Cold Fusion Now is a collective of advocates from around the world focusing on new energy technologies based on cold fusion science and lobby to make cold fusion research a part of our alternative energy portfolio.

Safe and ultra-clean, from a water-fuel, cold fusion is the viable alternative energy that has the energy density to power a green technological future for all of planet Earth.

Cold fusion makes it economically-viable to recycle all waste. We can remove hydro-electric dams and restore the wilderness, saving species from extinction. No CO2 emissions puts a halt to further degradation of the atmosphere.

And no more dirty and dangerous radioactive nuclear power plants! Cold fusion does not use radioactive materials, and produces no radioactive waste.

Low-energy nuclear reactions, another name for cold fusion, also show the ability to transmute elements, offering a path to clean-up the thousands of tons of radioactive waste that imperils our environment and health.

A new economic paradigm based on clean, accessible energy technology provides a renaissance of opportunity through a new energy service environment, as all infrastructure retools for dense, de-centralized power technologies.

Access to water means access to abundant hydrogen fuel, providing energy independence for small communities around the world. Local control over energy choices transform the current geopolitical hierarchies into relationships built on equality and cooperation.

Cold Fusion Now supports the education of young scientists through outreach events at schools, science and math festivals, and art actions in the streets. Only decades old, this science needs skilled youth to get involved in clean energy research to provide the solutions we need for tomorrow.

We broadcast the voices of new energy scientists with lectures and interviews, exposing the public to the reality of new energy research, and what it means for our future. We travel to conferences and visit labs, providing an inside look at a field of science so revolutionary, the mainstream science community refuses to even acknowledge its existence.

But it won’t for long. The pace of research is accelerating and the discoveries are mounting, pointing the way to a model of this elusive reaction that allow researchers to engineer an optimal energy technology to provide maximum benefits, cheaply, safely, and cleanly.

Cold Fusion Now gratefully acknowledges the efforts of new energy researchers around the world, heroes of tomorrow’s children, who have continued to pursue new energy technologies in spite of the prejudice. Honor and respect go to Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, who have been vindicated with two-and-a-half decades of confirmation of their research, and to Eugene Mallove for his research and writing, exemplifying the highest standards of intellectual integrity in science, and from whom we have learned so much.

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  1. You should be careful about your claims. Some people believe global warming is more foolish than cold fusion ever was. It is really a politically motivated myth created by environmentalists. Some have called environmentalism genocide thinly disguised. I tend to agree. so yea for cold fusion and the devil take global warming.

  2. David French writes:

    I’m a member of a small circle of interested people in the city o F Ott awa, capital of Canada. Would we would o form like to form “LENR discussion Group of Ottawa”. Before doing so we would like to see if similar groups have been formed in other places. Is this the sort of information you can provide?

    We would like to establish formats and establish contacts for meetings. Presently, we’re proposing to meet once every two or three weeks. WQe are going to need sources and we would like to reach-of to individuals in our area that are already knowledgeable on the LENR phenomena.

    Any suggestions or guidance you can provide would be appreciated.

    1. Hey David, Great idea! I don’t know if there are any other discussion groups on LENR other than the scientists themselves. We here at Cold Fusion Now talk about cold fusion/LENR all the time, but not as a formal group.

      I will forward your message to Jed Rothwell of http://www.lenr.org and he may be able to direct you to people in your area that are interested in LENR.

      Till then, keep us posted. I’d love to get a report on what went down at your meeting. Perhaps we could Skype in from Eureka, CA, where Cold Fusion Now HQ is located.

      I’ll also post this message on the blog after tomorrow’s radio interview with Dr. Jan Marwan. Posting it up on the blog will let more people know: they are friends in Ottawa!


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