion, Megalomania, and Territorial Disputes.


LENR energy will prove to be a boon for both oil rich and not-so-oil rich states, for both the haves and the have-nots. The energetics of cold fusion should bring more solutions than problems, and when applied correctly, all the world will benefit.

It’s time for the U.K Ministry of Defence to think along different lines. Only by envisioning the true potential of cold fusion will they begin applying it beneficently, creating a world that has greater security for all, a world that does not feel the need to ever go to war again. A ‘Noble Defence Strategy’ is required out to 2040 and beyond. Winston Churchill would approve and lead them in this if he were alive today.


I would like to thank Jed Rothwell for his excellent essay, which is where I found the Winston Churchill quotes.

Also, thanks extended to my friend A for sending me the UK Ministry of Defence report.

Cold Fusion May Have Revolutionary Potential –  Jed Rothwell

Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] – NASA

Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2040 – UK Ministry of Defence

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  1. Ah yes, the extremists. Better stop the funding for solar power, wind mills and hot fusion as well.

  2. Have a look at LENR News The article of SWEDISH DEFENCE FMV concerning cold fusion (A.Rossi) and the proposal to use liquid lithium following he Cockcroft Walton experiment of 1932 but using e.g. protonated pellets instead of bare protons. The protons can be absorbed into nickel, palladium or titanium pellets. The liquid lithium is at high positive voltage causing Coulomb explosion and fusion of Li-7 isotope with p+ forming helium.

    1. Van den Bogaert Joannes


      Thanks for suggesting the Swedish Defence article. I have a few questions to ask concerning your patents.
      Please contact me gbgoble at gmail dot com.

      Peacably well pray tell,


  3. To Greg Goble,


    My patents in the field of “cold fusion” can be found in English on the former e-Cat Site in the articles :
    Belgian LANR Patents, LANR by Coulomb Explosion and Cold Fusion Catalyst. The Belgian patents foming the basis for the translations in English are no longer in force (lapsed).
    If you have questions you can send them on my e-mail address


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