LENR: Impact of Advanced Energy Technologies on Aircraft Design

Impact of Advanced Energy Technologies on Aircraft Design

Presented January 2014 at the 52nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics by Robert A. McDonald, California Polytechnic State University.

Robert A. McDonald, California Polytechnic State University

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Read More: http://arc.aiaa.org/doi/abs/10.2514/6.2014-0538

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  1. Aviation releases a lot of pollution in our air and it needs to be addressed – on the other side I think aviation and aerospace should be democratised

    We need a new way of doing science and funding companies

    If 1 billion people gave 1 euro a month to a fund for investing in the future we would collect 5 billion euros a month and 60 billion a year. Thats almost 1 trillion dollars in 10 years. ^ ^

    A small initiative like that could change the world over time.

    Everyone should have a equal voting right inside this fund no matter how much money they invested.

    Some startups doubles their turnover every year and can give huge return on investments so the next leading bank, airline or search engine could belong to the people, or at least a great part of the people.

    This fund / business network could have a learning platform so that average joe learns about business, economics, production and sustainable growth.

    Today business are serving the interests of small groups of people when they should be serving the interests of huge groups of people.

    Is that not a smarter form of Capitalism?

    There is a political organisation that wants to give away free energy devices to every household if they win the election in their country – today that is not possible and also I think they are a bit nutty but the general idea is very smart ….

    Any way – the internet can lead us towards a greater future

  2. 1 euro X 1 billion people = 1 billion euro
    1 billion euro X 12 months = 12 billion euro
    12 billion euro X 10 years = 120 billion euro

    Not even close to 1 trillion dollars but the general idea is great as long as you’re not in charge of finance

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